Names of people who have contributed apronyms, expanded with reference to those particular people.

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92% A IS FOR ANGELAAn Inspiration - Surely - For Our Recreational Amusement. New-zealand Girl Especially Loves Acronyms Tony McCoy O'Grady
86% ANGELAAngelical Nosy Girl Enquiring of Literary Affairs Mary Carr
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (2)Acronymious Nerdish Girl Eliciting Little Amazement John Brett. (Angela's father)
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (3)Articulate NorthShorer Generates Exciting Literary Action Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (4)Amazing Newzealand Girl Eliciting Lasting Adulation! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (5)Amazing Near-Genius Eliciting Lasting Admiration! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
86% ANGELA (6)A Nice Girl Entering Lots of Arguments. Angela Brett
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (7)Academically Neat Goof Equally Loves Acronyms Mary Carr, in a last-minute effort to increase her number of contributions, just before Angela uploaded the acronymist hall of fame. (
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (8)Am Not Gunna Expand Lame Acronyms PiMaster, after he typed 'ANGELA!' and Angela said he should acronymise anything in capitals.
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
Names:First names:Female
100% ANGELA (11)A 'Nym Girl's Expansions Look Admirable Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANGELA BRETTA Newzealand Girl Evidently Loves Apple But Rarely Exudes True Thankfulness Tony McCoy O'Grady
85% ANGELA BRETT (2)A Near Genius, Evidently Likes Apples. (has) Become Rather Enamoured (of) Today's Technology. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANGELA BRETT (3)A Nice Girl, Exudes Ladylike Attractiveness, Boyfriend Rather Eccentric Type Though! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANGELA BRETT (4)A Nascent Genius, Extolling Logical Acronyms. Bountiful, Remarkably Encyclopaedic, Tasteful Terminology Bern Dell
100% ANGELA BRETTLA Nice Girl Errs Loudly, Atrociously. Better Read Extra, True? Typo: Lousy. Jeff Anonymous, when Angela mistyped her name
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% ANGELANESSAcronyms' Natural Genius Exercises Laudable Achievements Now Earns Some Success. Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela's EAT POTATO won a prize and Tony said it was a recognition of her ANGELANESS.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% BERN DELLBasically, 'E's Really Nice. (Dollars Expected - Laud's Lucrative!) Angela Brett
100% CHARLIECan Help Reach Largest Inventory Ever! Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CHARLIE (3)Chap Has Acronym Related / Linked Illness, Evidently Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DIRTY OLD IRISHMANDrunkenness Is Retreating - Tony's Years Off Lager Decidedly Improved Relationships, & In Sobriety He May Acronymise Nicely. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing. Tony is often referred to as 'The DOI' and it seemed to need acronymising. See also THE MAD IRISHMAN.
100% DOWSINGDirty Old Woman Seduced Innocent Nice Guy Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, on virginity \=]
100% DUNDEEDoes Unusual 'Nyms, Delightfully Entertaining Expansions Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DUNNYDefinitely Undeniably Never Nice Youth Dunlakin produced this through his charm honesty and demonic nature
100% DUSTAN DOWSINGDeeply Unstable, Suspicious Type. A Nefarious Detective Obviously Would Suspect Indecent Naked Games Tony McCoy O'Grady, probably because Angela's (now ex-)boyfriend Dustan (reluctantly) owns a PC.
100% DUSTAN GEOFFREY DOWSINGDone Unusualy Stupid Things At Normaly Good Ethical Occassions, Fighting For Right, Even You Do Occasionally Wonder, Somebody Is Not Good? Dustan Dowsing, wondering if he still had an Acronym in him (which is a bad pun) (Sorry)
100% EDWIN (2)Erratically Develops Wonderful, Interesting 'Nyms Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% EDWIN HERMANNExtremely Dim Witted Imbecile, Never Has Expansions Ready. Make Acronyms Now, Numbskull! Angela Brett, after Edwin mentioned on the ACRONYMS forums that he hadn't submitted an acronym for ages and should be punished. This expansion of his name seemed a suitable punishment... I don't mean it though! (If it weren't for Edwin there would be no acronym forums at all.)
100% EDWIN HERMANN (2)Entered Dual Wordplay Inventions, Now He's Earned Reparation - More Amicable Name Notation. Angela Brett, after Edwin submitted two acronyms so no longer deserved punishment.
100% EDWIN HERMANN (3)'E Does Wonders - Invented Netborne Hangman, Even. Registered Many A Net Name. Angela Brett
100% EDWIN HERMANN (4)Evident Delay With Instalment - Not Having Expendable 'Readies' Means Acronymsite Now Nonfunctional Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking that Edwin not paying his webhosting bill on time might be the cause of the outage of the Acronyms forums.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
92% EDWIN HERMANN (5)Englishmen Don't Work Internet Neatly - Hapless Event Resoundly Meant Acronymforums Neglectfully Null & void Tony McCoy O'Grady, after an outage of the Acronyms forums. (Edwin created the forums, but the outage was the fault of UK SOLUTIONS)
Communication:Acronyms Forums
100% ERIC (2)Expansions Result In Chuckles Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GAVINGood At Very Interesting 'Nyms Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GAVIN LAMBERTGenerating Acronyms, Velocity Irregular. Natural Laziness Assumed; Maybe Boredom Enhances 'Ronymising Tendencies? Gavin Lambert (since I felt it was about time I "ronymised" my own name) :)
100% GEORGEGentleman, Eating Out, Rarely Gets Eel. Patricia Rix, describing her husband
100% GEORGE (2)Gave Existence Onto Rix Generations, Evidently Tony McCoy O'Grady
83% GLENNGetting (a) Little Elderly? No! Never! Patricia Rix, referring to her brother.
Names:First names:Male
100% HYPER PETEHello Yeomen. Please Extend Rhetorical Presumption Explaining 'Tactful' Ebullition. Hyper Pete (AKA Hyper Unit) in response to Tony's HYPER UNIT expansions.
100% HYPER PETE (2)Happy You're Participating! Enjoy Remitting Personal Expansions To Everyone. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HYPER PETE (3)Have You Published Exciting Remarkably-Precise, Elegantly-Tailored Expansions? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HYPER UNITHas Your 'Puter Ever Ruined User's Newly Input Typing? Tony McCoy O'Grady, after seeing Hyper's anti-Macronyms.
100% HYPER UNIT (2)He's Yesterday's Person. Espousing (Recklessly) Utterly Nasty Information Technology Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% IPERSONIntelligent People Err Rarely, Sometimes, Or Never joybutton, because Angela was on IRC at the time with the nick iPerson.
100% JANJohn Adaptive Name Jan Morgan - If I would have been a boy I would have been John (after my daddy's brother) - John means Jan in Dutch.
Names:First names:Female
100% JAN (3)Jotter Absorbs Notes Jan Morgan
Names:First names:Female
100% JEFFJust Expands For Fun Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JEFF ANONYMOUSJuveniles Enjoy Free Food Around November, Only Now You - Meanly - Oppose Undue Spending Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to HALLOWEEN (4)
Time:Special Occasions
100% JOHN (3)Just One Hawaiian 'Nym? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JOHN BRETTJauntily Offering Higher Notions, Bringing Real Enthusiasm To Technology John Brett
90% JOYBUTTONJust One, Yet... Because Usually Two Takes Over a Nanosecond. Angela Brett, because the aforementioned acronymist wanted the name to be acronymised twice in exchange for the two acronyms contributed.
100% JOYBUTTON (2)Jollity: On. You'd Be Unwilling To Try 'Off' Now. Angela Brett, toying with the possibility of a joy button which toggles joy on and off.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% KAYANA (2)Keen Artistic Youth, Adorable Narcissistic Adolescent Jan Morgan and Kayana Morgan I did Youth and adolescent Kayana picked out the other words
Names:First names:Female
80% MARYMarvelously Angelic, Religious and Youthful Mary Carr
Names:First names:Female
100% MARY (2)Madam, Articulate Royal Yobbo. Mary Carr, describing herself.
Names:First names:Female
89% MAXIOGEEMad And Xuberant Irishman Often Guffaws Eloquently and Excitedly. Angela Brett, referring to Tony's email username.
100% MELANIE'Midnight-Eyed' Looks Are Noticable, Indeed Exceptional! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
100% MELANIE (2)My Escapade Licking Animal Now Informs Eire! Tony McCoy O'Grady (One of Patricia's children was once discovered licking a slug)
Names:First names:Female
100% MELANIE (3)Much Enjoyment & Laughs As 'Nym Is Expanded Tony McCoy O'Grady
93% MICHAEL SEILERMan Is Courting Hostilty As Expanding Laura Seems Easy If Likeable Expansion is Required Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to LAURA.
100% PATRICIAParenting All Those Rixes Ideally, Caused Inopportune Ageing? Tony McCoy O'Grady (At times all parents feel prematurely aged!)
100% PATRICIA (2)Parenting All Those Rixes Is Creditable Intellectual Achievement George Rix
100% PATRICIA (3)Parenting And Training Rixes Is Creator's Inspired Assignment George Rix
100% PATRICIA (4)Piety And Temperance Remain Incontrovertible Characteristics, Inducing Apathy Patricia Rix
100% PATRICIA (5)Patricia And Tony: Rivals In Creating Interesting Acronyms Patricia Rix
89% PATRICIA (6)Patently Aggravated (by) Tony's Really Incorrect Characterization Involving Age! Patricia Rix (in response to PATRICIA)
100% PATRICIA (7)Particularly Artistic Temperament Results In Creating Incredible Acronyms Patricia Rix and Rob Rix
100% PATRICIA (8)Place Acronyms, Then Rhymes, Into Cereal Illegal Activities. Angela Brett
100% PATRICIA (9)Particularly Attracted To Roguish Irishman's Careful, Imaginative Acronyms Patricia Rix
100% PATRICIA (10)Pets And Toys Really Interest Child Inside Adult Patricia Rix
100% PATRICIA (11)Placename Acronyms Tackled Regularly - Is Clan Intensely Acronymic Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PIMASTERParticular Irrational's Memorised, A Superimportant Transcendental's Effortlessly Recited. Angela Brett
100% PIMASTER (2)Pedantic Imbecile Masquerading As Scintillating Teacher Enlightening Riffraff. PiMaster
100% PIMASTER (3)Pretty Intelligent Man, And Smart Too - Excuse Redundancy. Angela Brett
100% RICOReal Intense Coital Orgasm Rico Leffanta
Names:First names:Male
100% RICO LEFFANTAReadily Invents Copious, Often Lusty Expansions - Frighteningly Fast Acronymising Now Tailing Angela Angela Brett
100% ROBRegularly Offers Brilliance Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROBERTRixes' Only Boy Evidently Resents Tony! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROBERT (2)Result Of Bob's Exhilaration - Respectful Tenderness? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROBERT (3)Respect Of 'Birds' - End Result's Tittering Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROBERT (4)Robbie: 'Only-Boy Epidemic' Repeated Triply Tony McCoy O'Grady - Robert (a.k.a Rob) Rix is the only son of an only son of an only son - three generations of Rix males have produced one son - females are not taken into consideration for the purposes of the acronym
100% ROBERT (5)Regularly Ogles Boys (Evaluating Repressed Thoughts!) Robert Anonymous, (you can imagine what might have inspired this apronym)
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA
100% ROB RIXReally, Only Bothersome Rune Is 'X' Rob Rix
100% ROB RIX (2)Represents OS By Roman Inscription 'X' Angela Brett
100% ROB RIX (3)Retains Objects By Rapidly Instructing X Angela Brett, since Rob programs for Mac OS X, which involves retaining objects.
100% STEVE (4)Somebody That Expands 'Volvo' Evilly Angela Brett, after Steve expanded VOLVO
100% STEVE (5)Some Terrifically Exciting & Varied Expansions Tony McCoy O'Grady
91% STEVE KEATEStarted To Expand 'VIAGRA' Except Keenly Enlisted Angela To End (it) Angela Brett
100% STEVE KEATE (2)Snores To Excess, Volume Explosive! Kind Enough A*sehole To Endure Mary Carr and Angela Brett
100% SUE'Spansions Usually Excellent Tony McCoy O'Grady
94% TONY MCCOY O'GRADY (2)The Only Name. Ya May Call [him] Crazy Openly, Yessir, Over Gruel. Really A Dandy Youth. Jeff Anonymous
94% TONY MCCOY O'GRADYThis Old - Not Young! (sorry) - Man Can Churn Out Your Omnitopical & Greatly Revered Acronyms... Difficult? Youbetcha! Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing.
100% TONY (4)Thousand Of 'Nyms Yielded Tony McCoy O'Grady and Angela Brett
100% TONY (3)This One's Not Young Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TONY (2)Talker Of Nonsensical Yammerings Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Male
100% TONYTerribly Ornery Nutter, Yes? Jeff Anonymous
100% THE MAD IRISHMANTony Has Eccentric Methods And Does Ingeneous Reptile Impersonations - Singing Happybirthday & Mentioning Angela's Name. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing (see THE AMAZING IRISH SINGING FROG) The Mad Irishman, or TMI, is a term coined by TOO (The Other One, a.k.a Angela's sister) often used to refer to Tony.