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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% CAMINOCan't Anyone Make Intelligent Naming Options? Rob Rix (they changed Chimera's name to Camino recently. I think there is/was an X-Windows browser called Chimera already out there.)
100% CHIMERICALCan't Handle Installing Mozilla? Easily Remedied: Install Chimera And Laugh. Steve Keate, referring to the web browser for Mac OS X
89% FIREBIRDFor Internet Reading, Everyone's Browser Is a Resource Destroyer Sean Lamb (Firebird is the new name of Mozilla's browser component)
100% ICABIt Criticises Any Blunder Angela Brett (iCab is a Mac web browser which gives reports on all the tiny inconsequential problems in pages' HTML code.
100% ICAB (2)Internet Chauffeur, A Beauty! Angela Brett
100% ICAB (3)It Crashed! Aah, Bugger! Angela Brett
100% ICAB (4)It Crashes A Bit Angela Brett
100% ICAB (5)I'll Choose Another Browser. Angela Brett, who likes some of iCab's features but finds it to be missing a few important ones, and unstable too.
78% MOZILLAMonstrous Open-source space Zapping Inoperable Latent Lagging Application magicbrowser, as a joke on how slow and inoperable Mozilla is.
100% NASHVILLENot A Simple Hyperlinker; Visiting Internet Links, Lackluster Experience Sean Lamb (Nashville was the internal code name used by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 4.0)
Names:Code Names:Microsoft
100% NASHVILLE (2)Now Another Software Html Viewer Is Leaving Locales Exposed Sean Lamb (Nashville was Microsoft's code name for Internet Explorer 4.0; there are so many exploits written against IE that its use is now often recommended against)
Names:Code Names:Microsoft
100% NETSCAPENot Everyone Trusts Software Companies. A Possible Exception. Edwin Hermann
100% NETSCAPE (2)Nightmare Experiences? Then Stop Choosing Alternative Product, Explorer Edwin Hermann
100% NETSCAPE (3)Not Especially Tight, Spacewise... Communicator Adds Pointless Extensions. Angela Brett, who likes Netscape apart from the excess memory that the Communicator version uses by having mail, news and Composer built in.
100% NETSCAPE SIXNot Enjoyable - Those Skins Can Appear Pretty, Except Standard Interface's Xcluded. Angela Brett, who liked older versions of Netscape but doesn't like the way that Netscape 6 can be themed to look like anything except the rest of the OS.
100% OMNIWEBOn Macintosh/ NeXTStep, It Will Enhance Browsing. Angela Brett
100% SAFARI (2)Small And Fast And Relatively Incorrect Angela Brett, when Steve said, 'Chimera is small, fast and correct. Safari is smaller, faster and incorrect.'
100% SAFARI (3)Simplicity's Audience Forges A Reasonable Influence. Rob Rix
100% TITTIEThat Is Too Tricky, Internet Explorer x_Player1_x: most of the settings are hidden deeply within Internet Explorer's options.