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The five 'flavours' of iMac, as seen on the Rev. C, Rev. D, Slot Loading and DV iMac models introduced in 1999. See

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
BLUEBERRY IMACBad Luck, Underfed Ethiopians... Barely Edible Repast. Return Yours, I'll Make A Casserole. Angela Brett
GRAPE IMACGag, Retch... Argh! Purple Equipment Isn't Meal... Actually Computer! Angela Brett
LIME IMACLicking It Made Evident It Maybe Ain't Citrus. Angela Brett
STRAWBERRY IMACStarted To Retch, And Wondered 'Bout Edibility. Really Really Yucky, Its Main Aftertaste's Copper. Angela Brett
TANGERINE IMACThis Apple's No Good! Even RAM Is Not Edible. I'm Making A Complaint! Angela Brett