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100% BIRTHDAYBecause It's Really Tough Having Death Anniversaries Yearly! Angela Brett
100% BIRTHDAY (2)But I Really Think He Does Act Young Angela Brett
100% BIRTHDAY (3)But It's Ridiculous To Have Day Adding Year Angela Brett, because after this one day people consider themselves to be a whole year older.
75% BIRTHDAY GIRLBlimey, I've Relished Three-hundred-and-sixty-five Happy Days! Another Year Gone In Remarkable Life Tony McCoy O'Grady, on Angela's birthday.
100% BOXING DAYBustle Of Xmas Is Now Gone, Discounts Await You Angela Brett
100% DAFFODIL DAYDo A Favour... Fork Over Dollars. Imitation Leafy Daff Awaits You. Angela Brett (Daffodil day is when fake daffodils are sold to raise funds for the Cancer Society)
100% EARTH DAYEverybody Appreciate Round Thing Humans Destroy All Year Angela Brett
100% EPIPHANYExternal Presentation - It Possibly Happened Around New Year Tony McCoy O'Grady - The Christian celebration of "The Epiphany" recalls the visit of 'The Magi' to the new-born Saviour - His first presentaiton to non-Jewish people, it is celebrated on January 6th
100% FIELD DAYFather Is Endorsing Letter - Don't Do Anything Yucky! Angela Brett, thinking about permission slips for school outings.
100% GENERAL CONFERENCEGives Extraordinary Navigation, Exceptional Resolve Acknowledged, Listening Covers Our Needs For Eternity, Reports Effect Noteworthy Concerns, Endeavors Jan Morgan -- world wide meeting of LDS church that delivers counsel to its members
100% GRADUATIONGet Ready Academics... Depart University And Turn Into Overpaid Novices Angela Brett
100% HALLOWEENHouselights And Lanterns Light One's Way Entreating Each Neighbour. Angela Brett
100% HALLOWEEN (2)Happens Annually Letting Loads Of Weefolk Eat Excessive Nuts Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HALLOWEEN (3)Horrid American Lads & Lasses On Wilding Escapades Enrage Neighbours Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HALLOWEEN (4)Horrible And Lashably Laughable 'Oliday Wickedly, Even Extremely, Needless. Jeff Anonymous, after spending $35 on Halloween candy to pass out.
90% HALLOWEEN (5)Horrid Adults Leave Little Ones Waiting, Eagerly Expecting Nyum-nyums. Tony McCoy O'Grady
90% HALLOWEEN (6)Have A Lizard-Like Oculus - Witches Employ Eye-of-Newt! Angela Brett
100% HAPPY B-DAYHere's A Present, Proving You've Blocked Death Another Year. Angela Brett
93% HAPPY BIRTHDAYHave A Pleasant Party, Your Birthday Is Really The Happiest Day of Anthony's Year. Angela Brett, shortly before Tony's mother's birthday.
100% HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!Here's A Properly Phony Year... Because In Roman, The (Heard) Digits Announce You're Allowed Non-Truths. Have One Neat Year! Angela Brett, when Tony became old enough to li about his age.
Words & Wordplay
96% HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACINTOSHHistorical Apple Product Presented Years Back. It's Really Terrific; Humans Don't Actually Yearn for Magical Arcanities. Commandline Isn't Needed, Though OSX's Sure Helps Jeff Anonymous on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the 128k Mac.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
100% HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!Hardly A Party Pooper, You'll Be Incrementing 'Round The Helios' Digits, Announcing 'Yippee! Tony O'Grady's New Year!' Angela Brett
97% HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Hope Anniversary Passes Pleasantly. You Being Irish, [I] Realise Today's Half Done As Your Today's Our Yesterday. One Understands How Age Passes Properly - You Begin Increment Relative To Home's Date - And Yet To Others You're Over/ Under. Have A Perfect Party, You'll Be In Revelry 'Til all Hours Doing Anything You Desire, Enjoying Another 'Return' (To Original Neonatal You? Here's A Pretty Picture!) Yawn! Bed Is Ready To Habitate. Dawn Awakes You Tomorrow One Year Older. Unbeatable! Angela Brett, on Tony's birthday.
100% HAPPY HOLIDAYSHoping Acronymists Pass Peaceful Yuletide, Havering Over Last Initial's Dubiety Always Yields Satisfaction Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HAPPY HOLIDAYS (2)Here's A Plan: Pamper Yourself! Hours Of Lie-Ins Dissolve Away Your Stress. Angela Brett
100% HAPPY HOLIDAYS (3)How American People Phrase Yuletide Hellos... One Living In Diversity Atheises Yearly Sentiments. Angela Brett
100% HAPPY NEW YEARHosting Alcoholic Party Post Yule; Need Earthlings Wanton, Youthful, Erotic, And Rich! Rico Leffanta
100% HOW MANYHave Office Wench Make Amends Next Year Rico Leffanta, after someone telling him they had "too many" and made a fool out of themselves at the office Christmas party (in Britain, since office parties in America are tabu), but decided there was nothing they could do except make amends next year.
100% JAMBOREEJubilant Adolescents Meeting Brothers On Rally, Easterly Event Jan Morgan -- every 4 years there is a National Jamboree (2005) for the boy scouts, 40,000 attend. There also is a world jambo that happens alternately. (2007)
Sports & Recreation:Scouts
100% JAMBOREE (2)Jubilant Adolescents Meeting Brothers On Regional Educational Event Jan Morgan -- every 4 years there is a National Jamboree (2005) for the boy scouts, 40,000 attend. There also is a world jambo that happens alternately. (2007)
Sports & Recreation:Scouts
100% JEFF ANONYMOUSJuveniles Enjoy Free Food Around November, Only Now You - Meanly - Oppose Undue Spending Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to HALLOWEEN (4)
100% LENTLet's Eat Next Tuesday Rico Leffanta
100% MANY THANKSMarking A-Nother Year, Tony Happily Acknowledges Newzealaner's Kind Sentiments Ol' Man River, in response to TONY'S BIRTHDAY (AGAIN!)
100% MAYPOLEMarch Around Yippily, Prance Over Lilies, Eh? Jeff Anonymous
Assorted Nouns
100% MAYPOLE (2)Many Amorous Youths Proposition Oversexed Ladies Eagerly Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying that the maypole is actually a highly erotic springtime rite. Much activity occurred.
Assorted Nouns
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% MORTONMan Often Rooted Trees Onto Nebraska Jeff Anonymous, referring to Julius Sterling Morton of Arbor Day fame, whilst answering a failed search.
Names:Famous people
85% NEW YEAR'S DAYNear End of Winter You Eagerly Await Return of Spring - Desperate, Anxious Yearning Tony McCoy O'Grady, showing that he lives in the northern hemisphere.
92% NEW YEAR'S DAY (2)(it's) Not Every Week You Eagerly Arrange Resolutions... Seldom Done All Year. Angela Brett
100% PARADESPublic's Annual Routine Anticipates Day, Event Strolling Jan Morgan
83% PARTYPatronage-wise, Altscape Reached Thousand... Yay! Angela Brett, when the ALTSCAPE team were planning a party to celebrate having over a thousand users.
80% PROMParty Requiring Outlay (of) Money Patricia Rix
100% ST VALENTINE'S DAYSee This Value! Artistic Leatherwork Expresses No Truer Intentions - Nice Expensive Shoes Depict Amorous You! Tony McCoy O'Grady, explaining: I was stunned to see a local shop had a special display for Valentine's day. The little pink hearts were stuck on shoes and boots. How romantic would that be as a gift?
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
Household Objects:Clothing
100% TOWEL DAYThe Occasion When Everybody Loves Douglas Adams. Yay! Angela Brett (International Towel Day, in honour of the late Douglas ADAMS and the superlatively useful towel, is on May 25th - see for details.)
Household Objects:Towels
100% TONY'S BIRTHDAY (AGAIN!)Think One New Year Should Be Important? Really, There're Heaps Done Already. You're Aging Gradually, Another Increment's Nothing! Angela Brett, hoping Tony's birthday was more interesting than the apronym implies. Alternative wording could be '...You're Approaching Geriatricity...'
100% TODAY WE CELEBRATEThe Orwellian Doom About Year Went... Enlightened Computing Employees Left Electric Blue/Brother's Regime And Turned Easeward. Angela Brett, while watching the famous '1984' Macintosh ad on its 20th anniversary. The ad begins with 'Today we celebrate...' which, although referring to something completely different in the ad, is true as we celebrate the Mac's 20th birthday. 'Electric Blue' or 'Electric Brother' refers to Big Blue (IBM) which plays the part of Big Brother in the ad. 'Easeward' means 'toward ease'. I decided that with the similarity to Eastward it sounded almost good enough to be a real word.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
100% THE AMAZING IRISH SINGING FROGThis Happy Electronic Amphibian Masterfully Adds Zest In Novel Gift I Received. I Smiled, Hearing Singing - Including Name Given. Ingeneous Numbercrunching Generates Forté Ribbits Of Goodwill. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, describing a HyperCard stack featuring an amazing Irish singing frog which Tony made for Angela on her birthday.
100% THANK YOUThat 'Happybirthday' Acronym Noted Keenly. Years Overtaking Unbelievably Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
92% THANKSGIVINGThey Had All Now Knelt, Singing Gratitude (Including Venerable 'Indian' Natives) to God TMcCO'G
100% VALENTINEVery Amorous Lovers Enjoy Naughty Things, Including Negligees Etc. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% VALENTINE (2)Vigorous And Lusty Encounters Nightly Trysts Involve Nookie Episodes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% VALENTINESValue Any Lasting Entwinement, Never Thwart It 'Needing' Extra Sex. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% WAITANGI DAYWait And In Time All Negotiations Gradually Invalidate Deals Agreed Yesterday Rico Leffanta (Waitangi Day is when New Zealand celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, which there always seems to be disputes about.)
100% WIARTONWillie Is A Rodent Trying Out Notoriety Patricia Rix, referring to WIARTON WILLIE, the white groundhog who will be making his annual forecast on Groundhog Day.
Places:Towns & Cities:Canada