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Last updated 18 July 2003

Alliterations aren't like the acronyms on this website, as the initial letters don't form words or phrases - just the same letter over and over. However, creating alliterations is not much different from making acronyms, since you have to fit what you want to say into words beginning with the right letters. Tony suggested that alliterations should be describing a particular object beginning with that letter, which makes them more like the other acronyms because there is some restriction of the acronym's content. However, I don't feel they really belong with the others, so here they are in a separate section. Alliterations will be released in update lists separate from the main ones, so that people can choose whether they want alliterations in their copies of the Acronyms stack. There aren't many alliterations so far so I've presented them in tour form, in descending order of length - later they'll probably be presented differently.

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There's also quite a bit of discussion on alliterations in the forums, including ongoing alliterations which you can add to. Here are links to the alliterative threads:

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Illiterations ;)
My Mac-Minded Mate & Myself Made Mighty 'M' Messages
One word each in sequence?

You could also start your own alliteration thread.

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