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These could be pet names for loved ones, or names of pets.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% GARFIELDGifted (Albeit Rotund) Feline, I Eat Lasagne Daily TMcCO'G
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% GARFIELD (2)Gets Around Really Fast If Espying Lasagne Dish Angela Brett
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% GOLDIEGives Owner Love, Devoted In Enjoyment Jan Morgan -- name of a cat
100% GUIDOGuides Unsighted Italian Dog-Owner TMcCO'G - who feels that Guido would be a great name for an Italian's Guide-Dogs-For-The-Blind Labrador
100% MAGGIE (2)Magnificent And Gigantic Girlcat Is Embraceable Patricia Rix, referring to her cat
88% MITTENSMy Itty-bitty, Tiny Terror Even Nibbles String! Patricia Rix, referring to her cat.
100% MR. JINXMy Roguish Jester Is Noticeably Xceptional! Patricia Rix, referring to her cat.
100% NERMALNice Eccentric Relaxed Mammal, Abudhabi Lent Jan Morgan - Garfield always sends this cat to Abu Dhabi
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% ODIEOne Dog Is Enough! Angela Brett, referring to the dog in the Garfield comics.
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% PATCHESPretty Active Tabby Cat Hums Ever Sweetly Jan Morgan
75% PIBPain In the Butt I had heard a dog named that before and I asked the owner if it had stood for Pain in the butt because I had often called people that before.
100% SPARKLESuper Precious/Perfect And Rare Kitten Loved Existence Jan Morgan -- name of cat
100% SPOT (2)Super Precious Owners Toy Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
100% SPOT (3)Stupid Pet Obstructs Traversing Jan Morgan -- A driver's view of animal -- can't even get into the driveway before he tries to greet you
100% SPOT (4)Stupid Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
100% SPOT (5)Special Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
100% SPOT (6)Stuck Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan and Randall Morgan -- dog gets stuck under bed
100% SPOT (7)Spineless Pet, Oblivious Tactics Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
100% SPOT (8)Surprisingly Pounces Outta Truck Jan Morgan & Randall Morgan -- Dog can't figure out he is supposed to stay seated when the truck is in motion
100% WIARTON WILLIEWoodchuck Is Albino, Raised To Offer News Winter Is Longer, Like Is Expected. Angela Brett -- see WIARTON. An alternative ending is, 'Lives In Enclosure.'
Places:Towns & Cities:Canada
100% WIARTON WILLIE (2)When I Actually Roamed To Ontario, Notorious Woodchuck Indeed Looked Lively In Enclosure. Angela Brett, who met Wiarton Willie while staying in PAISLEY.
Places:Towns & Cities:Canada