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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ACTONA California Town Of Nickels Jan Morgan -- Rudolph E. Nickels is known as the father of the town
100% AMSTERDAMAny Marijuana Smoker That Ever Rolled Dreams About Metropolis Angela Brett
100% BAGHDADBefore Americans Get Here, Dozens Are Dying Angela Brett (this acronym could be either for or against the war in Iraq... am I referring to the dozens being killed while US troops are on the way to Baghdad, or those killed by Saddam Hussein before the war started?)
Military:War & Terrorism
100% BAGHDAD (2)Bewildered American Grunts Hurt, Dying And Desperate Chris Kjelgaard
100% BAGHDAD (3)Bested Arabs Grimly Hatch Death And Destruction Chris Kjelgaard
100% BAGHDAD (4)Bush's Arabian Gamble Harms Delicate Alliance Diplomacy Chris Kjelgaard
100% BAGHDAD (5)Bush's Awesome Gift: Humans Dead, Alliances Destroyed Chris Kjelgaard
100% BAGHDAD (6)Blair And George Happy Diplomatic Approach Discarded Chris Kjelgaard
100% BETHLEHEMBirth's Exceptional, The Heralds Laud & Extol. He's Evidently Messiah Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CAPITALChief Among Population's Inhabited Towns Across Landscape Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% COVENTRYCriminally Organised Villans Eventually Need To Rob You John Richard Jones
100% DARWINDank Australian Region Where Ideas Natter Rico Leffanta
86% DELPHIDouble-talking Eminence Left People Half-Informed. Tony McCoy O'Grady... the oracle at Delphi never gave plain prophesies, they were always open to at least two interpretations.
100% DUBLINDon't Usually Build Like It Nowadays Angela Brett
100% DUBLIN (2)Despite Umpteen Bridges, Liffey Inhibits Natives Angela Brett (Supposedly there is rivalry between people from different sides of the River Liffey.)
100% FFESTINIOGFoggy, Fuel Embarks Station, Trains In Noble Ignited Offerings Given Jan Morgan (coal is mined in the town and trains deliver it)
100% GETTYSBURGGained Edge To Triumph Yesterday's Situation/Slavery, Battled Union's Resolute Goal Jan Morgan
100% HAGUEHere Amsterdam Girls Use Eurodollars Rico Leffanta
100% JERICHOJewish Exercise Resounding Instruments Collapsing Hurdles Overall Rico Leffanta
100% KHARTOUMKissing Has A Reputation That Only Uproots Morality Rico Leffanta, because in Khartoum, kissing is never seen between a man and a woman.
100% MANILAMany Ardent Natives Invite Love Affairs Rico Leffanta
100% PARISPeople Always Remember Iron Structure Eric Bridgstock
100% PARIS (2)Perfume Always Rejuvenates Innate Sensuality Rico Leffanta
83% PARIS (4)Philosophers, Artists, Restaurants and Iconic Structures Eric Bridgstock
100% PISAPrecariously Inclined Structure, Alarmingly Eric Bridgstock
100% ST GOARSomewhere To Get Off And Rest Angela Brett (My Contiki tour stopped there for a night, I think it was only because we couldn't get to Munich that day)
100% ST GOAR (2)Somewhere To Go On A Roadtrip Angela Brett (My Contiki tour stopped there for a night, I think it was only because we couldn't get to Munich that day)
100% TOKYOTantalizing Orient, Kimonos You Obviously Jan Morgan -- most people who go to Japan usually buy a kimino for a souvenir thus the idea kimonos you obviously.
100% URBANUndisputedly, Rural Bumpkins Are Not! Angela Brett
Assorted Adjectives
100% VENICEVisually Exquisite. Needed Impressive Civil Engineering. Eric Bridgstock
100% VIENNAViolin Inspired Events; Nasty Nazi Associations. Eric Bridgstock
100% ZURICHZwingli's Upstart Religion Is Considered Heretical. Tony McCoy O'Grady, beating his own attempt at getting the last acronym in the stack. We challenge you acronymisers out there to beat it! (Zwingli was a Swiss priest and reformation character in Zurich in the 1500s.)