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These apronyms were created in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums (see I work for the VA in the R&D department, working on Clinical Research Studies. We have a new online data acquisition program that is up & running and of course need an acronym.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BATTLESBrilliant Application That Tabulates Listless Ex-Soldiers Tony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)
100% DETECTIVEData Encoded To Enable Clinical Trials In Veterans' Environment Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone asked on the Acronyms Forums for an acronym to describe an online data acquisition program for the Department of Veterans Affairs. See for more information.
100% DOCTOR (2)Digital Online Consulting Tool, Or Reference Tony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE) I can see this in use as someone says "Let's see what the DOCTOR has to say...."
100% ORACLE (2)Online Resource Assisting Clinical Learning/ Education Tony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)
92% THEATER OF WARTool Holding Exciting Archive That Enables Researchers Obtain (From Web-based Application) Results Tony McCoy O'Grady (see DETECTIVE)
100% VIRTUAL DOCTORVeterans' Information Resource That Uses A Large Database Of Clinical Trials; Online Retrieval. Angela Brett (see DETECTIVE)
100% WARSWeb Application Retrieving Studies Angela Brett (see DETECTIVE) - If the veterans have been in the wars, why shouldn't the clinical trials be in the WARS too?