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100% BOTTOM QUARKBest Of The Theories Of Matter? Quite Unlikely Anyone Really Knows Angela Brett ('Bottom' is one of the six types of QUARK, along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, CHARM QUARK and TOP QUARK... at least, that's the prevailing wisdom so far.)
100% CHARM QUARKCould Have A Real Magical Quality... Undergraduates Are Really Keen! Angela Brett, wondering if the charm quark is so charming that it will get otherwise disinterested undergraduates enthused. ('Charm' is one of the six types of quark... along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK)
100% DOWN QUARKDuo On Whole Neutron Quiets Up's 'Affirmative' Reaction Kick Angela Brett ('Down' is one of the six types of quark... along with UP QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, CHARM QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK. Neutrons are each composed of two down quarks with charge -1/3 each, and one up quark with charge +2/3, giving them an overall charge of zero.)
100% ELECTRONEven Little Electric Currents Take Ridiculously Oversized Numbers Angela Brett
100% HIGGS BOSONHere Is GUT's Guts, Some Believe Only Stupidity Of Namesake Angela Brett, who originally misunderstood the Higgs boson and expanded it, 'Here Is Gravity's Glue...' GUT stands for Grand Unified Theory.
100% LEPTONLike Electron, Positron, Tau Or Neutrino Angela Brett
100% LEPTONSLight Elementary Particles, They Orbit Neutrons Sometimes. Angela Brett
100% MESONMatter Element Shadowing Own Negation Angela Brett (a meson is composed of a QUARK and an antiquark)
100% NEUTRINONot Entirely Untouchable, Though Rarely Interacts. Neutral, Obviously. Angela Brett
100% PENTAQUARKPhysics Experimenters Noticed That Assumed Quintets Unquestionably Are Real. Kudos! Angela Brett
100% PENTAQUARKSPositively Extending 'Normal' Tetrads, Anti-Quark Units Are Really Kinda Strange Angela Brett (according to For the exotic pentaquark under study here, the valence quarks consist of two up quarks, two down quarks, and one strange antiquark)
100% PHOTONParticle Helps One Talk Over Networks Tony McCoy O'Grady - who sincerely hopes that photons operate in fiber-optics
100% PHOTON (2)Positives' Harness On Those Others (Negatives.) Angela Brett (photons are the 'particles' which give rise to the electromagnetic force, the force which famously makes opposites attract.)
100% POSITRONPart Of Smarts, In The Realm Of Novels Angela Brett, referring to the 'positronic brain' conceived by writer Isaac Asimov.
Art & Literature
100% PROTONPositive, Resists Orbiting To Occupy Nucleus Gavin Lambert
100% PROTON (2)Part Removed Of The Other Nucleon Angela Brett, since a neutron can react with an electron neutrino to form a proton and an electron, giving the impression that a neutron is an electron plus a proton.
100% PROTON (3)Particle Reputedly Of Three, One Negative. Angela Brett - protons are thought to be made up of two positive UP QUARKs and one negative DOWN QUARK.
100% QUARKQuantity Uncertain - Although Reasonably Known Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% QUARK (2)Quantum Uncertainty Always Restricts Knowledge Angela Brett
100% QUARKSQuestionably Useful As Reality Keeps Surprising Angela Brett (or perhaps '...As Reality Kids Scientists.')
100% SQUARKSupersymmetry's Quark -- Unconfirmed As Real Knowledge Angela Brett
100% STRANGE QUARKSeems To Reveal A Name Game, Exaggerating Queerness Understood Amongst Really Knowledgeable Angela Brett ('Strange' is one of the six types of QUARK... along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, CHARM QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK.)
100% TOP QUARKTruly Obese Particle! Qrious? Use A Recent Kit. Angela Brett, who apologises for the Qrious cheat, but it's better than yet another 'Quite'. ('Top' is the heaviest of the six types of QUARK... along with UP QUARK, DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK,CHARM QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK. Because of the immense amount of energy needed to create a top quark, it was not possible until recently.)
91% TETRAQUARKThe Experiment That Revealed A Quixotic Unstable Arrangement Ran at KEK. Angela Brett
100% TAUONTried At Uniformity Of Notation Angela Brett (Tauon is another name for the TAU particle, with the familiar -on suffix of other particles.)
100% TAUTiny And Unstable Angela Brett (while the tau is the heaviest of the leptons, it's still tiny... and due to its mass is the most unstable lepton, lasting around 3*10^-13 seconds.)
100% UP QUARKUsual Particle; Quite Unremarkable And Readily Kept. Angela Brett ('Up' is one of the six types of QUARK... along with DOWN QUARK, STRANGE QUARK, CHARM QUARK, TOP QUARK and BOTTOM QUARK. UP QUARKs and DOWN QUARKs make up neutrons and protons so they're very common. See PROTON (3))