Pictures of me

Here are a few links to pictures of me... Be warned, some of the pictures are quite large, both in filesize and in dimensions. It helps to have a screen larger than mine (800x600) to view them - click on the preview image to see the full-size version.

Notice: I've just discovered that MSIE 4.5 doesn't display my pictures properly, or the top frame of the rest of Angela's pages. Get a decent browser.
(I'd recommend Netscape 3, because, along with a few other benefits, it displays the border around my pages slightly better than Netscape 4, - but I guess you should get a more recent version.) And yes, I know that well-designed web pages should work with all browsers, but I've only just discovered these problems with MSIE. As I say quite often (and you may quote me... Angela does) 'Just blame it on Bill.' Sure, I think it's actually someoone called Steve who's the CEO of microsoft but I feel sort of uncomfortable blaming things on Steve. And everyone knows who Bill is, he makes a good scapegate.

This is the most recent picture - me using my iDisk like I have Mac OS 9, and looking like Mac OS X - but if you look carefully enough you can tell I only have 8.1.

Here's a picture which Angela sneakily took recently while I was playing with my pet Jaz drive.

Here's a picture I took of myself! Basically I'm just waving to you guys.

Here's a picture which Ang took of me while I was sleeping! How rude!

This is my back... weird thing to take a picture of, I know... but hey, it has a pretty cool BookCover featuring some of my owner's obsessions.

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