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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ALOETTEA Lovely Objective, Essence To Try, Everyone Jan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic Company made with Aloe Vera in it
100% ARBONNEA Real Botanical Objective, Nourishes Naturally Everyone Jan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic company
100% BOTOXBrought On To Ongoing Xaminations Dennis Carr
100% COMBCleans Out Messy Bunches Rico Leffanta
85% CROWN TOPPER(a) Crafted Rug - Or - (b) Wholly Natural? Toupe Owner's Pride & Personality Effectively Restored TMcCO'G - who saw someone today who was more 'Crown Tupper' than 'Crown Topper'.
100% CROWN TOPPER (2)Curls & Ringlets Obviously Withered, Now Tonsorial Operatives Proffer Perfectly Elegant Replacement TMcCO'G
100% DOUCHEDirt's Off Under Cascading Hot Effusion Patricia Rix
100% IMMACIncredible Moustache Moving Applicator & Creme Tony McCoy O'Grady, inspired while watching a TV advert for Immac hair remover.
100% IMPULSEIf Musky Perfume Urges, Let's Sensuously Embrace Tony McCoy O'Grady
89% LIPSTICKLusty, Intense Pink Shades To Increase Colour of Kisser Angela Brett
100% LIPSTICK (2)Loves Inciting Peckers She Tattoos In Cold Kisses Rico Leffanta
100% SHAMPOOStops Hair Acquiring Mange. Pour Over Oneself. Eric Bridgstock
100% SOAPScrubbing Often Amends Pelt Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SOFTWASHSome Oaf Found Their Water And Soap Hard? Angela Brett, on seeing some 'Softwash' soap, wondering just how hard other soaps are.
100% SOFTWASH (2)Soap Only Foams The Water, Antibacterial Sterilises Hands Angela Brett, after using some SOFTWASH liquid hand wash.
100% SPONGESmelly People Obviously Need Greater Exposure Tony McCoy O'Grady
91% TOOTHPASTEThis Ointment Often Tastes Horrible... Puts Angela off Spearmint Treats, Even. Angela Brett
100% TOOTHBRUSHTo Osculate Odourlessly, This Has Been Religiously Used. Scrub Hard! Angela Brett
100% XYLOSE SORBITOLXylitol... You'll Love Our Substitute. Everyday Sugar Often Rots But Its Taste Obviates Lesions. Angela Brett (xylose sorbitol, a.k.a. XYLITOL is used as a sweetener in dental products and low-calorie foods... so even though sugar is bad for our teeth, making products taste like it can encourage people to look after their teeth.)
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