Cranberries links & trading page

I'm a big fan of the Cranberries and I just want to make it a little easier for other fans to find the right cran places to go on internet... here are some of the ones I think are the most useful. (Yeah, I know this page doesn't go with my other ones. But at least I've updated it a bit now.)

Ridiculous Thoughts mailing list

The Ridiculous Thoughts mailing list is an email list where cranfans can discuss the Cranberries, share information, and trade. To join Ridiculous Thoughts, send an email to with "subscribe" in the body of the message.


The most important cran page is, of course, their official homepage, which, by the way, is hosted on a Mac. Another very useful cran resource is the CranGuide, where you'll find every single cran-related thing you'll ever want to know about.

Trading list

These are all of the Cranberries CDs, tapes and books that I own. Items in red are the ones which I either have more than one of or can probably get another copy of to trade - other CDs I will trade but not as easily. Tracks in dark blue are live tracks, tracks in orange are b-sides. Please excuse my excessive use of colour, I have a colour screen at last and I'm not afraid to use it. ;-) Everything in this list is on CD unless otherwise specified.





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