100% O MA OW! MA+CHILD! MAN & CHILD THRIVE ON BREAST LOVE!"One Man And One Woman" = "Marriage." A Child Habitually Involve Lots Dollars/Demands! "Marriage" = "Affirmation, Nurturing, Communication/Commitment/Cooperation/Consecration Happiness/Holiness, Incomparable Love, Devotion/Diligence, Trust/Tenacity, Home, Relation, Integrity, Virtue, Education, Oneness, Natural Beauty! Really Elevates & Affirms Society! Truth!" Love Organic Vegan Edibles! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (O MA OW refers to pregnancy) 'Marriage Protection Week' was October 12-18, 2003 in the USA. Part of push for an amendment to the US constitution to define 'Marriage is a union of one man with one woman.' APRONYM INSPIRED by the most powerful broadcasts I have heard! The program 'Focus on the Family' airs four times weekdays on WAVA 105.1 FM (from Northern Virginia, USA). At family.org listen to the two-day series for ĂŠThursday 16 October & Friday 17 October 2003.
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