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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ALWAYS COCA COLAAre Liquids Wet? Apparently Yes. Some Contain Oxygenated Carbon And Cause Offensive Leaking Air Tony McCoy O'Grady
89% CAFFEINECola And Fizz For Extensive Infusion of Nightly Energy MLF
100% CARBONATIONCarbonic Acid Rests. Bottle Opened. New Atmosphere Taints. Intense Oxidation Now. Robert Anonymous
89% COCA COLACan Of Caffeine, And Carbon (di-) Oxide, Lingering Aftertaste Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% COCA COLA (2)Come One, Come All! Consume Our Libations Always Roger Williams
100% COFFEECup Of Fluid For Enhancing Edginess Angela Brett
100% COFFEE (2)Caffine Offerings For Further Expendible Energy Brian Erickson AKA Makata85, Nosmellman. I write poetry and love word games there are more posted on page 3 of my site at
100% COFFEE (3)Can Often Fuel Feverishness, Excitement, Euphoria Bill Neal
100% COLA WARSChoice Of Lifestyle? Actually Water And Refined Sugar. Angela Brett
100% CUPPACompany! Ursula, Please Pour Another. Angela Brett
100% FLAT WHITEFeel Like A Tea With Herbal Infusions? Try Elsewhere! Angela Brett, thinking of it as a sign outside a coffee shop.
83% GOURDGood, Often Underrated, Receptacle for Drinks. Steve Keate
100% ICED COFFEEIcy-Cold Espresso, Delicious Cream Or Foam For Enhancing Experience Angela Brett, who is slightly obsessed with iced coffee. In fact, when the heap of spare parts later to be known as KeyBoard came up with that acronym in the first episode of The ADVENTUREs of MacGirl and KeyBoard, MacGirl replied, "Actually it's not just icy-cold espresso. A lot of people think that iced-coffee is just cold coffee with ice in it but it isn't... it has to be made with milk, and sugar, and cream on top, and sometimes icecream and vanilla essence. It's a treat, not just a cold drink.Ó Angela and Dustan will be starting up an iced coffee website some time soon, rating all of the iced coffees they've tried in the quest for the perfect one. If they can manage to get permission from the superhero herself, they might even quote MacGirl somewhere on the site.
MacGirl & KeyBoard
100% JASMINE TEAJust A Small 'Mount Is Needed Everyday To Enjoy/ Appreciate Tony
100% JUICEJug - Usually It Contains Extract. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JUICE (2)Juveniles Usefully Ingest Citrus Extract Tony McCoy O'Grady and Angela Brett
80% MILKMoo-cow Is Lactating Kiddiedrink Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NO ICED COFFEENever! Oh, I'm Crying! Excluding Delicious Caffeinated Option For Fun's Extremely Evil! Angela Brett, on finding that the university cafe had several flavours of Wave flavoured milk but not ICED COFFEE.
100% NO ICED COFFEE (2)Nicest Option Isn't Cached, Espressolike Drink Category's Omitted, Fourth Flavour's Evidently Exhausted. Angela Brett ('Fourth Flavour' refers to the fact that they had three other flavours of Wave.)
100% PANZERProbably Australia-New Zealand Emergency Refreshment Rico Leffanta
100% PEPSICOPeople Employed Peddling Sugar In Carbonated Offerings Tony McCoke O'Grady
100% PEPSI COLAPathetic Emulatory Product, Silly Idea Copying Original Liquid Aliment Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PEPSI COLA (2)People's Evident Preference. Sculley's Is Coke, On Labelless Appraisal. Angela Brett, because when John Sculley (then president of Pepsi Cola) took the 'Pepsi challenge' he picked Coca Cola as being the nicest tasting cola, although most people chose Pepsi as long as the brands were not identified beforehand.
100% PETROL IN YOUR TANKPerforming Experiment That Relies On Lexical Imagery, No, Yes Or Uncertain Results Twisted Affimatively, Nothing's Known. Angela Brett, after reading in the booklet which came with the SUGAR FREE RED BULL that 'studies show it also gives you a bit of extra petrol in your tank.' I certainly hope this is only a metaphor, as I have no car and would worry about where they put my free petrol, but how exactly can a study prove or disprove a vague metaphor?
100% RED BULL"Rashness" Elevated - Drinkers Beat Up Latenight Lingerers TMcCO'G - there was a spate of attacks on passers-by in Dublin when Red Bull was at its most popular. Drinkers were adding it to their vodka, and becoming very violent.
88% SCHWEPPES APPLESweetened, Carbonated H2O With Effervescent Properties. Particularly Enjoyable Smell - Aroma Passes to People Like an Explosion. Angela Brett, describing one of her favourite soft drinks... as soon as the bottle is opened, everyone within a 2 metre radius is hit with the delicious smell of it.
100% SNAPPLESugar Needs? A Perky Potable Lessens Exigency Robert Anonymous
100% THEY GOT SOME!This Heavenly Establishment Yesterday Generally Omitted The Stuff - Obvious Mindreading Evident. Angela Brett, because the day after the NO ICED COFFEE incident, she found that the cafe did have WAVE ICED COFFEE.
100% TEA (2)The English Aphrodysiac TMcCO'G
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100% WATERWet And Terrifically Essential Resource Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WATER (3)Without Any, They'll Expire Rapidly Angela Brett
100% WATER (4)Weak And Terribly Effete Refreshment Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WATER (6)Wet, And Tastes Extremely Refreshing Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WATER (7)Why All This Expensive Raro? Angela Brett, pondering the recent fashion of labelling bottled cordial as 'water' (appealing to sporty or 'health-conscious' people?) and charging more for it.
100% WAVE ICED COFFEEWe're Addicted! Very Economical Iced Coffee... Especially Delicious 'Cause Of Full Flavour. Enjoy Everywhere! Angela Brett. (Wave is a brand of flavoured milk available almost anywhere in NZ, and their iced coffee flavour so far has the highest average overall rating at Dustan's and Angela's iced coffee website -
100% WAVE ICED COFFEE (2)What A Very Exceptional, Inspired Creation! Every Day Consumption Obviously Fundamental For Endless Energy! Lizzie - Having consumed Wave Iced Coffee constantly throughout my pregnancy as it was the only thing that didn't come back, I felt an ode to this fine product was the least I could do!
100% WINDYWet, Icky, Not Drinkable... Yuck! Angela Brett, after a gust of wind knocked her iced coffee into her lap.