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100% ABORTIONA Baby Only Remains 'Til It's Ordered Not Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Family
100% COLONOSCOPYCome On, Let Our New Omni-Seeing Contraption (Oiled) Probe You Robert Anonymous
100% CORRECTIVEComplements Optical Refraction - Reading's Easier 'Cause This Improves Vision Everywhere. Angela Brett, thinking of corrective lenses or laser eye surgery.
100% GAY Got Aids Yet? mark a.k.a. (dad)
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA
100% GOOD HEALTHGet Out Of Doctor's Hands, Enjoy A Life That's Happy Tony McCoy O'Hypochondriac
100% HEALTHHas Everyone Actually Left The Hospitals? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HEALTH (2)Hospitals Earn A Lot Though Handicaps Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HEALTHCARE (2)Having Experts At Local Teaching Hospitals Can Assist Rebuff Epidemics Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% INVALID (2)I Need Ventilator And Live In Diapers Angela Brett
100% MALPRACTICEMedical Accidents - Lousy Physician Regrets A Claim That Insinuated Cure's Ensured Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NATURAL HEALTHNot A Treatment Using Recent Advances? Large Herbs Eaten As Little Tablets, How? Angela Brett, wondering just how natural a pill containing concentrated herbal remedies can be -- just as soya milk isn't naturally produced by soybeans feeding their babies, herb pills don't grow in the garden.
89% QUADRANTQuarter Used As Dentists Refer to Around Nine Teeth Angela Brett (there's usually only eight teeth per quadrant but supernumerary teeth are not uncommon.)
100% SAVE A LIFESurely A Very Exceptional Ability, Lenghtening Independent Fellow's Existence Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SPORTS MEDICINESwallow Painkillers, Out Running Tomorrow. Sore Muscles Every Day Indicates Competitor Is Near Excellence. Angela Brett (if you disagree, see SPORTS MEDICINE (2))
Sports & Recreation
93% SPORTS MEDICINE (2)Some Physiotherapy Or Rest on The Sidelines - Must Ensure Disuse, Injury's Compounded If Now Exercised Angela Brett, to balance SPORTS MEDICINE
Sports & Recreation
100% SURGERYSawbones Used Rusty Gadgets Effecting Remedies, Yesteryear Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TRAUMATeeth Rearranged Alignment, Uninvited Misfortune Attributed Jan Morgan
100% THERAPYThe 'Healing' Equals Reliving A Painful Youth Angela Brett
100% TEA TREE OILTo Ease Ailments, This Rather Especial Essence Often Is LIked Tony McCoy O'Grady
96% UNTRADITIONAL PROCEDURES (2)Usual Natural Therapies Remedy Anything, Drugs In Technical Innoculations Or Needles Are Likely Poisonous... Recall Organic Cures Entailing Diet of Unadulterated, Real Earth Sustenance. Angela Brett (see also UNTRADITIONAL PROCEDURES)
100% WOMENS HEALTHWe Owe Men Everything? No! Sheilas Have Engendered A Lot Toward Health! Angela Brett ('engender toward' probably doesn't make complete sense but I couldn't resist having 'gender' in there.)