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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ANTELOPEAnimal Naturally Travels Ecosystem Loping Over Pastures, Endurance Jan Morgan -- beautiful animal also called a speed goat
100% APE"Ancestral Primate" -- Evolutionists Angela Brett
100% APE (2)Are People Evolved? Angela Brett (many people object to the theory of evolution simply because they don't like the thought of being related to apes.)
100% APE (3)Actually Practically Extinct. Roger Williams
100% AYE AYEAre You Even Aware You're Endangered? Angela Brett, referring to the rare species of lemur.
100% BAABleating, Audible Announcement Dustan Dowsing
Assorted Nouns:Noises
100% BAA (2)Bleat Among Animals Jan Morgan
Assorted Nouns:Noises
100% BEARSBig Endearing Animals, Rough & Shaggy Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BEAVERBarrier Erecting And Very Energetic Rodent Patricia Rix
88% BEAVERSBrown Engineering Animals Voraciously Erecting River-blocking Structures Dustan Dowsing and Angela Brett, During 'Angry Beavers'
100% BESTIALITYBeing Enslaved Sexually To Indecent Animal 'Loving' Is Totally Yucky Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% BEWARE OF DOGBelieve Exhortations! Woofs And Roars Echo Over Fence. Don't Open Gate! Roger Williams
100% BLACK CATBrings Luck (Alternately Calamity) Keep Crossing A Trail Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BLACK SHEEPBlackguard Lamb Actually Caught Knitting Sweaters Heartlessly Earning Extra Profit Rico Leffanta
100% BOVINEBeasts Obscuring View In Nature's Environment Tony McCoy O'Greenspace
100% BROCKBadger's Rare (Or Cant?) Knickname Tony McCoy O'Grady - Brock is a rare word for a badger in England (I'm not really sure if it qualifies as a 'cant' term but the lettering was inviting)
100% BUNNIESBreeding Unstoppably - Not Neatly In Exact Seasons. Angela Brett
83% CAMEL (2)Carrying Amorous Males to Exquisite Ladies Mary Carr
100% CATCute And Tame Angela Brett, while designing the icon for the 'Export Acronym' button.
100% CAT (2)Conceited And Temperamental Tony McCoy O'Grady
75% CAT (3)Created to Attack Toes Steve Keate
100% CAT (4)Creatures Are Terrific! Patricia Rix
100% CAT (5)Cuddly And Treasurable Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CAT (6)Cute At Times Gavin Lambert - My cat can look quite cute sometimes -- when she feels like it :)
100% CAT (7)Cuddly Adult/Adorable Tabby Jan Morgan
100% CAT (8)Canines Attack These Kenny Roy
100% CAT SCANCanine Attempt To Sniff & Calculate Adversary's Nearness Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CLARUSComputer Launched Animal Rendering Useful Service Tony McCoy O'Grady, when I suggested that KEYBOARD could fly to earth on CLARUS the DogCow, and he wondered how CLARUS could fly.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
MacGirl & KeyBoard:Other Characters
100% COBChestnut Or Bay? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% COCKATIELCaptured Ones Can Keenly Attempt To Imitate English Language Angela Brett
100% COUGARCat Of Unusual Grace And Rapacity Tony McCougar O'Grady
100% COWCuddly Over - Weight Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
78% COWFOODCud in Oesophagus - What Fun to Offer Overprocessed Digestion. Angela Brett
100% COWSCreators Of White Stuff Angela Brett, who saw lots of cows on her bus trips from Auckland to Palmerston North and back.
100% COWS (2)Common On Wanganui Soil Angela Brett
100% COWS (3)Creators Of Wholemilk Sustenance Angela Brett
100% COWS (4)Calcium - Osteoporosis Withstanding Substance Angela Brett
100% COWS (5)Coloured Often With Splotches Angela Brett
100% COWS (6)Cohabitate Often With Sheep Angela Brett
100% CUBSCute Ursine Babies, Sometimes Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DACEDid A Carp Evolve? Angela Brett, in a 2a.m. attempt at the first D acronym.
100% DACHSHUNDDogs And Cats Have Sometimes Had Unusually Nice Dealings Angela Brett
100% DEERDoe's Experience Ever Replayed Angela Brett, referring to Bambi
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% DEER (2)Dawn/Dusk Eats, Evironmental Ritual Jan Morgan
100% DOEDeer - Oestrogen-Enhanced. Angela Brett
100% DOGDull Organism. Growls. Steve Keate & Angela Brett
100% DOG (2)Disgusting Odour - Gross! Steve Keate & Angela Brett
100% DOG (3)Dependable, Obedient Guardian Angela Brett
100% DOG (4)Drools On Groin Steve Keate
100% DOG (5)Defecates On Garden Steve Keate
100% DOG (6)Disgusting Old Growler Roger Williams
100% DOG (7)Digital Office Guard cheater200227 -- got the idea when I found the description of a mechanical dog on the internet
100% DOGGYDoberman's Obviously Gonna Get You Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DOGSDefinitely Odorous Greedy Sods Mary Carr
100% DUMB ASSDonkey's Unusually Mute - Brays Are Strangely Silent. Angela Brett
100% DUMB ASS (2)Doesn't Use Mouth/Mind, But Always Saying Something! Angela Brett (with Mouth, this describes expressive donkey body-language... with Mind, a thoughtless human.)
People & Relationships:Insults
100% DZIGGETAIDeceives Zoologists, Is Generally Graded 'Equus', Though Ass Indubitably Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DZODomestic Zoological Oddity Angela Brett
100% DZOMOSDomestic Zoological Oddity - Milk Offers Sustenance Tony McCoy O'Grady, as an extension of Angela's DZO.
100% DZOSDoes Zigzags Over Slopes Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ELEPHANTExtremely Large, Extremely Ponderous, Has A Nice Trunk Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ELKEmerges Large Kin Jan Morgan -- a kin to DEER
100% FAWNFrisky Almost Weaned Native Rico Leffanta
100% FEMALE DOGFrom Every Mammy Alsation's Litter, Extract & Develop One Guidedog Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FERRETFurry Entity Rootles Rabbits & Eats Them Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FISHFins In Saline Habitat Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GIRAFFEGigantic, If Ridiculous, Animal Feeds From Elevation Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GOATGnaws On Any Thing! Angela Brett
100% GOAT (2)Gamboling Over A Tor Patricia Rix
100% GRIZZLY BEARGiant Runs In Zig Zags, Leaving Your Body Eaten And Rotting Patricia Rix
100% GROUNDHOGGluttonous Rodent Opens Underground Nest, Digs His Own Grave Patricia Rix
100% GUARD DOGGet Up And Run... Dogs Don't Only Growl! Roger Williams
100% HEDGEHOGHe'll Eat Disgusting Garden Entities, Helping Out Gardeners TMcCO'G
100% HELP ME FIND THE CATHopefully Every Lost Pet May Eventually Find Its Next Dinner (The Human's Emotions Clearly Aren't Topmost!) Angela Brett, when someone searched for that phrase on the website.
100% HORSEHumans Often Race Speedy Equines. Angela Brett. (Tony replied 'I've never raced a horse in my life! I'm (just about) smart enough to know it would win ;-)')
100% HORSE (2)Here's One! Relentlessly Sheep Elsewhere. Angela Brett, who saw a lot of sheep but very few horses on her way from Auckland to Palmerston North.
100% HORSE (3)Harry Only Rides Sally East Uniasus
100% HORSE (4)Her Owner's Really Supreme Equestrienne Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HORSE (5)His Owner Races Steeplechasers Excellently Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HORSESHumans' Overiding/Overall Resource Speed Earthshakin' Steeds! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% HUMAN (2)Hands Used Mainly Affecting Neighbourhood Gavin Lambert - After all, our hands are our primary means of manipulating our environment.
People & Relationships
100% I LOVE MY CATSIntelligent-Looking Only Very Exceptionally -- Mostly Yowling, Careening Around Tired Sleepers Patricia Rix
86% KITTENKontains Infinite Tricks: Teleporting Everywhere Non-expected Gavin Lambert (Kittens can move so quickly and in unexpected directions (like upwards) that at times they just seem to teleport from place to place. Fortunately, they still seem to need a line of sight)
100% KITTEN (2)Keepsake Ignores Totally Till Effectively Nestling Jan Morgan
100% KITTEN (3)Keepsake Impacts Total Territory Effectively Neutral Jan Morgan
100% KITTYKittens Intend To Tempt You Patricia Rix
83% KOALAKeels Over And Lands Aussie-up Rico Leffanta
100% LAMBLittle Animal Might Baa Angela Brett, who saw lots of lambs on her bus trips from Auckland to Palmerston North and back.
100% LAMB (2)Little And Moving Blissfully Niki Widdowson
100% LAMBSLittlies Adore Most Baby Sheep Angela Brett
100% LEMMINGLittle, Excitable Mammal Masses In Numberless Groupings Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LION'Lunchtime' Is Often Nighttime Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LION (2)Lair Is On Ngorongoro Patricia Rix
100% MAMMALMother Animal Makes Milk And Lactates Angela Brett
100% MANDARINMany Admit Nibbling Duck And Roasting Is Nice Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink
100% MANDARIN (2)Many A Nice Duck Appears Rooted In Nostalgia Patricia Rix (we had Mandarin ducks on the farm when I was a kid)
100% MONKEYMankind's Other Near Kin Entertain You Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MOOSEMoose Often Occupy Swamps, Eating Patricia Rix
100% MOOSE (2)Mostly Oversized, Obviously Slow Eater Jan Morgan
100% NOAHNegotiated Original "Animal House" Roger Williams
Names:First names:Male
100% PANDAParticular About Native Diet, Apparently Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PANTHERProwls Around Nature Trails, Heartily Enjoying Raccoons Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PIGPork Is Good! Angela Brett
Food & Drink
100% PORCUPINEPrickly Old Rascal Climbs Up Pines, Is Noisy Eater Patricia Rix
100% PRIDE (5)Predators Relish In Devouring Elands Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PUMA ATTACKS ZEBRA Pertinent Unto Mainland America, Apparently This Terrible Animal Can Kill Skilful Zoological Entity Based Round Africa Tony the Tiger, after somebody on the forums said 'puny puma pit their skills against zebras.'
100% PUPPIESPeople Usually Prefer Pets If Extra Small Angela Brett
100% PUSSPretty, Unusual, Silky, Sleeping Patricia Rix
100% PUSSY CATPurring Under Suzy's Sweet Yellow Cardie - Absolute Tranquility Mary Carr
100% QUAGGAQuippers Usually Are Going, 'Great Ass!' Angela Brett
100% QUAGGA (2)Quite Unusual Animal Genetically Gone Away Patricia Rix
100% RABBITRandy As Bejaysus, Big Incisor Teeth Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% RED FOXRusset Earth Denizen Finds Offal Xcellent Patricia Rix
100% REINDEERRudolph's Exceptional In Nasal Department - Easily Enabling Routefinding Tony McCoy O'Grady
Time:Special Occasions:Christmas
100% RHINOSRhino Horn Is Not Orgasmically Stimulating Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% SALAMANDERSever A Limb, And Miraculously A Near-Duplicate Emerges. Radical! Angela Brett
90% SCAMBLEBYSmall Canine Appears Mat-like By Looking Extinct Beside You Tony McCoy O'Grady (Scambleby is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'A small dog which resembles a throwrug and appears to be dead.')
Words & Wordplay:Liffs
100% SCORRIERSnuffling Canine - Often Revolting - Rootles In Embarrassing Regions Tony McCoy O'Grady (Scorrier is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as meaning, 'A small hunting dog trained to snuffle amongst your private parts.')
Words & Wordplay:Liffs
100% SHARKSwimming Hazard - A Real Killer TMcCO'G
100% SHEEPSexually Harassed - Evidently Entertaining People. Angela Brett, who saw lots and lots of sheep on her bus trips from Auckland to Palmerston North and back.
100% SHEEP (2)Stupid, Helpless, Edible. Eat Pasture. Angela Brett
100% SHEEP (3)Shearers Help Extract Everyday Product Angela Brett
100% SHEEP (4)Sexually Harassed, Evidently Enthralling Perverts An anonymous alteration of Angela's SHEEP
100% SHREWShe Hurls Retribution Entirely Willingly Word Nerd
People & Relationships:Insults
100% SLOTHSlow, Lumbering, Otiose Tree Hanger Sean Lamb
100% SQUIRRELSmall Quiet Unique Interesting Rodent Really Enjoys Land Jan Morgan
100% STUDStable's The Usual Dwelling Angela Brett, after passing a stud farm during a bus trip.
93% TOE-NIPPING CRABThe Oceanic Experience Nobody Invites, People Panic... It's Not Grave (but) Crustacean Rips Apart Bunions. Angela Brett/Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TIGERSThey Inhabit Grasslands Eating Reckless Stragglers Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% THE DOG HATES THE CATThey Have Enmities Developed Over Generations, Huge Antipathies That Exceed Specification - They Have Eternally Chased And Tumbled TMcCO'G
100% TABBYThey Are Banded, Braceleted Yowlers Patricia Rix
100% UAKARIUlulating Anthropoid - Keep Away, Remain Isolated Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?We Had Our Labradors Especially Tethered... Then How Ever Did One Get Scent Of Unsuitable Territory? Angela Brett (Scent Of could be replaced with Sent Off without changing the meaning much.)
100% WOMBATWarm Omnivorous Miniature Bear Australians Treasure Rico Leffanta
100% TROGLODYTEThe Result Of Generations Living Or Dying, Yearning To Evolve Angela Brett
100% TROGLODYTE (2)This Reeking Old Geezer Lived On Dinosaurs Yet Triumphantly Evolved Patricia Rix
100% TROGLODYTE (3)This Reeking Old Geezer Lived On Dinosaurs Yesterday: Tomorrow's Epicurean George Rix, as a modification of Patricia's TROGLODYTE (2)
100% TUNATheir Unknown Numbers Abate Angela Brett
Food & Drink
100% TUNA (2)The Undiscriminating Netting Abandoned Angela Brett
Food & Drink
100% TUNASThey're Usually Nice Accompanying Salad Angela Brett
Food & Drink
100% TURTLEThey Unerringly Return To Lay Eggs TMcCO'G referring to how the females of many breeds of turtle return to the beach where they hatched out, to lay their eggs. After many years of wandering all over the ocean this indicates an uncanny sense of direction.