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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
93% DEFINE APRONYMSDictionary Entry Found In Next Edition: Acronyms' Peaks! Represent O'Grady's Neologism! Yare Mnemonic Self-definitions! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
84% DIALOGUE STYLE ACRONYMS[Tony] "Did I Attempt Lately One Great Untried Endeavour?" [Angela] "Sure Thing, You Listed Elements..." [Jeff] "... And Countries" [Tony] "Right, One Needs Your Mates Sometimes." Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DILIGENTDoggedly Impacting List, I've Gotta Expand New Terms! Angela Brett, after diligently expanding a lot of the terms from the unsuccessful searches list.
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
77% DISCLAIMERDenying Interlocutor the Satisfaction of Causing Long Agonising Intricate Meditation, (thus) Ensuring Rest. Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying he should have a DISCLAIMER at the end of each message stipulating that "None of the words or phrases above will be accepted if returned for Challenge Acronymising." This after Angela had challenged him to acronymise several LONG WORDs.
100% DYSPROSIUMDo You Suppose People Realise Our Sillinesses Indicate Unsound Minds? Tony McCoy O'Grady
95% EDUCATIONAL ACRONYMSEvery Decent University, College And Technical Institute Offers Noted Awards Listed Apronymically & Cross Referenced (Or Numbered) with Your Main Subjects Tony McCoy O'Grady, who doesn't think this is true :-)
100% EI+EI+OExplain It + Expand It + Observe Tony McCoy O'Grady, wondering why the (imaginary and irrational) rule saying that IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE IT is rule ei+ei+0 of the Acronymists' Charter.
100% ENCOURAGEMENT (2)Expansions Needed... Come On! Usual Rico / Angela Garbage Eventually Makes Extinct New Thought. Angela Brett, when for a while most of the acronyms contributed were from her or Rico.
94% ERROR POINTER-OUTEREver Resourceful Resource Organiser Rapidly Points Out (In Nit-pickingness & Tediousness) Errors. Remote Oldie Unfailing Types Errors Repetitively Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela pointed out he'd missed out a word in his HEARTBURN expansion.
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
96% EVERY ACRONYM UNDER THE SUNEach Vocabulary Entry Reaches Your Acronymiser's Creative Resources. Only Not-Yet-Mastered, Uncommon Nouns Don't Expand Readily. The Hardest Expansions Sometimes Use Non-words. Angela Brett
100% EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGEEvery Victorious Effort Reveals Your Worth! One Really Difficult Interpretation Names Thee Hero! Eventually Even Nonsensical Gibberish Leaves Insiders Shouting "Hurray!" Lastly, Acronym Neurosis Grows Unchecked, Aggravating General Excitability Patricia Rix
100% EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (2)Extremely Valiant Effort - Regularly You Work On Reliable Dictionary; Incredibly, No Thesaurus Has Every Existing Nuance! Go Looking In Sundry Hackneyed Lexicons And Now Generate Universal Acronyms & Great Expansions Tony McCoy O'Grady and Patricia Rix
82% EXPANSIONExposures to X-rays Probably Are Not Safe, If Occasionally Necessary Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FACTFunny Acronym-Connected Trivia Angela Brett, to use as one of the headings on the ACRONYMS front page until someone thinks of something better.
100% FAMOUS (2)Finally A Merit Of Useless Submissions Carl Brett, after being informed that he'd submitted enough acronyms to get on the HALL OF FAME.
100% FORUM POST (4)Follow Our Rules! Use - Mostly - Properly Operated Spelling Techniques! Tony McCoy O'Grady, after some purposeful and extremely unlikely misspellings were used in expansions in a forum post.
Communication:Acronyms Forums:Page Titles
0% FUTILITY*F = U.Ti+Li.tY: This is known as the futility constant. Once the forgetfulness happens it is futile to try to remember the missing bit. Tony McCoy O'Grady explains: The only problem with acronyms I find is that I think of bits of them in the most inappropriate places and/or forget the details later. This is especially true when I feel that the solution is a cracker. There is probably a mathematical relationship which states that the probability of forgetfulness (F) is in direct proportion to the uniqueness (U) of the solution multiplied by the inappropriateness (i) of the time (T) plus the inappropriateness of the location (L) when the Yippee moment occurs (inspiration strikes) this is then written (tY)
93% GEEKY ACRONYMSGeeks Enjoy Expanding Knowledge - Yet Also Created Regularly, Origin: Non-geeks. Yes, Multiple Submissions. Gavin Lambert
100% GEEKY ACRONYMS (2)Gotos Evil, Everybody Knows. You Always Can Rely On (Names You've Mangled) Subroutines Angela Brett, thinking of abbreviated function names.
100% HA-HAHardly A Hilarious Acronym Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to FLAME and FIRE (3)
100% HAHAHarder Acronyms Hamper Angela Angela Brett, when it took her a while to respond to a challenge to acronymise haha, after she'd said she couldn't resist acronymising capitalised words.
100% HOW DO I SUBMIT?Hello O Wise Dictionary Owners. Is Submission Undertaken By Me Ideally Tackled? Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone capitalised 'HOW DO I SUBMIT?' on the Acronyms forums.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% HOW'S THAT?Here's One Witting Suggestion To Have Angela Tittering Tony McCoy O'Grady, after IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE AS LONG AS YOU ACRONYMISE IT
97% IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE ITIn Future You Obey Us! Please Undertake To Acronymise Words (Of Recent Design) Into Novel & Comedic Acronyms. Please Say You'll Observe Uniformity. Most Users Subscribe To Agreement:- Capitals Required? Okay, Now You Must Instantly Spell-out Expansion In Text. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% I LEFT AN 'F' OUT OF MY ACRONYM AND I NEVER NOTICEDIt's Laughable! Each Flaw-Teasing Acronym: New Flaw. One Unfailing Typed Output From Me, & Yucky Acronym Cycle's Rounded Off. Now, You Must Always Notice Details... Initials Not Excluded, Valid Expansion, Recheck Nothing's Omitted - Type It Correctly, Everything Done. Angela Brett, after Tony acronymised a similar phrase pointing out a missed letter in one of Jeff's acronyms, but Tony's expansion was missing an F-word. Perhaps he's just too polite. ;)
80% IMAC (5)I'm a Mean Acronym Creator Angela Brett, after Steve said he was trying to think of a mean expansion for iMAC.
Computers:Generic Hardware
100% I'M AN IDIOTI Must Amend Neglectfulness -- I Didn't Inspect Original Typing Tony McCoy O'Grady, when he missed out a word when typing an acronym on the forums.
Assorted Phrases
100% IMPOSSIBLEI Mustn't Pass On Something So Irresistible... 'Bad' Letters Expanded! Angela Brett, when it was said that EPHEMERAL was impossible to expand.
Assorted Adjectives
100% I'M SLOWIt's My Sad Life On Windoze Angela Brett, as an explanation for not having noticed JAGUAR (7), OBJECTIVE-C and COCOA (2) which were hidden uncapitalised in an email.
100% INSPIRATIONI Need Some! Please Invent Rousing Acronyms To Inspire Others... Now! Angela Brett
100% ISOInitials Seem Off Angela Brett (ISO usually means International Organization for Standardization, so it seems as though its abbreviation should be IOS. However, ISO is not an acronym... as explained at
100% ISO (2)Initials Swapped Over? Angela Brett (ISO usually means International Organization for Standardization, so it seems as though its abbreviation should be IOS. However, ISO is not an acronym... as explained at
100% IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE AS LONG AS YOU ACRONYMISE ITI Think Championship Acronyms Need Bigness! Especially Astounding Samples Live On, Never Growing Aged, Surviving Years Of Uncontested Laughter Inducement. Keen, Eager Acronymists Should Laugh Off Newly Generated Attempts. Stretching Your Offering Usually Assures Colleagues Recognition - Only Note.... You Must Individually Spell Each Item Therein Tony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising Angela's response to his question about how long the description on the page listing his acronyms could be.
Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms
91% I THOUGHT SOIf (it's) Too Hard, One Uses Giant Hardback Thesaurus - Synonym Overload! Angela Brett, in response to OF COURSE
100% I VENTURE TO SAYI'm Very Eager Not To Undertake Rule Elucidation - They're Only Standard Acronymic Yardsticks Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to the suggestion that we collate all the rules in THE ACRONYMISTS' CHARTER.
97% I ZEALOUSLY GRAB THE TITLE OF LAST I ACRONIMIn Zero Effort, Angela Lithely Overtakes (Undertakes? Since Lettering of Yesterday Gets Revealed Above Better Try) Honourable Expansion. This Is The Life... Everyone Obviously Forgot Lexicographic Acronym Sorting Treats 'I Act' Concoctions Regardless Of Nonalphanumerics & Interword Measures. Angela Brett, after the new 'dictionary sort' moved IVY from the last I position and opened the way for acronyms like this one to be the last. Previously the space would have caused this entry to be near the top of the list.
100% LATE EXTRALate Appearance: Tony's Evidently Erroneous - Xenon Triggered Researcher's Alertness Tony McCoy O'Grady, suggesting a title for THE ACRONYM TIMES issue which was delayed because, among other things, Angela wanted to put a 'tour' of chemical element acronyms on the website and realised that XENON was missing.
95% LET SOMEONE ELSE DO ITLate Evening Tiredness Shows On My Expansion - Other, Non-Exhausted Expanders Left Some Exercise. [I'll] Do One In Time. Angela Brett, when Jeff wanted help with an apronym but she was about to go to bed.
100% LIST OF TWELVE ACRONYMSLook, I Should Tell Of Feature That Will Eventually Let Visitors Easily Add Collections, Regardless Of Number You Might Seek. Angela Brett -- I don't know why someone searched for this phrase, but no category listing is guaranteed to have only twelve acronyms, even the months and zodiac signs have had more added. However, I am considering putting in place a system so that people can compile their own lists of related acronyms (which wouldn't otherwise be together in category lists) and one could be made which includes twelve apronyms only.
100% LOO (2)Loss Of Originality Jeff Anonymous, who admits that his acronym ideas have headed down the toilet in recent days.
100% LOVE (18)Lots Of Valid Expansions Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% MACHINEMaking Acronyms Constantly - He Is Neatly Eloquent. Angela Brett, describing Tony after reading an email from him containing 45 new acronyms, mostly related to Arthurian legend.
100% MADMAN (2)Makes Apronyms Daily... Maybe Assumes Normal? Angela Brett
Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness
100% MADMAN (3)Maybe Anthony's Defective, Maybe Angela's Not? TMcO'G, in response to MADMAN (2)
Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness
100% MAKE SENSE OF ITMaybe Anthony Kept Essaying Suitable Expansions. No Single Expansion Offered Fitted It Truely. Tony McCoy O'Grady. (See SENSE OF IT)
100% MAKE SENSE OF IT (2)Make All Key Elements Snuggly Enmesh - No Superfluous Es Or Fs In There Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MASS (2)Memory Apronymic: Super - Stuffed! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. referring to the mass of information which can be crammed in using apronyms.
100% MASTER OF ACRONYMSMakes Acronyms So Terrific, Everyone Recognises Outstanding Flair And Creativity. Ready Or Not, You're Made Superstar! Angela Brett, describing Tony.
100% MENTALMind Expanding? No? Then Add Letters. Angela Brett -- whichever meaning you read into this, apronymising is mental!
100% MFLAMeaningless Four-Letter Acronym Zebedee (note: MFLA is allowed in the stack because it fits its expansion in the same way TLA does. However, it would be far too easy to extend this idea to a completely pointless five-letter acronym or an easy to create six-letter acronym, or to even more absurd lengths, so no further such acronyms will be accepted.)
92% MUST CATCH UP!Maybe (an) Unbelievably Smart Thesaurus Can Assist... Tony Can't Have Unrivalled Percentage! Angela Brett, desperately trying to keep her contribution to these acronyms above 25%
100% NEW ACROSNice Extremely Weird Acronyms, Created Rapidly Online, Stupendous! Jeff Anonymous, after he'd capitalised NEW ACROS in a forum post and Angela reminded him to acronymise capitalised words.
100% NEW ACROS (2)New Entrant Waives Anonymity - Cautiously Reveals Original Surname Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Jeff.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
93% NICE EXPANSIONNovelty Is Cleverly Encapsulated - Eschewing X-rated Puns And Non-Standard Idioms Or Neologisms Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NO RESTNodded Off, Ruining Expansion... Superfluous Typing. Angela Brett, when Tony said that he must have nodded off when he added an extra P word to the 'ROSES ARE RED...' expansion - see PURPPLE.
100% NOT BAD AT ALLNigh-On The Best Acronym... Do Another, Tony! Angela's Lack Lustre :( Angela Brett, in response to ACRONYMS (8)
100% NYMBLE MINDEDNow You're Mentally Bubbling - Let's Enjoy Mentally Inventing 'Nyms - Delightful Expansions Delivered. Tony McCoy O'Grady
89% NYMSHEETNow You May Scribble Heaps of Excellent Expansions Together! Angela Brett, who had written 'nymsheet' on the top of a piece of paper she was going to write acronyms on.
100% NZ ACRONYMSNow Zey're Apronyms! Creatively Rearranged Original Name, Yet Meaning Similar. Gavin Lambert
100% OF COURSEOur Famous Charter Obliges Urgent Requirement - Succinct Expansion! Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela asked if a poster on the forums was obliged to expand something which was in capitals.
100% OIOver, Izzit? Jeff Anonymous, when Angela capitalised OI. This one is best understood if you look at the 'Illiterations' thread on the Acronyms forums, at
88% ON A ROLLOutpouring of New Acronyms Regardless Of Limited Lexis Angela Brett, when she thought up a whole lot of acronyms during a lecture, while she didn't have her thesaurus with her.
100% ON A ROLL (2)One New Acronym -- Randomly Ordered Lyrical Language Gavin Lambert
100% ONE MOREOh No, Even More Overly Ridiculous Effluent. Blair, on hearing that he only needed to do one more acronym to get on the hall of fame.
100% ORGANIC (2)Organicvegans' Resource: Generate/Greatest "Apronyms" = "Neat Internal Codes!" Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% PERFECT (2)Pun Experts: Ready For Expansions? Call Tony! Angela Brett, since Tony's acronyms are generally of very high quality.
100% PI TIMES THREE IPerchance If Thou Inexplicably Mutters Expandable Shoutings, Thou Hasto Really Expand 'Em Immediately! Jeff Anonymous ('Immediately' suggested by Tony McCoy O'Grady) rationalizing semi-imaginary rule pi*3i, which states that all things rendered in capitals on the Acronyms fora must be acronymised.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% PI TIMES THREE I (2)People Ignoring To Immediately Make Expansions Should Try Harder - Rendering Expansions Educates Individuals. Tony McCoy O'Grady (see PI TIMES THREE I)
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% POOPHOLEP*ss Off, Offensive People... Hardly One Lecherous Expansion Steve Keate, when someone searched for 'poophole' and some ruder words.
100% PUNCTUATIONPerhaps Underutilised, Need Commas To Understand Acronyms! Trivial Indeed, One Nods Gavin Lambert
100% PURE (2)Perfectly (Unillogical) Reasonable Expansion Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Jeff suggested putting LAURA in the credit of MICHAEL SEILER, 'so as not to fill the stack and site with PURE nonsense.' Of course the capitalised PURE demanded a pure expansion.
100% RACE (3)Rapid Acronymising Crushes Eric Steve Keate, on hearing that Eric was about to overtake him on the ACRONYMS hall of fame.
57% REALReally Entertaining Acronym List (like this one!) Angela Brett
100% REALISERead! Expand Apronymists! Live Innovation! Supersede Expansions! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. on realising the potential of apronymists.
100% REJECTS (2)Refused Entry Justly. Entry Criteria Taken Seriously! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% REJECTS (3)Rubbishy Entries Justifiably Evicted - Cannot Taint Stack. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SAINT CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITYSomeone At Institution Needed To 'Cleverize' Lettering Of University, Didn't Say The Apronym's Topic... Expansion's Unfortunately Not Interesting. Valid Expansion Regardless... Searcher, I'll Teach You! Angela Brett, when somebody searched for this phrase on the site, but didn't leave any information on what sort of apronym was wanted.
100% SALT (3)Something A Lexicographer Takes? Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela said 'No lexicographer worth his salt would say that apronym is not in use!'
100% SENSE OF ITSuitable Expansions Need Suitable Expressions Offered For Interesting Tony Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela challenged him to make SENSE OF IT and he said that "SENSE OF IT" doesn't make any sense of its own, so he'd play around with it.
100% SIMIAN SIMSeems Intelligent Monkey Is Acronymising - Not Some Irish Mastermind! Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela mentioned, "It's so obvious that even a poorly programmed monkey simulator running on Windows 95 could have thought of it" as a possible interpretation of her compliment of another of Tony's acronyms.
100% SLEEP (3)Stop Letting Expansions Experience Priority Angela Brett, when she wanted to go to sleep but kept having to turn on the light and write down acronyms which came to mind.
100% SMALL LETTERSSome Minds Acronymise Lowercase Letters Leading Even Tony To Exemplify Resounding Silliness. Tony McCoy O'Grady, when a newcomer on the acronyms forums deliberately used small letters throughout a post in order to avoid having to acronymise any capitalised words.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% SOME PEOPLE HAVE TOO MUCH TIMESeems Our Mirthful Expansions Possibly Enrage Other People, Leaving 'Em Hot And Voicing Envy. They Obviously Ought Make Up Comedic (Hoepfully They'll Invent Many) Expansions Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SPARSESome People Acronymise Rapidly, Some Exceptionally! Angela Brett, while Tony was producing over 40 new acronyms per day and her own contributions were becoming rather SPARSE. (But his are great too, I don't really mean that speed is reducing his quality)
100% STATE YOUR GOALSSomehow To Acronymise, Totally, English. Yeah, Obviously Unnattainable... Real Goals Often Are. Let's Strive! Angela Brett
94% SUBACROEXPANSIONSynthesised Utterance, Being A Cut-down Rendition Of Expanded Xpression; Probably Acronymiser Needs Some Intelligence, Or Nourishment Gavin Lambert, who was ON A ROLL when he commented that "Randomly Ordered Lyrics" might be a good subacroexpansion for part of ROCK AND ROLL.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% SUBSCRIPTIONSend Us (Bimonthly?) Submissions Created Recently. I Prefer Them In One Newsletter. Robert Anonymous - An apronym written about the apronym times.
88% TRCLHCATry Recursively Changing Lingual Heuristics to Create Acronyms A re-expansion of The Real Canonical List of Humorous Computer Acronyms (
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
90% TRANSPORT (47)Try Removing Any New-dictionary Spellings. Perfection Only Required, Thanks! Eric Bridgstock
100% TRANSPORT (46)These Really Ain't New. Stop Posing Over Redoing Transport Eric Bridgstock
100% TRANSPORT (42)Tony's Reinstated At Number 1, Superior Position On Reacronymising Things. Angela Brett
100% TRANSPORT (41)Typos Rushed Across - New Spelling Properly On Right Track Eric Bridgstock, while pointing out some mistakes in Tony's TRANSPORT acronyms.
100% TRANSPORT (39)Tony Reached Acronym Nadir. So Produced Overblown Response - Transport! Eric Bridgstock
100% TRAITSTalk, Read, Apronymise, Improvise, Test, Select/Submit! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. TRAITS = Proper Subset of "Traits of Apronymist."
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
100% TOPS AND TAILSTony Out-Performs Stunningly! Are New Devisings The Apogee, Indicating Lasting Success? Tony McCoy O'Grady, after creating near-unbeatable first and last acronyms for each letter.
100% TLAThree-Letter Acronym Jeff Kelley, who was, at the time of authorship, employed as a research scientist at a company whose name was, itself, a TLA. Note: Some sticklers would use the variation: Three Letter Abbreviation since it's kind of hard to pronounce the "word" TLA (though you CAN do it if you've had enough coffee).
100% TIME (5)Trust In Memory Expansion! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Speaking about my ability as an apronymist.
People & Relationships:Thoughts
100% TIME (3)To Invent More Expansions Angela Brett, when she didn't have any
100% THREE-LETTER ACRONYMThe Herein Reported Emergence, Even -- Let's Elaborate -- Tho' Tonily, Evanescently Reported, Appropriately Chopped. Right On! Now You're Mystified? Chin Shih Tang. (see TLA)
100% THOSEThis Has One Silly Expansion. Angela Brett
100% THE WHOLE SHEBANGTerribly Huge Expansion: Worldly Hours Of Liquiditity Expunged Simply. Horrible Expansion Be Alliterative, Nice, Good. Jeff Anonymous, referring to the forum thread at
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% THE ULTIMATE ACRONYMThe Highest Expansion Uses Large Talent - I'll Make A Toast, Every Acronym Creator Rejoice! Our Newest Yield's Magnificent! Angela Brett, when Tony used 'The Ultimate Acronym' as the subject line of an email announcing that he and Patricia had thought of an acronym for EVERY WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
100% THE BYE-LAWTake Heed - Exclude Believing Yourself Exempt :- Law Applies Whenever! Tony, when Angela mentioned some already expanded apronyms on the forums, to which the rule that IF YOU PUT A WORD IN CAPS YOU MUST ACRONYMISE IT applies, unless we have a new rule, or bye-law. Maybe - just maybe - we could allow that if one provides pointers to already created expansions one could be deemed to be compliant.
100% THE ACRONYM TIMES (7)Take Heed Everybody, As Calendar Rolls Over Newyear, You're Meant To Invent More Expansions, Surely? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% THE ACRONYM TIMES (6)Take Heed Everyone And Carefully Read Our New Year Message That Itemises Many Extraordinary 'Spansions Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% THE ACRONYM TIMES (5)Tony Has Expectations Angela'll Challenge Rico Over Nonsense. You're Meant To Indicate "Make Expansions Sensible". Tony McCoy O'Grady, in a reply to an issue of THE ACRONYM TIMES which featured an acronym of Rico's which didn't seem to make sense.
100% THE ACRONYM TIMES (4)To Help Erudition, Angela Considers Reasonable Offerings; Now You Must Try Initiating More Estimable Suppositions Rico Leffanta
94% THE ACRONYM TIMES (3)This Has Every Aide-memoire Chosen Recently; Obviously Now Your Mnemonic Tally Increases Making Effort Successful Rico Leffanta
100% THE ACRONYM TIMES (2)This Here Epistle Always Contains Recently Originated Novelties. You Might Try Inventing More Examples Soon. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% THE ACRONYM TIMESThis Habitual Email Announces Creative Ramblings Of Nutters. Your Masterpiece Titillates Intelligent Minds Everywhere, Supposedly. Angela Brett, as a subject for an email about the latest acronyms.
100% TEST (4)Tune Expansions! Subdue Trials! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% TEAMWORK (3)Thesaurus Expands/Effects Apronym Making! Word Organisation Requires Knowledge! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% TALENT (3)Tony & Angela List Expansions - 'Nyms Terrific! Instant Ninja
86% UNREAL!Unlimited Number of Representations Expanding Auto Logically! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
81% VERBOSE ACRONYMIST[Jeff] "Verily, Everyone Really Barks Over Some Exclamations." [Tony] "Angela Can Relate Our (k)-Nowledge." [Angela] "Yessir, May I State... 'True'?" Jeff Anonymous
100% VERONICAVicarious Expanders: Remember, Our Niche Is Creative Acronyms. Angela Brett, after somebody who apparently hadn't read the submission guidelines at submitted a common jargon-variety expansion for VERONICA.
97% WHAT ARE ACRONYMS? JUST ABBREVIATIONS?We Here Assert That Acronyms Reflect Expansions And Can be Read Out. Now, You Might Say 'JPF' Uses Same Technique (As Bad Books Recognise) Except Vocally It's Awful. That Is One? No Sir! Angela Brett (see also WHAT IS AN ACRONYM?
100% WHAT IS AN ACRONYM?We Here Assert That Initials Spell Another (Nice And Compact) Representation, Outlining Neatly Your Meaning. Angela Brett
100% WHAT IS THE LONGEST ACRONYM?Well, Here's A Tip - Its Subject Touts Home Electronics. List Of Numerous Genius' Eccentricities - Such Traits Are Considered Representative Of Non-Yoked Minds Angela Brett, when somebody typed 'what is the longest acronym?' into the search field on HTTP://ACRONYMS.CO.NZ>. This acronym is referring to the HERE'S TO THE CRAZY ONES... acronym, which is the longest at the time of adding this acronym, but a current list of all ridiculously long acronyms is at
100% WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS CRAP?Who Here Are There To Help Explain How Everything's Linked? Listing Idiotic Silly Acronyms Looks Like Twaddle. Huh, I Swear Contributing Readers Are Psychotic! Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to an unsuccessful search for that phrase.
100% WITSWords In Tidy Sequences Angela Brett, anticipating a battle of wits when Gavin was knocked off the bottom of the HALL OF FAME
100% WITS (2)Words In Tight Spaces Angela Brett, anticipating a battle of wits when Gavin was knocked off the bottom of the HALL OF FAME
100% WONDERFULWordsmith O'grady Now Deserves Extra Respect For Unbeatable Letters. Angela Brett, after reading Tony's TOPS AND TAILS.
100% WOWWorks Out Wonderfully! Angela Brett, after reading TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY
100% YASAYet Another Silly Acronym Original author unknown... however when Angela first used it in an email, Tony suggested 'You Are So Apposite', 'You're A Saintly Anthony', and 'Youth And Sex Abound.' Angela then replied with 'You Are Self-praising Also.'
Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational
96% YOU LEFT OUT THE UT - CALAMITY!You Oaf... Unkindly Laughing at Evident Flaw, Then Offering Unfinished Transcription. Thy Heightened Error Undoes That 'Cut Above' Look. A Minor Inaccuracy Turned Yucky! Angela Brett, when Tony initially left out the U and T words from his expansion of YOU'VE LEFT OUT A Y - CALAMITY!
100% YOU'VE LEFT OUT A Y - CALAMITY!You've Omitted Unique Vowel, Exceptional Letter - Eminently Flexible To Operate Usefully Twoways As Your Consonantal Assonantal Letter. Angela Might Indicate To You. Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Jeff left out a Y in an expansion of ZZZZZZZZZRA on the forums.
100% YTTERBIUMYou Try This Expansion. Reference Book Is Unhelpful, Mostly. Tony McCoy O'Grady

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