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100% ALABAMAA Large Aeronautics, Based At Madison Area Jan Morgan - Madison County, Alabama, is where Huntsville is located and Huntsville has an aeronautics space camp for kids.
100% ALABAMA (2)Americas Largest Active Battleship Alabama, Mobile Area Jan Morgan - Can Be toured here it saw action in WWII and was the largest ever built
100% ALASKAA Lotta Arctic Snow - Keep Away! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ALASKA (2)Arctic Lair Afforded Seals; Kodiaks Also Patricia Rix
100% ALASKA (3)Audacious Lawlessness Allowed Spurious Klondike Acquisitions Roger Williams
100% ALASKA (4)A Large Arctic Sledding, Klondike Area Jan Morgan
100% ARIZONAArid Region Is Zone Of Natural Attraction Jan Morgan - Natural attraction the Grand Canyon
100% ARIZONA (2)Arduous Respiration In Zone Of Ninetynine.nine% Aridity Tony
100% ARKANSASA Rice Kingdom, And Natural Springs As Spas Jan Morgan - state has hot spring resorts and is a leading rice producer
100% CALIFORNIAClimate Always Lovely, Is Fruitful Of Rising Newcomers In Arts Jan Morgan
100% COLORADOCentennial Ordination, Land Of Rockies A Dimmers Observance Jan Morgan - became state 100 years after signing of declaration Mile High City - dims the lights
100% CONNECTICUTConstitutional Order Naturally Needed, Embraces Colony To Initiate Creed Used Today Jan Morgan - first state to use laws
100% DELAWAREDutch Explored, Leading Attempts, Wildlife And Refuge Extensive Jan Morgan - leading Attempts = Dupont Products and several wildlife & refuge places
100% FA (2)Frolicking Americans Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the abbreviation for Florida.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
100% FLORIDAFeel Like Okefenokee Ramble's Innocuous, Despite Alligators? Patricia Rix
100% FLORIDA (2)Famous Location Of Republicans' Illegal Democracy-Avoidance Chris Kjelgaard
100% FLORIDA (3)Fresh Lovely Oranges, Rides In Disney Area Jan Morgan
100% FLORIDA (4)Fun-Lovers Often Revel In Disney Attractions Tony
100% GEORGIA (2)Gin Eli Original, Rural Gifts In Area Jan Morgan - Cotton gin was invented by eli whitney, Gifts = crops of cotton for clothes etc and peanuts for peanut butter etc.
100% HAWAIIHosting Amorous Weekends At Island Inns Rico Leffanta
100% HAWAII (2)Happiness Around Wonderful And Irresistable Islands Jan Morgan and Kayana Morgan
100% HAWAII (3)Hulagirls And Wave-Action - Idyllic Islands Tony
100% HOLLANDHordes Of Low-Landers All Need Dykes Angela Brett
88% HOLLAND (2)Here Originate Lovely Lilies And Nice Dairy-cows Patricia Rix
100% IDAHOIts Diversity Actually Has Options Jan Morgan
100% ILLINOISIt's Lincolns Land, It's Nature's Option In Soybeans Jan Morgan - More soybeans are grown Here
100% INDIANAIndians Nation, Drivers Indy Annual National Adventure Jan Morgan (nation - land) and the indy 500
100% IOWAIt's Out West America Angela Brett
100% IOWA (2)Idiots On Weird Arable wishes
100% IOWA (3)Individuals Offered Wool, Amanas Jan Morgan - German religious Colony (amanas) offered woolens, wine, furniture and baked goods
100% KANSASKey Area Noted, Successful Aircraft Source Jan Morgan - center of U.S. Leading State To Manufacture Aircraft
100% KENTUCKYKey Event Needs Track, Usually Counts Kilometers - Yards Jan Morgan - Races - the kentucky derby
100% KERRYKingdom Endures Regular Rainfall Yearly Tony McCoy O'Grady (County Kerry in Ireland is known as 'The Kingdom' and is in the wettest region in the country)
100% LOUISIANALong's Organization Used Impropriety, Shadiness In Administering Nefarious Activities. Roger Williams -- Refers to Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana from 1928 until his assassination in 1932.
100% LOUISIANA (2)Lasalle's Origins Used, Is Saved In Area, Native Arcadian Jan Morgan - Lasalle Originally Claimed it for France so the origins are of French culture - Arcadians was shortened to cajun these people came fron acadia in Nova Scotia
100% MAINEMarginal Area Is North Eastern Jan Morgan
100% MAINE (2)Mariners Abound In New England Tony
100% MANITOBAMŽtis And Natives Investigated This Outstandingly Beautiful Area Patricia Rix (MŽtis is anyone of mixed French and Indian heritage, specifically in the Province of Manitoba. This is not a pejorative: the MŽtis have always considered themselves a nation within the nation, as the First Nations do.)
100% MARYLANDMid Atlantic Region Yields Large Academy, Naval Domain Jan Morgan - the Naval Academy
100% MASSACHUSETTSMayflower's Arrival Site, School At Cambridge, Harvard University. State Established Textiles, Tourist Sites Jan Morgan
100% MASSACHUSSETTSManifestly, A Sea Side Area Can Have Unexplored Sunken Ships, Exciting To Treasure Seekers Patricia Rix, saying: I don't know if there are wrecks off the coast of Massachussetts, but it seems logical
100% MICHIGANMaybe I Could Have It Good Around Newberry Angela Brett
100% MICHIGAN (2)Motor Industry, Cherries Harvested Is Great Agricultural Need Jan Morgan
100% MINNESOTAManufacturing Industry Necessary, National Eagle Sightings, Ore, Timber Advantages Jan Morgan
100% MISSISSIPPIMemories In Segration, Slavery In Southern State Is Paradisical Plantation Illusions Jan Morgan - Plantation owners were in paradise while the slaves were not
100% MISSOURIMark Is Seasoned Storyteller Of Unusual Rhetoric Idealogy Jan Morgan - Mark Twain
89% MISSOURI (2)Midwest Is Self-centered State Of Unmoving Rational Ideas Jan Morgan - Show me state
100% MONTANAMountains Occupy, Northern Treasures At Natural Advantages Jan Morgan - Rockies - Land rich in Natural Minerals - yellowstone sapphire, gold, silver, copper and coal
100% NEBRASKANegotiates Every Best Resource Advantage, Seems Keenly Agricultural Jan Morgan - Farming State
100% NEVADANightly Entertainment Venues Are Dating Attractions Jan Morgan
100% NEW HAMPSHIRENorth Eastern World Has Abnaki Memories, Potatoes Started Here In Region, Embarked Jan Morgan - Abnaki indians Potatoes started(embarked) here
100% NEW JERSEYNorth Eastern World, Justifying Einstein's Research, Studied Energy, Yesterday Jan Morgan
100% NEW JERSEY (2)Now Edison Wattage Juices Energy Research Saves Electricity Yesterday Jan Morgan
100% NEW MEXICONot East's World, Magically Enchanting, Xrayed In Colorful Originality Jan Morgan - known as the land of enchantment and color
100% NEW YORKNiagara's Enchants Wedded, Your Orchestra Reaches Kudos Jan Morgan - New York philharmonic
100% NORTH CAROLINANervous Orville Recorded True History Crafted Airplane Riding Over Land In Noble Achievement Jan Morgan - the Wright brothers
100% NORTH DAKOTANature's Oddest Region, Temperatures Harsh, Drastic, A Kaleidoscopic Original Twisted Area Jan Morgan - Rocks are twisted & Colorful (kaleidoscopic)
100% OHIOOccupations Have Industry Opportunities Jan Morgan
100% OKLAHOMAOf Knowledge, Learn An Honest Occupation, Make Available Jan Morgan
100% ONTARIOOur Northern Trees Appear Reddish In October Patricia Rix
100% OREGONOriginal Route Engaged, Greatly Opened Nation Jan Morgan - Oregon Trail was an important route to settlers
100% PENNSYLVANIAPenned Enterprising Necessities, Noteworthy State, Yankees Liberty Victorious, A Nation's Independence Awarded Jan Morgan - this is where the declaration of independence was penned
100% RHODE ISLANDRoger's Home Of Distinction Established Individual State, Little Area, Newport's Domain Jan Morgan - Roger Williams Established Rhode Island
100% SOUTH CAROLINAShape Odd, Uniquely Triangular, Has Charleston Area Restored, Originally Lead In Nation's Altercation Jan Morgan (civil War)
100% SOUTH DAKOTASome Of Us Think, "How Did Arrivals Keep Overcoming This Area?" Roger Williams
100% SOUTH DAKOTA (2)Sculptures Of Upright Trusted Humans, Deeply Admired, Kept Our Territories Agenda Jan Morgan - Mount Rushmore
100% TICINOThe Italian Canton... If Not Orally Angela Brett (while Italian is the official language of Ticino and is used for written communication, a lot of people there speak Ticinese)
100% TEXAS (2)They Enthuse Xaggeratingly About Size! Tony
83% TEXASTea's Energies e-Xhumed, Alamos Stand Jan Morgan -- Tea is a nickname for Oil
100% TENNESSEETourist Encounters National Notorieties, Elvis' Songs, Sights Engaged Embattlements Jan Morgan - Civil War Conflicts
100% UTAHUnlikely To Absorb Hawaii Angela Brett
100% UTAH (2)Utopia To All Here Jan Morgan
100% UTAH (3)Unusual Terrain At Home Jan Morgan
100% VERMONTVery Enchanting Rich Mountains Observed Natural Treat Jan Morgan - Green Mountains/ Beautiful Foliage/ Maple Syrup
100% VIRGINIA (2)Views In Region Greatly Involve National Interesting Attractions Jan Morgan
100% WASHINGTONWestern Area State Has Important, Necessary Great Trees, Olympic Nationals Jan Morgan - Olympic Nationals Park
100% WASHINGTON (2)Wheat, Apples, Sprout Here, Irrigation Needed Greatly Targets Objective - Nature Jan Morgan
100% WEST VIRGINIAWas Enroute Southeast To Virginia, In Regional Geographical Incentive, Now In Alleghenies Jan Morgan (the state includes Allegheny Plateau)
100% WISCONSINWater Is Surrounding, Center Of Northern States In Nation Jan Morgan
100% WYOMING (2)Where Your Open Miles Is Never Greater Jan Morgan