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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BASE JUMPINGBrainless Asses Scale Edifices & Jump Using Miniature Parachute If Nearing Ground Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CANOPYCan Abundant Nylon Overhead Protect You? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FALLFrightened About Looming Landing Angela Brett
Assorted Verbs
100% FALL (2)Frantic Anti-Levitational Locomotion. Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Verbs
100% GRAVITYGround's Rushing And Velocity Is Terminal, Yikes! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!Jolted Upwards... My Parachute's Opened Up! Thrill Of Freefall Abated, Pleasantly Lowering Adrenalin Nearing Earth. Angela Brett
100% PARACHUTEPersons Abandoning Rushing Aircraft Can Hurtle Uncomfortably To Earth Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PARACHUTE JUMPINGPeople Aboard Racing Aircraft Can Hear Umpteen Terrified Exiters Judiciously Uttering Many Prayers - I Need God! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PARASCENDINGPerson (And Rope And Speedboat) Can Elevate Nicely, Drifting If Not Gliding Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% RIPCORDRelax - If Parachute Cannot Open, Reserve'll Deploy Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SPLATSeveral Parachutists Landed Awkwardly There Tony McCoy O'Grady