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80% ABU'L-WAFAAppeared in Buzjan, Used Large Wall as Apparatus For Astronomy. Angela Brett
100% ADELARDAl'Khwarizmi's Derivations Entered Latin, Also Royal Drilled. Angela Brett (Adelard of Bath was a mathematician who, among other things, translated work of Euclid and Al'Khwarizmi and taught King Henry II.)
100% AHMED IBN YUSUFArab-Hatched Mathematician, Expanded & Discussed Important Book. Nodoubt, Yusuf's Usual Studies Used Fractions. Angela Brett (Ahmed ibn Yusuf wrote on ratio and proportion, and expanded on/discussed book 5 of Euclid's 'Elements')
83% AHMESApparently Handwrote Mathematics as Egyptian Scribe Angela Brett
100% AL'BATTANIAlbategnius' Liber Bore Astronomical Tables, Trigonometric Advances & Newer Information. Angela Brett
100% ALBERT EINSTEINA Less-Bearded Enigmatic Researcher Tells Everyone In Natural Science That Everything's Interrelated Naturally Sean Lamb
88% ALBERTUS MAGNUSA Lithe Brain Endeavoured to Record Topics Universal... Sainthood Made Albert Guru of Natural - Unbelieving? - Scientists. Angela Brett
86% ALCUINAurum-Lettered Codices & Uninteresting Instructions on Numbers. Angela Brett (Alcuin was responsible for the Carolington codices, a series of illuminated masterpieces written largely in gold, and also wrote some not-so-exciting maths & astronomy textbooks)
100% AL'HAITAMAnalysed Lenses, Had An Important Theory About Mirrors. Angela Brett
80% AL'HAITAM (2)Alhazen Lacked Huygens' Accuracy In Trinomial Answer (to) Mirror-problem. Angela Brett (Al'Haitam was also known as Alhazen, and is best known for 'Alhazen's problem,' which Huygens found a better solution to.)
100% AL'HASIBAbu Largely Helped Along Solving Irrational Bewilderment. Angela Brett
83% ANAXAGORASArgued 'Nous' Arranged Xcision of Aether (from) Ground & Oxygen. Recognised Atheistic Sun. Angela Brett. (Anaxagoras was imprisoned for suggesting that the sun was not a god and that the moon reflected the sun's light)
89% ANTIPHONAnti-democratic Notions Treasonous... Involvement Preceded Hanging On Noose! Angela Brett
85% ARISTARCHUSAstronomer Received Instruction of Strato, Tested Accepted Rules by Considering Heliocentric Universe, Scientifically. Angela Brett
90% ARYABHATAAmazing Rhyming Yarns About Broad-ranging Hindu Algebra, Then Astronomy. Angela Brett. (Aryabhata wrote his incredible maths & astronomy books in verse, believe it or not!)
89% AVICENNAA Vizier Interested in Cures, Equations & Nature - Notably Astronomy. Angela Brett
86% BESSELBloody Expansions of Series Solutions... Extremely Laborious! Angela Brett, who has just learnt about Bessel functions which take way too much writing to figure out.
89% BESSEL AND NEPTUNEBessel's Equations Struggled to Show Existence, Leverrier & Adams' Numbercrunching Deduced New Edge-lying Planet's Tenor. Undisputed, Now - Elementary! Angela Brett
89% BHASKARABiddurian Heaps Ahead of Some Kingdoms - Attained Reals, Almost. Angela Brett (Bhaskara understood zero and negative numbers long before Europeans.)
92% BRAHMAGUPTABrilliant Reasoning in Astronomy, Helped Mathematics And Geometry. Understood Progressions, Triangles & Areas. Angela Brett
100% CAUCHYComplex Analysis Understood Completely... Huge Yield! Angela Brett
100% CH'IN CHIU SHAOComposed Haiku, Investigated Numbers & Congruences. His Interesting Understandings Stieltjes Has Afterwards Observed. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing
92% CONON OF SAMOSConic Observations Noted, Offered Numerical Orations to Friend & Senior, Archimedes. Mathematically-Oriented Stargazer. Angela Brett
83% DEMOCRITUSDeterministic Explanation of Motion... Omniscient Creator Refuted, Instead, The Universe is Stochastic. Angela Brett
100% DIOPHANTUSDecided Influence On Precise, Handwritten Algebraic Notation. Thought Unpositives Superfluous. Angela Brett
80% EINSTEINEvery Intellect Needs Some Training to Examine Imperfections of Newton Angela Brett
100% EUCLID'E's Unclear... Can Lines Intersect Dually? Angela Brett, because Euclid's first postulate saying that a straight line can be drawn from any point to any point does not explicitly say that the line is unique.
100% EUTOCIUSEssentially Updated The Others' Calculations - Inscribed Unoriginal Summaries. Angela Brett
100% FERMATFamous Equation Really Made Andrew Think! Angela Brett (Andrew Wiles eventually proved Fermat's Last Theorem centuries after Fermat's death.)
100% GAUSSGot Answers Using Simultaneous Solutions Angela Brett, thinking of Gaussian elimination, a way of solving simultaneous equations. I didn't feel like acronymising the whole thing!
100% GAUSS (2)Great Arithmetic Used Solving Systems Angela Brett
100% GAUSS (3)Geometry's An Unexpectedly Strange Subject. Angela Brett
88% GEMINUSGone! (his) Educational Mathematical Inscription. Noticed ÔUncoplanar' Stars. Angela Brett
78% GERMAINGauss Expected Robust Male... Actually Ingenious Nom-de-plume. Angela Brett. (Sophie Germain wrote to Gauss with her mathematical ideas under a male name, because in her time it was expected that... (see GERMAIN (2))
88% GERMAIN (2)Girls, Especially, Rarely Maintain Avid Interest in Numbers. Angela Brett (see GERMAIN)
78% GHERARDGot Help (with) Enunciation to Read 'Almagest' - Romanisation Deficient. Angela Brett. (Gherard had to learn Arabic since there was no Latin translation of Ptolemy's 'Almagest.')
92% GROSSETESTEGeometry & Research in Optics & Star Systems. Even The Extremely Small Things Envisionable. Angela Brett
100% HENGHis Earthquake-Noticer's Great! Angela Brett
100% HERONHe Estimated Roots Of Numbers. Angela Brett
77% HIPPARCHUSHigher Intelligence (than) Ptolemy? Precession Angle Reckoning Closer to Hypothesis of Undisputed Scientists. Angela Brett. (Hipparchus's value for the precession of the equinoxes was much more accurate than the value which Ptolemy obtained 300 years later.)
100% HIPPASUSHe Incensed Pythagoreans, Perhaps After Showing Unholy Sizes Angela Brett (Hippasus was expelled from the Pythagoreans, possibly because of disclosing the existence of incommensurable magnitudes)
88% HIPPIASHatched In Peloponnese, Practised Instruction in All States. Angela Brett
88% HIPPIAS (2)He Instructed Poorly... Payment Isn't Acquired in Sparta. Angela Brett (Hippias was not paid for his lectures in Sparta because Spartans weren't very interested in mathematics.)
95% HIPPOCRATES OF CHIOSHis Inter-Personal Proficiency's Often Considered Rusty... Although The Exceptional Squaring Of Fragments (of) Circles Held Importance, Observed Scholars. Angela Brett
100% HIPPOLYTAHighly Independent Person, Play's Outcome Leaves You Totally Amorous Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
90% HYPSICLESHad Your Polyhedra Spherically Inscribed... Contributed Lots to Euclid's Studies. Angela Brett
100% IBRAHIMIraqi-Born Reasoner Analysed Hyperbolae, Integration & Motion. Angela Brett
70% LEIBNIZLoved Equations - Invented Brilliant Notation for Increments of Zero-ish. Angela Brett
100% MENAECHMUSMathematician Entered Near Alopeconnesus - Explained Cones Had Many Useful Sections. Angela Brett
100% NEWTON (2)Nice Equations - Worked Them Out Nimbly. Angela Brett
100% PLATOPerhaps Letters Are Totally Opinion Angela Brett, since the letters from which most of our knowledge of Plato come might not actually have been written by Plato, as is claimed.
0% PROCLUSParallel Rays' Omnipresent Closeness Levels Uncertainty [Sic]. Timothy Chambers (Proclus erroneously proved the parallel postulate by assuming that parallel lines are equidistant.)
100% PTOLEMYPostulated That Otherworlds Looped Earth & Moon Yearly. Angela Brett
100% PYTHAGORASPredict Your Triangle's Hypotenuse... Assuming Geometrically Orthogonal - Right-Angled - Sides. Angela Brett
91% PYTHAGORAS (2)Prove Your Theorem - Hypotenuses Arranged & Geometry Obviates Relative Areas of Squares. Angela Brett
100% PYTHAGORAS (3)Perhaps You Think He Achieved Greatness Of Reputation Alone... Sorry! Angela Brett, because much of the mathematics attributed to Pythagoras was actually by other members of the Pythagorean sect.
90% RAMANUJANRead Advanced Mathematics And Nimbly Understood - Juvenescent Aptitude Non-surpassed. Angela Brett
91% THEAETETUSThe Hallowed Euclid Acknowledged (his) Educated Thesis, Examining Two Unusual Shapes. Angela Brett (Theaetetus - try saying that six times fast - was the first to study octahedrons and icosahedrons.)
100% WOLFRAMWent Overboard Looking For Random Automata? Maybe. Angela Brett, referring to Stephen Wolfram and his huge tome 'A New Kind of Science' on cellular automata and similar constructs. I don't think there's really such a thing as going overboard investigating something in science... even if the hypothesis turns out to be completely wrong, somebody has to thoroughly investigate it so that we know it's wrong, and more than likely they'll discover something that is useful in the process. At the very least, absurdly wrong ideas make good material for (if only anyone had time to write for it.)