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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
BHANGBums Harvest Addictive, Narcotic Greenery Angela Brett
CANNABISCommon Around Netherlands, Not Accepted By International Society Angela Brett
CANNABIS (2)Class A Narcotic? No... A Barely Illegal Substance. Angela Brett
GRASSGet Real - A Super Smoke Eric Bridgstock
HASHISHHigh As Sugar Heaven, It's Still Hemp Rico Leffanta
HIGH SCHOOLHere I Got High (Smoking Canabis, Hiding Out On Lavatory.) Angela Brett, who didn't.
MARIJUANAMind-Altering Recreational Inhalant - Joints Usually Are Not Approved Steve Keate and Angela Brett
MARIJUANA (2)Medicinally Applied... Really, It's Just Used As Numbing Agent. Angela Brett
MARIJUANA (3)My A*se! Regular Inhalers Joyously Unailing, Aren't Needing Anaesthesia Angela Brett, as a response to MARIJUANA (2)
MARIJUANA (4)Medicinally Applied? Really?! I Judge Users Are Not Ailing. Angela Brett
POTPolice Often Take Angela Brett and Steve Keate
POT (2)Please Offer Toke Steve Keate
POT (3)Preferred Over Tobacco Angela Brett
POT (4)Parliament Outlawed This Steve Keate
POT (5)Particularly Overpriced Tickler Angela Brett
POT (6)Peers Often Tempt Angela Brett
STONERSmoking 'Tokes', One Never Experiences Reality Patricia Rix
WEEDWe Enjoy Expanding Dope Angela Brett, after she and Steve acronymised many different names for cannabis