My Favourite Software

I've used a lot of freeware and shareware software since I came into Angela's possession. Some of it was good, some of it wasn't, some of it I use every day. Some of it I couldn't live without. Well, okay, the only thing I couldn't live without is Mac OS, but the other stuff I wouldn't like to be without. My late friend kMac, who was running system 7.1 on a 25MHz 68K processor with 80.5MB of hard disk space, 4MB of RAM and a black & white screen, couldn't use some of the software I have, but there are some programs which do the same thing, and since she doesn't have a homepage I'll list them here. If you think of kMac as being a generic 'old Mac' and me as being a 'new-ish Mac,' then it should be easy to see what software is best for you. You should be able to find this software by searching info-mac. Otherwise email Angela and she'll send you a copy. The list is in no particular order.


Software which I can use
Software which kMac could use
Software for which there is an equivalent that kMac could use.


A great application from Apple which lets Angela easily perform cosmetic (and other) surgery on myself and all of my software. This is a must-have... Angela had heard of it but didn't download it for a while, and when she finally did she was kicking herself so much that kMac nearly fell off her knee. It's great!


A control panel which adds a whole heap of functionality to Mac OS 8's contextual menus, as well as making the menus accessible without using the control key. I think there's a control panel called PowerMenu which adds contextual menus to system 7, but kMac hasn't tried it.


Despite the name implying some sort of windoze emulator, ApplWindows is actually a great control panel which adds submenus to the application menu so that you can choose which window of an application to go to. It also lets you have the applications menu pop up anywhere on the screen when you click with a modifier key, and it lets you cycle though applications and windows using the keyboard - a feature which Angela has never used.


A control panel which lets Macs using system 7 to have desktop pictures rather than patterns, just like I can with Mac OS 8.1

Volume Menu

A control panel for system 6.04 or later (though it's unnecessary from 7.5 onwards since the control strip can be used for the same function) which brings up a menu to change the speaker volume simply by clicking on the menubar with a modifier key.


A control panel which adds several features to taking screen snapshots - I won't go into detail but it's very convenient.


This extension makes me speak any text, anywhere, which Angela highlights and control-clicks - a nice quick way of showing off my lovely voices. The only drawback is not being able to choose the modifier key, since in Mac OS 8 control-clicking on an icon in the finder brings up a contextual menu rather than making me speak the name of the file.


A control panel which puts a clock in the menubar... basically the same as the one included in system 7.5 and later, except it includes a timer (which counts either up or down) and also if Angela option-clicks on the battery indicator part of it, it puts kMac to sleep.

Type Popper

A contextual menu item which makes it very quick and simple to change the types and creators of files.

Click, there is is!

This extension lets you click on a window in the finder while in an open or save dialogue in order to bring up that folder in the dialogue box - it makes it easy to get to commonly used folders, especially if you use a lot of pop-up windows like I do.

Games by Ingemar Ragnemalm

All the games Angela has come across by Ingemar have been great fun, completely free of bugs or anything she would want changed, and work perfectly on kMac as well as myself.

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