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Loose apronyms:
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100% BREEZEBeautifully Refreshing Emanation. Enjoy Zephyr's Effects Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CLOUDComes Low Over Us, Downpour Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CLOUD (2)Condensation Lumps Often Unleash Downpours. Angela Brett, while flying above the clouds in a FAIRCHILD.
100% CLOUDYCauses Low Overcast, Using Dusty Yuckiness Jan Morgan
100% CORIOLISControl Of Rotation In One's Loo's Incredibly Slight! Angela Brett (see
People & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions
100% DROUGHTDry Riverbed Or Unwatered Ground; Hard Terrain. Eric Bridgstock, after it was asked if anyone would like to acronymise DROUGHT during an acronym shortage.
100% DROUGHT (2)Doesn't Rain Often, Usually Ghastly Hot Temperature Eric Bridgstock
100% FOGFloating Otherworldly Gas Roger Williams
100% FOG (2)Freezing Of Groundair TMcCO'G
100% HAILHas Aerial Ice Landed Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HAIL (2)Hard - And Icy - Lumps TMcCO'G
100% HAIL (3)Hops As It Lands TMcCO'G
100% IT IS HOT OUTI Think It's So Hot Out That Our Underwear's Tropical Sean Lamb (I am reminded of the scene in "Good Morning Viet Nam" where Robin Williams is telling his radio listeners how hot it was that day)
100% LIGHTNINGLittle Ions Get Humming Then... Nailed! It's Not Good Roger Williams
100% MISTMoisture Is Somewhat Tenuous TMcCO'G
100% MISTYMostly Impossible Seeing Two Yards Angela Brett
100% NIMBUSNow I Must Bring Umbrella - Shoot! Angela Brett
100% RAINRuns Along Inside Neckline TMcCO'G
88% RAINBOWRed And Indigo Naturally Banded (with) Other Wavelengths Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% RAINBOW (2)Rain Ahead, Illumination Near Behind... Oh, Wow! Angela Brett
100% RAINBOW (3)Red And Indigo, No Black Or White Eric Bridgstock
100% RAINBOW (4)Really Amazing Image. Nicely Bends Over World Eric Bridgstock
100% RAINBOW (5)Rainy Arc. It Never Breaks Or Wavers Eric Bridgstock
100% RAINBOW (6)Refraction Acts In Natural Breakup Of White. Angela Brett
89% RAINY DAYRelease Any Idle Nest-egg... You Deserve Ample Yield. Angela Brett, referring to money people save 'for a rainy day.'
100% SLEETSheet Lightning Expected... Even Thunder! Angela Brett, when someone on IRC called Sleet wanted to be acronymised after seeing the PIMASTER acronym.
100% SLUSHSnow's Largely Unpopular Sideeffect's Horrid TMcCO'G
Assorted Nouns
100% SLUSH (2)Solid(ish) Liquid - Usually Snow's Heritage TMcCO'G
Assorted Nouns
100% SNOWSanta's Not Overly Weatherproof Tony McCoy O'Grady
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100% SNOW (2)Smoothness Noticed Over Winter Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SNOW (3)Soft Notation Of Winter Roger Williams
100% SNOW (4)Somewheres, Not Only Winter TMcCO'G - refuting SNOW (3) :-) Somewheres is a construction on the same lines as sometimes - meaning several undefined locations.
100% SNOW (5)Smooth Newness Of Whiteness TMcCO'G - A covering of snow makes familiar landscapes seem strange and new.
100% SNOWFLAKESpectacular Natural Ornamental Wintertime Feature; Little Abbreviated Kaleidoscopic Experience. Roger Williams
100% THUNDER (3)Thundering High. Uncontrolled Noisily Discharges Electricity Radiantly! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% THUNDER (2)The Heavens Unusually Noisy. Dramatic Energy Released. Edwin Hermann
100% THUNDERTerrifying Heavy Unpleasant Noise, Deep, Echoing & Reverberating Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TEMPERATUREThermometer Emulating Masculine Peg Exercise Recoils After The Unit Reaches Ebullition Rico Leffanta
100% WEATHERWet Expectations - A Thunderstorm, Hail, Especially Rain! Angela Brett
100% WINDYWet, Icky, Not Drinkable... Yuck! Angela Brett, after a gust of wind knocked her iced coffee into her lap.
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100% ZZVZanesville's Zlichified Viewrange Jeff Anonymous (In reference to the Zanesville, OH, airport code and Zero-Zero Visibility)
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