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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BEDBlank Eyed Doze Mary Carr (Angela's mother)
100% BED (2)Bloody Eyed Drunk Mary Carr
100% BED (3)Beneath Exciting Duvet Mary Carr
100% BED (4)Begins Early Dozing Jan Morgan
100% BIDETBathe Intimate Developments Every Time Rico Leffanta
100% BOOKCASEBound Outlet Of Knowledge, Contents Are Sometimes Engrossing Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CHAIRCan Hold An Interested Reader Steve Keate
100% CHAIR (2)Comfortable Haven Allowing Immediate Rest/Respite Matthew Oram
100% COUCHComfy Option, Uses Chair Hospitality Jan Morgan
100% FUTONFolding Usually Tangles One's Nails Jan Morgan
100% MIRRORMy Image Reflected - Reverse Of Reality Angela Brett
100% MURPHY BEDMost Unusual, Rests Perpendicular, Horizontal Yawns Begins Early Dozing Jan Morgan - Hides vertically in the wall when not in use. can hang at a 90 degree angle before going horizontal to the floor BEST hide-a-bed around (no bars in the back) regular mattress
86% ROCKERRuns Over Carpet Kicking Everyone's Rear-end Rico Leffanta