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100% AARONAlways Aims Rifle On Needlepoint Rico Leffanta
100% ABELAdam's Boy, Eve's Lad Angela Brett
100% ABEL (2)A Briefly Experienced Life Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% AIDANAn Individual, Dandy Adult, Newlywed Jan Morgan
100% ALANA Leader, Able Navigator Jan Morgan
100% ALEXAble Lad Engages Xylophone Jan Morgan
100% ALEXANDERAble Lad Engages Xrays At New Domain, Enters Rear Jan Morgan -- Alexander has a new job in the xray area at the rear entrance of the building
100% ANARUA Naughty And Rambunctious Underling Steve Keate, acronymising his son.
100% ANDREWA Nice Dude Really Educated Well Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANDREW (2)Articulating New Dreams, Reaching Educational Whims Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% ANTHONYAffluent, Nostalgic Travelling Hippy - Old, Not Youthful. Mary Carr, describing her brother (with a little help from Angela Brett.)
100% ANTHONY (2)A Name, Therefore, Holds Only Notation, Yes? Angela Brett. (See the ADVENTUREs of MacGirl & KEYBOARD, EPISODE #1)
MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes
100% BARRYBest At Reading Rhyming Yarns Jan Morgan
100% BILL (2)Beast Is Lying Loser Jan Morgan - someone I knew
100% BLAINEBad Liver Affected Infant's Name, Evidently Angela Brett (the name Blaine comes from bla, a Gaelic word meaning "Yellow." I wonder how many babies were named Blaine because they were jaundiced.)
100% BRADLEYBoy, Really Active, Does Love Experiencing Youth Jan Morgan
100% BRIANBrings Reasonable Income Advantage, Naturally Jan Morgan
100% BRIAN (2)Brat, Really Is Antagonistic, Noxiously Jan Morgan - someone I know
83% BRUCEBig Rating in US Census Extract Angela Brett (The name Bruce ranked 67th in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.)
100% BRUNOBrown - Rather Uninspiring Name Origin Angela Brett
100% BRYANBegins Reading Yarns At Noon Jan Morgan
100% BUBBABig Ugly Bible-Beatin' Ass a stereotypical description of anyone named Bubba in Georgia or Arkansas.
100% BYRONBecause You're Really Obviously Nice Jan Morgan
100% CALVINCan Achieve Little, Vision Is Nil Jan Morgan
100% CAMERONCaring Adult Manages Educating Rambunctous Observant Novices Jan Morgan
100% CARLOSCatch Australian's Real Life On Screen Angela Brett (Carlo was one of the housemates on the third series of Australian Big Brother.)
Names:Famous people
100% CHARLIE (5)Controls Handling, Authoritarian, Really Lives In Exertion Jan Morgan - someone I know. When he isn't controlling situations he loves adventurous activities.
100% CHRISChap Has Requested Individual 'Spansion Tony McCoy O'Grady
Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup
100% CHRISTOPHER (2)Carefully Has Reasons In Security, Takes Over Parents Home, Encouraging Reconcilation Jan Morgan - Someone I know
100% CLAUDE (2)Capable Lad Allows Ultimatum, Demands Efficiency Jan Morgan
75% CURTISCarefully Urges Ranking, Tae-kwon-do Is Schooled Jan Morgan -- Randall's first Karate Teacher
100% DAMIENDevil's A Monstrous Infant - Evil & Nasty Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in the movie 'The Omen'
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% DANIEL (2)Doesn't Appreciate Nuances In English Language TMcCO'G, after somebody on the Apronyms forums said that he needed an alliteration for Daniel.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% DAVEDid Astronaut View Eternity Tony McCoy O'Grady (The main human character in 2001 was called Dave)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% DAVENDiscovered Apronyms Via Entering Name Angela Brett, after somebody posted on the Apronyms forums, 'It's Daven here I was searching google for your name and found this'
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% DAVIDDid A Valiant 'Impossible' Deed Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DAVID (3)Does All Vital Income Depart? Jan Morgan - Someone I know that struggles with income
100% DEANDoes Educating At Night Rico Leffanta
100% DOMINICDirty Old Man Is Needing Intense Cleaning Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DONNYDelightful Orator Nicely Negotiates Yield Jan Morgan - gives forth his melodic voice to song
100% DYLANDied Young, Lump Attacked Neurons Angela Brett, referring to Steve's son.
100% DYLAN (2)Darling Youngster, Like Angela's Nephews? Angela Brett, who never actually met Dylan.
100% EDWIN'E Dwells Wealthily -- 'Is Name Jeff Anonymous (meaning of 'Edwin' = prosperous friend, according to
100% ERIKEnchanting Rich Individual's Karma Jan Morgan
100% EUGENEExemplary Unique Gentleman, Encourages Negotiations Energetically Jan Morgan
100% FAISALFellow Arabians, Intelligent, Smart And Loyal Faisal Yaqoob
100% FELIXFree Enterprising Lad Is Xenophobic Jan Morgan
100% FRANCESFriendship Reaches A New Class, Enter Safely Jan Morgan
100% FRANCESCOFreedom Rings, All Necessary Concerns Eventually Satisfied, Carefully Obtained Jan Morgan
100% FREDERICKFractured Relationship Endures Destruction, Eventually Rebounds In Careful Kindness Jan Morgan
100% GARRETTGaelic - Attention Riveted Regarding Everything That's There Angela Brett (the name Garrett comes from Gaelic and means 'To Watch')
100% GARYGuy's Always Reinterrogating You Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GARY (2)Gets Alcohol Replenished Yonder Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% GERALDGets Enchanted, Reading A Little Drama Jan Morgan
100% GIUSEPPEGoes In Usual Steps, Eventually Pacing People's Enjoyment Jan Morgan
83% GLENNGetting (a) Little Elderly? No! Never! Patricia Rix, referring to her brother.
100% HAMISHHome's A Mountaintop In Scottish Highlands Tony McCoy OTartan
100% HAROLDHas Admiration, Reflecting Opportunities Lost, Dutiful Jan Morgan - someone I know who reflected on his opportunities
100% HORACEHolding On Romantically Antagonises Consorts Everytime Rico Leffanta
100% ISAAC (2)Is Sacrificed Adolescent, Actually Conserved Jan Morgan
100% JASONJust A Stupid Old Nutter Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JASON (2)Joker At Several Occasions Noticed Jan Morgan
100% JAYJokes At You Jan Morgan
100% JEFF (2)Just Expect Friend Forever Jan Morgan -- A person I know
100% JEREMYJewish Equivalent Really Exhausts Mouth -- Yirmeyahu Angela Brett (Jeremy comes from a Hebrew name Yirmeyahu.)
100% JIMJames (In Miniature) Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JIM (2)Just In Matters Jan Morgan - he is a lawyer
100% JIMMYJiving Individual Manages Music Yearly Jan Morgan
100% JONASJust Offers Natural Annoyance Seriously Jan Morgan
100% JONATHANJust One Name, Around Two Hundred Alternative Notations Angela Brett (there are several spellings of Jonathan, and seemingly hundreds of other names from the same root as John)
100% JOSEPHJob Of Someone Explaining Pharoah's Hallucinations Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JOSHUA (3)Jovial Offspring, Son Has Unusual Attitude Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% JULIANJust Uses Lessons In Adventures Naturally Jan Morgan
100% JUSTINJolly Unusual Son, Teaches In North Jan Morgan
100% KENNETHKeen Extrovert Needs Nice Erudite Thinking Hedonist Mary Carr, on a Kenneth she knows.
100% LARRYLazy And Rather Rebellious Youth Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LEWISLoves Extra Warmth, Involves Sun Jan Morgan
100% MARK (3)Must Act Really Kind Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% MARSHALLMost Active Resident, Saves His Adventures, Large List Jan Morgan
100% MARTINMake A Rival Town Into Necropolis! Angela Brett (Martin means 'warlike')
100% MATHIASMostly A True Happy Individual, Active Scout Jan Morgan -- Someone I know
Sports & Recreation:Scouts
100% MICHAELMaybe I'm Christ (Heavens Above!) Extreme Likeness Angela Brett (Michael means 'Like God')
100% MICHAEL (2)Migration Involved Cindy, Homed At Empathetic Listener Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% MIGUELMost Individuals Get Used Encyclopedias, Learning Jan Morgan
100% MIKEMan Installs Klutzy Electronics Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MILESMerciful Individual - Likely Etymon's Slavonic. Angela Brett
100% MITCHELLMan Is Truly Confusing Has Extremist Lfestyle, Lamentable Jan Morgan -- someone I USED to know
100% MITCHELL (2)Man Is Truly Confusing, Has Extinguished Ladies' Light Jan Morgan -- someone I USED to know
100% MOABMan Of Authorised Bible Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NATHANNegotiates All Talents, Having A Need Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
100% NATHAN (2)Negotiates Activities Tackling His Addiction Needs Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
100% NATHAN (3)Narcissistic Adolescent/Adult Takes Harsh Analysis Notes Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
100% NENNIESNascent Entities Now Navigating Inside Entire Space Eminence Grise, explaining: I'm a French Canadian and nennies is the plural of nenni which is the first name "Denis (day-nee)" in French of a good friend. There was a park in front of his house and his mother often yelled "Denis" for supper but due to distance and a lot of trees in between, we always heard "NENNI!". It stayed through the years and a bunch of friends (40 years of friendship) called themselves the Nennies and there's no nennying about it! Nennies are curious about everything and enjoy life as it comes.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% NICHOLASNeeds Impressive Character, Having Own Lessons As School Jan Morgan
100% NICHOLAS (2)Negotiates In Caring Home Of Lawyer And Sister Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
100% NICK (2)Nefarious Individual - Clearly Kleptomaniacal Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
100% NICK (3)Niche Is Computer Knowledge Angela Brett, on a Mac-fixing Nick she knows.
100% NOAHNegotiated Original "Animal House" Roger Williams
100% PAULProbably An Undersized Lad Angela Brett, because according to, the name Paul means 'small'.
100% PAUL (2)Pathetic Adult Used Lust Jan Morgan - Someone I know
100% PHIL'Philip' Has Identifier Limited Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PHIL (2)Praenomen Has Insufficent Letters Tony McCoy O'Grady
88% QUANTUMQuite Unusually, Angela's Nephew has This Unconventional Moniker! Angela Brett
100% RANDALLRelishes Aviation Navigation, Dynamic Achiever Loves Life Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% REGINALDResponsible Educator Gets In Nice Adventure, Learns Diversity Jan Morgan
100% REMINGTONRealist Emits Manifestations In Narrative, Graphic Truth On Notions Jan Morgan -- someone I know -- he really says it like he sees it.
100% REMINGTON (2)Rhythm Evokes Motion In Nonviolent Graphic Truth On Notions Jan Morgan -- someone I know -- Truth telling guy has rhythm.
100% RICHARD (2)Realized Increased Cravings Have A Real Disadvantage Jan Morgan
100% RICOReal Intense Coital Orgasm Rico Leffanta
100% RIFLE (3)Rediscovering Insects For Learning Experience Jan Morgan -- someone I know who loves bugs
100% RIFLE (4)Respectful Individual, Fun Loving Excitement Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% RUSSELLRanks Usually Safe, Success Earns Lovely Life Jan Morgan
100% RUSTYRuthless User, Severs Ties, Yob Jan Morgan - a person I know
100% RUSTY (2)Ruthless User, Shameful Tactics Yesterday Jan Morgan - a person I know
100% SCOTTSecure Competent One Teaching Truth Jan Morgan -- middle name of someone I know
100% SCOTT (2)Sensitive Caring One, Tactfully Truthful Jan Morgan -- middle name of someone I know
100% SCOTT (3)Successful Company Owner Tackles Trade Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% SEANSoy Enamorado A Novio Robert Anonymous. Written in Spanish. Translation: I'm enamored by (my) boyfriend. (Its hard to express what i wanted to express with SEAN in English. The expansion is almost grammatically correct, there should be a posessive adjective before Novio.)
100% SHANEStrange Hero Attempts New Existence TMcCO'G referring to a classic Western, called "Shane"
100% SHAUNSomebody Has An Unremarkable Name Angela Brett
100% STEPHENStride That Egglaying Poultry Has? Evidently Not! Angela Brett, thinking of Step-hen
83% STEVE (2)Society of Technical Extraordinaires, Virtually Everywhere. Steve Keate, because there are so many Steves involved in the computer industry.
100% STEVE (3)So The Erotic Virgin Escaped Rico Leffanta
100% STEVE (7)Saves Tact, Engages Vital Effort Jan Morgan
100% STEVENStupid Teen, Excessively Vicious-Even Nauseating Nevica the MAN
100% TONY (2)Talker Of Nonsensical Yammerings Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TOM (2)Totally Observant Man Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% TOMTwin, Often Male Angela Brett (Thomas means 'twin')
100% THOMASTotally Honest Observant Man, Ambitious Soul Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% VINNYViolence Is Not Nice, Y'know Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to soccer's 'hard man' Vinny Jones, who has turned to acting in films and plays 'hard' roles
Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses
100% VIRLValiant Individual Reaches Learning Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% WAYNE (2)Wants A Yummy Nibble Eaten Jan Morgan
100% WENDELLWhen Everyone Needs Direction, Enters Lifes Lessons Jan Morgan
100% WESLEYWas Evangelists' Surname; Ladies Eponymised Young Angela Brett (according to, This was the surname of brothers John and Charles Wesley, 18th-century founders of Methodism, a Protestant Christian denomination. It was first used as a given name in their honor during their lifetimes.)
100% WILLIAMWas Insecure, Living Lies In Actual Memories Jan Morgan - someone I knew
100% WILLISWas Involved, Learning Lifes Inspired Salvation Jan Morgan - someone I know