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100% BRIDGEND Burying Residents In Deep Graves Ends Neighbourhood Disputes John Richard Jones
100% CARDIFFCan Anyone Really Do It For Free? John Richard Jones
100% COWBRIDGECriminally Organised Ways Being Rewarded In Dangerous Gangland Exchanges John Richard Jones
100% JARROW (2)Journey (Amid Raging Recession) Of Workers Tony McCoy O'Grady (During 1936 a march of the unemployed demanding work began at Jarrow in North East England)
100% LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCHLove Lost And Never Found Again Is Really Pitiful! When Love Lapses, Going Where You've Never Gone, Your Love Life Grows Onerous, Gilding Every Reason You Chose Heartache, When You Really Need Desirable Romantics Opening Borders Which Lady Luck Lets Love Align Neatly To Your Senses. Inviting Love In Over Grief Opens Galaxies; Only Going Out Cultivates Healing! Rico Leffanta, who mentions that the website of this tiny village in Wales can be found at
100% MERTHYR TYDFILMindless Educationally Retarded Twits Having Yobbish Relationships These Yobs Demonstrate Failures In Life John Richard Jones A thought of people living in Merthyr Tydfil with it being the 'Sick Capital' of the United Kingdom.
100% PONTYPRIDDProvision Of New Trials You Practice Regularly If Done Daily John Richard Jones
100% PORTHCAWLPrivately Owned Residences That Have Cold Attics Which Leak John Richard Jones
100% PORT TALBOTPollution Of Real Threat The Answer Lies Beneath Our Tongues John Richard Jones
100% STRATFORD UPON AVONShakespeare's Territorial Region Accepts Travellors For Ogling Residents' Domain. Unusual Playwright Offers Narratives, Accomplishments Valuable, Offerings Numerous Jan Morgan
Art & Literature
100% SWANSEASouth Wales And North Somerset's Elite Army John Richard Jones Something nice about the people of Swansea.