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I'm not afraid of cereal killers... why, I eat cereal for breakfast!

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ALL BRANA Loathesome Lawbreaker - But Regular - Attacks Niceguys Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up a cereal killer
100% CHEERIOSCold Hearted Enemy Enters Residences, Inhibiting Occupants' Slumber Patricia Rix
100% COCO POPSCause Of Crime Outbreak - Perpetrator Of Pickpocketing Scam Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up another cereal killer
93% CORNFLAKES MANCriminal Of Real Nastiness, Frequently Linked (with) A Killing Epidemic - Seems Modest And Nice. Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking up a new name for the Baddy School roll - a cereal killer!
100% CREAM OF WHEATCallous Rascal Enjoys A Modicum Of Flax While He Expertly Attacks Toddlers Patricia Rix, who always adds a modicum of flax, whole or ground, to her cream of wheat.
88% INSTANT OATMEALInsidious Ne'er-do-well, Singularly Tasteless, Attempts New Triumphs Of Atrociousness, Twice Monthly Ending A Life Patricia Rix
100% KELLOGGSKillers Enjoy Little Luxuries - Occasionally Getting Gustatory Sensations Tony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising a source of cereal killers.
100% PORRIDGEPathetic Old Reprobate Robs Indigent Dear Grannies & Elders Tony McCoy O'Grady, pouring milk on yet another cereal killer.
86% RICE KRISPIESRather Insolent Criminal, Especially Keen on Raiding Internet Sites and Pirating Interesting Exciting Software Tony McCoy O'Grady, devising another cereal killer.
93% SHREDDED WHEATSoftware Hacker. Rearranges Every Decoded Document Encountered Daily Which He Electronically Attempts to Thieve Tony McCoy O'Grady, creating yet another cereal killer
90% SHREDDIESSlovenly Hitch-hiking Rogue Ensnares Damsels-Death Inevitably Ensues Suddenly Melanie Merswolke
100% SPECIAL KSeriously Perillous. Expect Callous Icecold And Loathesome Killer Tony McCoy O'Grady, crunching his way through another cereal killer.
100% SULTANA BRANSuperbaddy Uses Lethal Tactics... Afflicted Needs A Bowel Relief, Arse Necroses. Angela Brett (don't eat too much bran... it's a cereal killer!)
100% WEETBIXWrongfully Executing Enemies... Techniques Being Incredibly Xpert Angela Brett, creating another cereal killer