Here are some clippings from various times when this website, my Macs and myself were slightly famous. I guess we're more famous now anyway since the whole world has access to this website, but even though the site gets hundreds of visits a day, it's still only vanity publishing. Being in the paper seems more like fame. The sections are in reverse chronological order.

Websters Webwatch The Oldie - August 2001

Woz and the iBook

Apple NZ Hot News article This is the same article as was in the Massey News
Computer ransom happily resolved Massey News - 4 June issue 9 2001, page 18 Also available in the online Massey News
A generous donation Shore News - Wednesday 13 June 2001, page 2
MacWIRE article I discovered this article while searching the web - it's in Japanese and I don't understand all of it, but it's definitely about my iBook and me!


Creativity column The Independent - 24 April 2001

Katherine Mansfield Memorial writing competition

Interview on National Radio, plus the winning story read by Carol Dee. This mp3 is about 20MB. It has some clicks and buzzes, it was recorded using an iMic and Griffin Final Vinyl beta.
"I don't think I'll be an Acrobat" The Devonport Flagstaff - 2 November 1995, page 9
Editorial The Devonport Flagstaff - 2 November 1995, page 2
Unwanted story wins award North Shore Times Advertiser - Tuesday, 7 November 1995, page 5
Writer's 'masterpiece' proves to be a winner The New Zealand Herald - Friday 10 November 1995
Carmel student wins Mansfield award The Tablet - Sunday 10 December 1995, page 7
Fame, Fortune, and French Tarts My own account of events, written some time in October/November 1995.
Other winners:
Coming Second Quote Unquote, page 7 (I don't know the date, this clipping about Waiata Dawn Davies was sent to me by Tracey Hill.)
Shadbolt story scoops $5000 award The Dominion (I don't know the date or page number - again, I only have the clipping.)

Commonwealth Essay Competition

(No Title) The Tablet, page 1 (again, I only have the clipping so I don't know the date.)
Scene & Heard New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 25 May 1992, page 52