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100% BRENDABritish Royals Epithet Newsmagazine Designated Apparently Tony McCoy O'Grady (HRH Queen Elizabeth II is scurrillously referred to as "Brenda" in Private Eye magazine.)
Names:First names:Female
100% CALIGULACrazy! A Leader Italian, Gave Up Lingering Astuteness Robert Anonymous -- Caligula was one of the early emperors of the Roman Empire whose reign was short (sometime around 37-41 CE) due to his insanity.
100% CHARLIE (4)Centenarian (His Ancestor) Recently Lay In Exequy Angela Brett, soon after Prince Charles' grandmother died.
100% DIANADied In A Nasty Accident Angela Brett, referring to Diana, Princess of Wales.
100% LADY DIANALunatic Assaults Darling Yin Died In Accident, Numerically Adored Jan Morgan
100% PRINCESS DIANAPretty Royal Is Notable, Causing Eventual Society Sadness Died In Accident, Numerically Admired Jan Morgan
100% ROMULUSRome's Original Monarch, Usurped Leadership Using Slyness Robert Anonymous, inspired by four years of study of the latin language. Romulus was Rome's first king who killed his twin brother Remus in order to gain power (hence the usurped leadership using slyness...)
100% TARQUINIUS SUPERBUSTiber's Aftermost Rex, Quit Under Impugnment (Nefarious, Inappropriately Used Sexuality) Sculpted Unprincipled Plans, Expertly Raped Beautiful Unwed Skirt Robert Anonymous -- Tarquinius Superbus (otherwise known as sextus tarquinius) was rome's last king (the tiber being the river rome was founded upon) who was deposed because he raped Lucretia, a noble girl. Rex is latin for king, but says it is commonly used in English.