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100% BANFFBe Aware - Nothing For Free One of the coach drivers when Eric traveled to Banff, the main tourist town in the Rockies - it is mostly gift-shops and restaurants, and relatively expensive.
100% CLAVERINGCountry Living At Very Easy Rates In Nearby Graveyard George Rix
100% COLLINGWOODCan Outsiders Live Luxuriously In Nearby Georgian Wonderland, Or Only Die? George Rix
100% GOWANSTOWNGowanstown, Oh What A Name! Surely That Only Was Nonsense. Rob Rix
91% GOWANSTOWN (2)God's Own Wonderland And No-one Should Tease Our Wonderful Name Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HEPWORTHHighly Entertaining Place Where Oldsters Raid Tim Horton's George Rix, Rob Rix and Patricia Rix (Tim Horton's is a coffee shop chain found across Canada. It is also the social centre of its community in small towns, where people meet & chat or just hang out.)
100% LEITHLeith Ends In The Hills George Rix
88% MEAFORDMust Eat Apples From Old Rugged Deciduous [trees] Patricia Rix
100% MOOSE FACTORYMoose Often Occupy Swamps, Eating Flowers And Crunchy Twigs Or Runinantly Yawning Patricia Rix (Moose Factory is where the railroad to the North ends in Ontario at the shore of James Bay. "Factory" in this instance is an old Hudson's Bay Company term for a trading post. I maintain that this is a true acronym because moose are a big deal in the North. These are true facts about moose, too.
100% OUNGAHOddly Unpronounceable Name Given A Hamlet Patricia Rix
100% OWEN SOUNDOntario's Wonderful Escarpment Neatly Surrounds Our Undeniably Nice Downtown Patricia Rix, saying: It is the most beautiful city, geographically, in all S. Ontario, with the old section nestled in the valley at the river's mouth, the escarpment providing dramatic beauty and a natural windbreak and green space, and the newer malls and car lots up on the top where you can't see them.
100% PAISLEYPerfect, Although It's Small... Like Embryo / Young Angela Brett, who went to Paisley, Ontario, to meet the Rixes.
100% QUEBECQuit Using English, Become Especially 'Canadienne' Toni McCoi O'Gradi
100% TORONTO, CANADAThe Ontario Residence Of Nearly Tenth Of Country, And Near America! Don't Ask. Angela Brett (It seems odd that something like 6% of the population lives in a city so near AMERICA)
100% TORONTO (2)The Ornithological Residents Often Need Thawing Out Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TORONTOToo Obviously Rates Oneself Near Top Outlook Patricia Rix
100% TARATara! Aack! Rrack! Aack! Rob Rix, explaining: Tara is rather icky. The buildings aren't nice the way most of Bruce County is, they're little ugly boxes (like PCs, sort of). The main street is positively depressing. The whole place makes you feel that it hasn't any air.
100% WALKERTONWater - A Liquid Killer - Exacerbated Residents' Troubles Over Night Patricia Rix (Walkerton was catapulted into horror and infamy a year and a half ago when it was found that one of the town's wells was contaminated with E. coli to the extent that the water wasn't even safe to wash in. As many as 2000 people got sick, and 7 of them died directly from the E. coli, with perhaps 10 others dying from other causes after being weakened by the bacteria, and many many are left with chronic serious illnesses. You couldn't give away a house in Walkerton during this time, so they were pretty well stuck with it, using bottled water for ingesting, and washing in bleach-water.
100% WIARTONWillie Is A Rodent Trying Out Notoriety Patricia Rix, referring to WIARTON WILLIE, the white groundhog who will be making his annual forecast on Groundhog Day.
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100% WIARTON WILLIEWoodchuck Is Albino, Raised To Offer News Winter Is Longer, Like Is Expected. Angela Brett -- see WIARTON. An alternative ending is, 'Lives In Enclosure.'
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100% WIARTON WILLIE (2)When I Actually Roamed To Ontario, Notorious Woodchuck Indeed Looked Lively In Enclosure. Angela Brett, who met Wiarton Willie while staying in PAISLEY.
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78% WINDSORWomen In Neurotic Denial of Sex Orgasms and Romance Dan Newman, in reference to the character of the many bitter, angry women living in Windsor Ontario Canada; his home town.
100% WINDSOR (2)Where Is North Detroit? Straight Over River! Rob Rix - Windsor is the S. Ontario town which is a border crossing to Detroit and is colloquially known as N. Detroit