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Now with a completely out-of-context (but strangely apt) Cranquote on every page!

"It's kinda half-finished. Nah, it's finished."
Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, after performing Free To Decide for the first time.
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Okay, so maybe my head's in the clouds, but at least the rest of me isn't attached!

Hi! My name is Angela Brett, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born in May 1980, and I've been on internet since February 1996. In January 2001 I got an iBook, woohoo! :) If you can't be bothered clicking on the clouds to read my other pages, here's a quick list of what I like. Beware that these pages are probably quite out-of-date:

I'm also a researcher for the Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Earth Edition, and I've even made a guide entry about gatanists and one about the art of acronymising. I haven't been spending much time on there lately, and it seems neither has anyone else since it was offline for a while, but here is my H2G2 homepage. I have two elder brothers (unfortunately!) an elder sister, and heaps of cool nieces and nephews. Click on one of the clouds above to find out more about any of these topics.

This just in... I have some galleries of pictures of my gadgets and myself online. Right here
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