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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ABACTORAgricultural Baddy - A Cattle Thief (Obsolete Remark) Angela Brett
100% BUCCANEERBoyos Using Cutlasses Clambered Aboard Naval Expedition, Everything's Ransacked TMcCO'G
100% CRIMINALCrikey! Random Incidents Made Individual Need Additional Love Rico Leffanta
92% FRAUD ARTISTFellow Ripped-off And, Unsuspected, Deceived A Really Truthful, Innocent Store Tender Patricia Rix
100% HE HAD A KNIFEHoned Edged Havoc And Devastation Assassin Killed Nastily - Incisive Fatal Effect TMcCO'G
100% INMATEI've Not Murdered Anyone (This Evening) Angela Brett
100% INMATE (2)"It's Not Mine!" A Thief Exclaimed Patricia Rix
100% INMATE (3)Incarceration Normally Makes A Thug Embittered Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LIFERLocked In For Ever - Revenge! Angela Brett
100% LIFER (2)Left Inside, Forget Eventual Release Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MAFIAMany Assassins From Italian Ancestry Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NICK (2)Nefarious Individual - Clearly Kleptomaniacal Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Male
91% PICKPOCKETPerson Into Clothing Kleptoing Prefers Operating in Crowds - Knows Easy Targets Tony McCoy O'Grady, who proudly flashes his poetic license to justify the creation/use of 'Kleptoing.'
100% PRIVATEERPiratical Robbery In Vast Atlantic Tracts Enriched Elizabeth's Realm TMcCO'G - Privateers were often English ships which robbed Spanish ships returning to Spain with riches taken from the Americas and 'donating' portions of the booty to the Exchequer.
100% RIFLE (2)Robbers' Instinct - Fleetingly Look Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROBBERSRogues Or Burglars, Break & Enter Residences & Steal. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SHOPLIFTERSome Hold Off Paying, Looking Instead For The Exits & Running. Roger Williams
100% SLAYERSomebody Lunging At You Exacting Revenge Angela Brett
100% SLAYER (2)Swordsman Lunges And You End Respiration Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SNIPER (2)Solitary Nemesis, Invisibly Placed, Executes Reliably. Roger Williams
Military:War & Terrorism
100% THE RAPISTTelling Him Everything Regarding A Painful Incident's Superfluous Torture. Angela Brett, to contrast THERAPIST
100% VILLAINViolent Individual Largely Lacking Any Innate Niceness Tony McCoy O'Grady
MacGirl & KeyBoard
100% VILLAINSViolent Individuals Little Liked Amongst Innocent Normal Society Tony McCoy O'Grady
MacGirl & KeyBoard
100% YOUNG OFFENDERYears Of Untold Neglect Generated One Fledgling Felon. Especially Needs Direct Effective Rehabilitation Sean Lamb