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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ALARMA Loud Appliance Ringing Madly Edwin Hermann
People & Relationships:Law & Order
100% BAABleating, Audible Announcement Dustan Dowsing
100% BAA (2)Bleat Among Animals Jan Morgan
100% BANGBack Away, Noise Generator. Tony McCoy O'Grady, after I offered him some ENCOURAGEMENT for collecting more sounds.
100% BANG (2)Bloody Awful Noise Generated Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BELLOWBull Emits Loudness, Look Out Walkers Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CATERWAULConsternation And Torture/Torment Ensues Regularly When Awful Ululations Linger Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CLUCKChicken-Like Utterence Causes Kerfuffle TMcCO'G - The sight or sound or anyone imitating a chicken always seems to cause others to laugh.
100% CRASHCrack Reverberating Around Somewhere Hollow Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ECHOEveryone Calls "Hello" Occasionally Patricia Rix
100% ECHO (2)Everyone Can Hear One Tony McCoy O'Grady
0% ENCOURAGEMENTExplosions Need Collating. (I) Openly Urge ResEditing A Great Enumeration of Mindless, Empty Noises. Thanks! Angela Brett, when Tony said he would need some encouragement to go through software looking for more sounds for this stack, if we decided to use sounds other than the laughs he'd already collected.
People & Relationships
100% FRINGFilament's Rattled - It's Not Glowing Tony McCoy O'Grady (Fring is defined in 'The Meaning of Liff' by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd as being, 'The noise made by light bulb which has just shone its last.')
Words & Wordplay:Liffs
100% GURGLEGullet Utters Rolling Groan-Like Effect Tony McCoy O'Daddy
100% HISSHumming In Snake Songs Rico Leffanta
100% HUMHaving Unusual Moans Jan Morgan
100% HUSHHow Unbroken Silence Happens Tony McQuiet O'Grady
100% HUSH (2)How Utterer Silences Hordes TMcCO'G
100% JINGLEJangling Intrusive Notes Generate Lavish Expenditure Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% KERPOWKick Endangering Rude Parts Of Wrongdoer Angela Brett
MacGirl & KeyBoard
100% LOUDLoony Or Uncouth Din Patricia Rix
Assorted Adjectives
100% LOUD (2)Lots Of Unbearable Decibels Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Adjectives
100% MEOWMild Expression Of Words Acronymous Anonymous
100% ONOMATOPOEIAOriginal Noise Obviously Mandates Alphabetical Text Ordered Phonetically; Openly Encapsulating Intended Allusion Gavin Lambert
100% PLONK (2)Perfectly Literal Onomatopoeia, Near Kerplunk Angela Brett
100% PLURALPainfully Loud Ululating, Repeated A Lot! Tony McCoy O'Grady, explaining that the 'Aaaaaarrrrggghh' in his ANTHRAX (2) is the plural of 'Aarrghh', an official Scrabble word.
Words & Wordplay
100% SIRENStartlingly Immediate Rousing Emergency Noise Eric Bridgstock
People & Relationships:Disaster
100% SIREN (2)Sound Indicating Rapid Evacuation Necessary Eric Bridgstock
People & Relationships:Disaster
100% SONICSome Otic Nuisance Is Created Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SSH (2)Silent! Someone'll Hear! Angela Brett
100% SWISHSibilant Whooshing Is Sound Heard. Angela Brett
100% SWISH (2)Silk Which Is Softly Handled Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% VROOMV8's Roar - Obvious Onomatopoeic Meaning. Angela Brett
100% VROOM (2)Vehicle Revs Overly On Motorway Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WAWeird Anthropomorphoid Jeff Anonymous (in reference to the noise made by ASH of Pokemon, and the fact he is anything but human)
100% WAAAAH!Wail Annoyingly And Acquire A Hug Angela Brett
100% WAAAH!Wouldn't Allow Angela Any Honours Angela Brett, after Tony took a lot of the honours for first and last acronyms under each letter.
100% WHINEWail How It's Never Enough Angela Brat
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINE (2)Wail How I Need Everything Angela Brat
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINE (3)Want Heaps I'll Never Enjoy Angela Brat (Never Enjoy doesn't necessarily mean Never Get!)
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINE (4)Why Have _I_ No Esteem? TMcCO'G
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINE (5)When Happiness Is Not Experienced TMcCO'G
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINE (6)Whimpering Habitually; It Never Ends! Roger Williams
Assorted Verbs
100% WHINNYWhen Horse Imitates Nymphomaniac Nun Yodelling Rico Leffanta
100% WHOOPWelcome Hearty Outburst Of Pleasure Tony McCoy O'Grady