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100% BACHELORBecause Anyone Continuing His Education's Low On Romance? Angela Brett, B.SC.
100% BALL AND CHAINBride Always Laughs Lovingly And Never Dreams Consort Has Any Idea Naturally Rico Leffanta
100% BRIDALBlushes, Repeating "I Do" About Lover Tony McCatch-the-Bouquet O'Grady
87% BRIDE AND GROOMBrilliantly Rigged-out In Dress & Evening-suit A Nuptial Duo Graciously Race Off On Matrimony Tony McCoy O'I-Do
100% DEEDDue Extreme End: Divorce Angela Brett, referring to the title of a property which has to be split in a divorce.
People & Relationships:Law & Order
100% DIVORCEDone Indulging Vows, Onto Rampant Copulation, Etc. Angela Brett
100% DIVORCE (2)Deceitful Infidelity Very Often Responsible. Coupling Ends. Eric Bridgstock
100% DIVORCEDDepressed/Deceived/Dishonest Individual, Vows Obliterated, Restoring Conscious Effort, Denied Jan Morgan
100% DIVORCED (2)Destructive Individual, Vows Obliterated, Restoring Conscious Efforts Denied Jan Morgan
100% DIVORCED FEMALEDespite Internationallyrecognised Vows, One's Recanted (Claiming Evil Deeds From Errant Mate?) And Looking Elsewhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
91% ENGAGEMENTEnraptured Nubile Guy And Gal Entering Marriage to Enjoy Nuptial Togetherness Eric Bridgstock
100% ETERNALEverlasting Truth, Eternally Right, Nuptials Always Lasting Jan Morgan
100% FEMALE DIVORCEDFinally Exited Marriage After Long Endured Distress (Including Violence Occasionally). Recently Court Ended Dispute Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FIANCEFellow Is Apparenly Now Classified "Engaged" Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GROOMGentleman Registering Oath Of Matrimony Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GROOM (2)Guy Rejoices Over Only Mate Roger Williams
100% HITCHHitched? Is The Ceremony Hindered? Angela Brett, since many people 'get hitched' without a hitch.
100% HITCHEDHoly Intimate Tie Connecting Heterosexuals Expecting Divorce Rico Leffanta
100% HONEYMOONHours Of Nighttime Experimenting - You Might Orgasm... Or Not. Angela Brett
100% HUBBYHopelessly Unaware Bubble Burst Yesterday Rico Leffanta
100% HUSBANDHe Usually Sleeps Beside A Nuptial Darling. Angela Brett
100% LET'S GET HITCHEDLife Enjoyed Together - So Good! Expect To Have Impulse To Cuddle Him/Her Every Day. Angela Brett
100% MAIDENHEADMarry Assets, Initiate Divorce, Ensnare New Husband, Enjoy And Divorce Rico Leffanta
100% MARITAL BLISSMakes A Romance Into That 'Always' Love Bad Lyrics Indicate Should Survive. Angela Brett-Hilton-Wilding-Todd-Fisher-Burton-Warner-Fortensky
100% MARRIAGEMake A Relationship Remain Into Amours' Geriatric End Angela Brett
100% MARRIAGE (2)Makes A Relationship Real, In All Gods' Eyes. Angela Brett
100% MARRIAGE (3)Making A Recognised Relationship, Instigated After Getting Engaged Eric Bridgstock
100% MISS (2)Marriage Isn't So Salient Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Titles
100% NEW ERANuptials End With Easily Read Articles. Angela Brett, on hearing about New Era, a divorce magazine.
100% NEWLYWEDNature's Endowment Will Leave You Wondering Every Day Rico Leffanta
100% O MA OW! MA+CHILD! MAN & CHILD THRIVE ON BREAST LOVE!"One Man And One Woman" = "Marriage." A Child Habitually Involve Lots Dollars/Demands! "Marriage" = "Affirmation, Nurturing, Communication/Commitment/Cooperation/Consecration Happiness/Holiness, Incomparable Love, Devotion/Diligence, Trust/Tenacity, Home, Relation, Integrity, Virtue, Education, Oneness, Natural Beauty! Really Elevates & Affirms Society! Truth!" Love Organic Vegan Edibles! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (O MA OW refers to pregnancy) 'Marriage Protection Week' was October 12-18, 2003 in the USA. Part of push for an amendment to the US constitution to define 'Marriage is a union of one man with one woman.' APRONYM INSPIRED by the most powerful broadcasts I have heard! The program 'Focus on the Family' airs four times weekdays on WAVA 105.1 FM (from Northern Virginia, USA). At listen to the two-day series for ĂŠThursday 16 October & Friday 17 October 2003.
100% ONE + ONE = TWOOne (Natural Extender) + One (Nine - Eight) = Two (Wedded ==> " One") Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Two (Wedded ==> " One"): Marriage
100% RON'S SECOND WIFE"Ready Or Not," She Said, "Everyone's Celebrating Our Nuptials. Don't Wallow In First's Extinction." Angela Brett, expanding an unsuccessful search, wondering if this mysterious Ron got married again soon after his first wife's funeral.
100% RON'S SECOND WIFE (2)Repetition Of Nuptial Service Secures Extra Connubiality. Obviously Newly Delivered Wife Is Frequently Embraced Tony McCoy O'Grady (Whilst I normally decline to do 'names', but when the "Repetition Of Nuptial Service" occurred to me, I was hooked! - - BTW I hope RON'S SECOND WIFE "is" frequently embraced! Let us know :-)
100% SCREWEDSometimes Cannot Reasonably Escape Wedding Expedite Divorce Rico Leffanta
100% SPOUSESomeone Pretending One Understands Someone Else Rico Leffanta
100% STAGSomeone Tied And Graffitied Angela Brett, after seeing a man tied to a lamp-post almost naked and written on, on his stag night.
100% TIE THE KNOTTwosome Is Expressing Their Heartfelt Emotions, Knowing Nothing Of Trouble. Angela Brett
100% TEMPLETruths Enlightened, Marriages Promise Love Eternal Jan Morgan - a beautiful sacred building dedicated to learning eternal truths
100% UXORIOUSUsual Xenophobic Organising Romance In Outhouse Usurping Spouse Rico Leffanta
88% WEDDINGWe'll Eventually Do (the) Deed, In Nuptial Glory. Angela Brett
100% WEDDING (2)What/When Ends Doting Dates In Nuptial Gala Jan Morgan
100% WEDDING (3)Witness Eternal Dreamlike Devotion. Important: No Gays! Robert Anonymous
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA
100% WEDDINGSWhen Each Day Dawns, I'm Near Gorgeous Soulmate Angela Brett
100% WEDDINGS (2)When Each Day Dawns, I'm Near Grunting Sleeper Angela Brett (to go with WEDDINGS)
100% WIDOWSWomen In Danger Of Winning Solitaire Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Family
100% WIFEWedded Individual - Female, Essentially. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Family
100% WIFE (2)Woman In Futuristic Experiment Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Family
100% WIFE (3)Wed Is For Ever Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Family
100% WIFE (4)Willfully Insolent Female, Eh? Word Nerd -- This came to me in a flash just this minute. Not my wife, of course. Those in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are often inclined to ad the closing comment " ... eh?" in routine conversation. Thus we might assume the this woman is a Yooper, i.e., an Upper Peninsula dweller. :)
100% WIFE (5)Wanted Immediately For Ever ALBERT JOSE. I found it myself.
People & Relationships:Family
100% WILL YOU MARRY ME?We're In Love, Let's Yoke Officially. Utter Magical Affirmative Response, Romantically You're Mine Evermore! Angela Brett