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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
83% APPLE (6)A Perfect Present for Loved Educators. Roger Williams
Food & Drink
100% ASSIGNMENTAll Students Should Implement Good Notions & Methods Employing New Thinking Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ASSIGNMENT (2)Assiduous Study Session Is Generally Needed. Many Eejits Need Tuition. Tony McCoy O'Grady
83% ASSIGNMENT (3)Angela Seldom Studies, Instead Gets Ninety Marks by Excelling in Number Tests. Angela Brett
100% ASSIGNMENT (4)Aarrghh! Stressful Situation Is Getting Nastier... My Essay's Now Tardy! Angela Brett
100% BAGPIPES (2)Blaring At Graduating People In Procession, Emulating Scotland. Angela Brett, while walking in a procession through the streets of Palmerston North as some bagpipes were played at her graduation.
100% BOOKBound Outlet Of Knowledge Tony McCoy O'Grady
Art & Literature
100% CAMPUSConveniently Assembled, Many Professors & University Students Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CHEATER'Champion' Has Evidently Altered The Examination Results Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
100% CLASHCollege Lectures Are Scheduled Horribly Angela Brett, after having her timetable rearranged for about the fifth time this week due to other students' timetable clashes. (I mean college in the American sense here... not a high school)
100% COLLEGECenter Of Learning Less Educated Gurus Evolved Rico Leffanta
100% COLLEGE LIFECampus-Oriented Living Lets Everyone Getting Educated Live In Friendly Environment Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% COLLEGESClasses Of Lovely Lasses & Excellent Guys Enjoying Schooling Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CURRICULUMCourse Under Regular Review In College - Unto Library Users Maximum Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DUNCEDown Under Nobody Claims Employment Rico Leffanta
94% EARLY YEARS CENTREExpregnant Adults Regularly Leave Yelping Youngsters, Engaged At Recreational Schooling (Creche, Elsewhere Named) To Re-enter Employment Apronymous Anonymous
100% EAT MY SHORTSEducational Authorities Treat Male Youth Scandalously - He Openly Replies 'Trouser Salad'! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
Household Objects:Clothing
Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons
100% EDUCATEEveryone Duly Undergoes Curricularly Arranged Teaching Experience Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% EDUCATIONEverybody Deserves University Courses & Access To Institutions Of Nowledge. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% EDUCATIONAL Everybody Does University Classes And Then It's Onto Nerdy Academic Lives. Angela Brett
100% EDUCATIONAL (2)Extremely Didactic Undertaking - Colleges And Teachers Indoctrinated Our Nation At Length Tony McCoy O'Grady
95% EDUCATIONAL ACRONYMSEvery Decent University, College And Technical Institute Offers Noted Awards Listed Apronymically & Cross Referenced (Or Numbered) with Your Main Subjects Tony McCoy O'Grady, who doesn't think this is true :-)
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
100% EMERSONEnjoy Massachusetts Education Regarding Science Of Notification Angela Brett (according to Emerson College is the USA's only four-year college devoted exclusively to the study of communication and performing arts)
100% ERUDITEExtensive Reading Usually Develops Intellectual Talent Effectively. Roger Williams
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
100% EXAMPLEEdifying Xplanation Always Makes People Learn Earlier Patricia Rix
100% EXAMSEvery "X" Attenuates My Score. Timothy Chambers
100% FALLING BEHINDFeeling A Little Lacking? In Nether Grades Because Education's Heading In Negative Direction Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FIELD DAYFather Is Endorsing Letter - Don't Do Anything Yucky! Angela Brett, thinking about permission slips for school outings.
Time:Special Occasions
100% GEEK (3)Great Education Enhances Knowledge Apronymous Anonymous
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
100% GOLGIGood Old Lipoproteins Get Instructed Angela Brett, after someone told her that a golgi apparatus is a 'structure where proteins go to college.'
100% GRADUANDGirl Restlessly Awaits Departing University, And Newlywon Diploma. Tony McCoy O'Grady
89% GRADUATEGain Recognised Academic Degree, University Awarded to The Educated Tony McCoy O'Grady
0% GRADUATE*Studying Your Curricula Earned You A Great Degree Tony McCoy O'Grady, as the world's first 'Bacronym' - check out the last letter of each word.
Words & Wordplay
100% GRADUATIONGet Ready Academics... Depart University And Turn Into Overpaid Novices Angela Brett
Time:Special Occasions
100% GROUP THAT SAVES SCHOOLSGathers Rallying Over Underfunded Public Teaching-Houses, As Teachers' Salaries And Valuable Education Shouldn't Stop 'Cause Honchos Overseeing Our Laws Say. Angela Brett, not on any particular group but responding to an unsuccessful search.
96% HELPING KIDS WITH EDUCATIONHelp Every Little Person In New Generation, Knowledge Is Definitely Something Worth Investing in. Tomorrow's Heros Every Day Use Computers And Technology Imaginary-Only Now. Angela Brett
100% HIGH SCHOOLHere I Got High (Smoking Canabis, Hiding Out On Lavatory.) Angela Brett, who didn't.
100% HOMESCHOOLING TEENSHow Our Mother's Educational Standards Channelled Her Offsprings' Outstanding Learning. I'm Naturally Grateful That Everyone's Educational Needs Serviced! Tony McCoy O'Grady, after someone searched the ACRONYMS web site for 'homeschooling teens'.
95% HOMESCHOOLING TEENS (2)Happy Ordinararily, My Existence Somewhat Carefree, However, Observance Of Learning Is Nice Grammar To Extend Educational Norms (in) Society Grace Francis, who was homeschooled
100% HOMEWORKHow One's Midweek Evenings Went On - Revising Knowledge Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% KINDERGARTENKids Investigating New Diseases Exploring Riots Grabbing Arses Revolting Teachers Educating Nincompoops Rico Leffanta
100% KINDERGARTEN LITERACY PARENT WORKSHOPKids, If Needled, Don't Enjoy Reading. Get Avid Readers To Evolve Naturally, Learning In Their Excitement. Remove Additional 'Classes' - Young People Always Read Eventually, Not Through Worry Or Rapacious Kindergarten Supremacy Hopes Of Parents. Angela Brett
100% KINDYKids In Noted Development Years TMcCO'G - Kindy seems to be an abbreviation of Kindergarten. I hope this is the mean the seeker sought an expansion for.
100% LATIN SCHOLARLatina Antiqua, Tempore Interfectam, Nunc Supervivet Capitibis Hominum. Olim Lingua Amata Romanorum Robert Anonymous - Translation: Ancient latin, killed by time, now survives with the heads of men. Once the beloved language of the Romans.
100% LEARNLose Educators - Autonomously Read Notes. Angela Brett
100% MISS CARSWELLMan, Is She Stupid. Can't Anyone Remember Something We've Ever Learned Lately? Peter & Christina
100% MODULEMethod Of Dividing Up Lessons, Educationally Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MRS. WESCOTTMath, Really Stupid? Will Everyone She Cracks On Take Trig? Peter & Christina
100% NEEDNone Eke Ed Drawn Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Either Poverty or Sufficiency. Ed=Education (This is an example of a 'chained apronym' where on top of the usual constraints of an apronym, the last letter of each word in the expansion is the first letter of the next word, and the last letter of the last word is the first letter of the first word.)
100% POST GRADUATEProfessors Often Seem To Get 'Research Assistants' Doing Undervalued And Tedious Experiments. Angela Brett
100% POST GRADUATE STUDENTPast One's School Times, Go Researching And Doing Unusal - Although Terribly Esoteric - Second Thesis, Until Doctorate's Earned.... Nimble Thinking. TMcCO'G
100% PRIMARYPrincipal Resource Inducts Many Alarmed & Resentful Youths Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PROJECTPlease Review Our Job Especially Compassionately. Thanks. Angela Brett, after a meeting with her group for an INFORMATION SYSTEMS project.
100% QUALIFYQuiet Undergraduate Achieves Learning In Fruitful Yield Angela Brett
100% ROTERepeat One Thing Exhaustingly Angela Brett
93% SAVING NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLSStopping Another Vexing Installation of National Grocery Network; Education Is Good, However [much] Buying Our Radishes Hurts! Our Overpriced Dairies Should Continue Having Oligopoly, Or Learning Suffers. Angela Brett, thinking of schools which might be destroyed to make way for a new supermarket.
100% SAVING SCHOOLSSometimes A Vacation Is Not Good... Small Children Have Outlet Of Learning Stoppered. Angela Brett
100% SCHEDULESome Classes Hard, Each Day Undertaking Lessons Earnestly Robert Anonymous
100% SCHOLARSHIPStudent Can Have Own Loot After Receipt - Someone Has Instituted Prizefund Tony McCoy O'Grady
86% SCHOOLSocial Club Helping Orphans Organise Love-ins Rico Leffanta
100% SCHOOL (2)Some, "Cruel Hatred Object." Others Love. Jeff Anonymous
100% SECONDARYSome Educators Can Open New Doors - Amazing Resentful Youths Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SOCIAL STUDIESStudents Of Community Interactions Across Lateral Strata. Theories Usually Descend Into Endless Squabbles Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships
100% STUDENT IN DEBTSent The University Dollars, Education Never Turned Into New Desired Employment -- Blast Them! Angela Brett
People & Relationships:The Workforce
100% STUDENT LEARNINGSeems To Undergo Detrimental Effect Now There's Less Educational, And Really Neat, Interesting Nintendo Games Patricia Rix
100% STUDENT LEARNING (2)Some Times Universities Don't Educate! No, They Like 'Educating' Athlethes Rather - Not Intelligent Nonsporting Geniuses. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% STUDYSolo Teaching Usually Done Yourself Angela Brett, after her mother suggested that she just sat under her computer acronymising and didn't know the meaning of study. I'm not sure sure which viewpoint this proves. ;)
100% STUDY (2)Stupid Tutors Undermining Delinquent Youth Mary Carr
100% STUDY (3)Straining To Understand Demented Yabberings. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SUNDAY SCHOOLScholars Understanding Now, Does Answer Yearnings, Seriously Chooses Heaven Of Own Learning Jan Morgan
100% TRAINING (2)Teaching Responsibility And Integrity, Necessities In Next Generation Angela Brett
100% TRAININGThick Recruits And Inductees Need Instruction, Not Guesswork Tony McCoy O'Grady
91% TIMETABLESThey Impede My Education - Trying to Add Blimin' Lectures Exasperates Students. Angela Brett, who is annoyed at how difficult it is to take more than two papers at a time without having timetable clashes.
100% THESISTake Heed! Everything Stated Is Stolen. Roger Williams
Art & Literature
100% THE CLASSROOMTeacher Has Evident Control - Learners Assemble, Some Studying Regularly, Others Openly Messing Tony McCoy O'Grady
92% TEST RESULTSThe Eventual Score's Tallied, Rendering Each Student Unsympathetically 'Learned' or 'Totally Stupid'. Angela Brett
100% TESTTopical Examination - Scoring Time! Angela Brett, inspired by one of her lecturers calling tests 'opportunities to score.'
100% TERTIARYTrained Educators Resolve To Inform Arrogant & Resentful Youths Tony McCoy O'Grady, remarking that the same resentful youths go through the entire educational process ;-)
100% TEACHTake Each Advantage, Cautiously Heard Jan Morgan - Listen attentively to all lessons, it is to your own advantage.
100% TAKACHSINTrailblazing Adolescent Kindles Abilities Choosing His Skills, Informs Novices Jan Morgan - Delaware Indian Language means leader - and is a leadership training camp
Sports & Recreation
83% UNIVERSITYUnrestrained Nerdish Intellectuals Vying for Extra Rewards... Study Incessantly for Three Years Angela Brett, the nerdish intellectual who doesn't know how to study. :^)
100% UNIVERSITY (2)Undeniably Necessary - It's Very Educational, Regular Study Intellectualises Talented Youth. Tony McCoy O'Grady
89% UNIVERSITY DROPOUTUnfortunately Not Interested (in) Varied Educational Resource. Silly Idiot Throws Years (of) Deep Reading Out. Passes Off Ungraduated Therefore. Tony McCoy O'Grady
91% VOCATIONALVery Old-school Collegiate Attempted Teaching Its Obstinate Novices A Lesson Patricia Rix (Vocational was the V-word in the High School I attended, OSCVI)
100% WEBSTER (3)Which Eminent Book Should Teachers Employ Regularly? Tony McCoy O'Grady
Words & Wordplay
100% WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONWe Read It Thoroughly, Then Enscribe Notes Commenting On Material. Markers Usually Notice Incoherence... Complete Assignments To Inevitably Obtain Notability. Angela Brett
100% YAREYou Are Really Educable! Chin Shih Tang. I saw the word for the first time on the site. Once I looked up the definition, the apronymization came easily.
Assorted Adjectives
100% YEARBOOKYou Easily Are Ruined Because Of Obnoxious Kids Peter & Christina - We're the co-editor and editor of the yearbook staff. Enough said.
100% YEARBOOK (2)Year's Events, Activities Recorded Because Of Ordinary Kinetics Jan Morgan -- moving from grade to grade requires records of the year's events and the fun or not of it
100% ZOOBIEZion Of Occupations, Books In Education Jan Morgan -- name given to students attending Brigham Yung University
89% TUTORIALTechnical Use (of) Teaching Outline. Reading It Aids Learning Tony McCoy O'Grady