99% BEHOLD, THE AMAZING ANGELA, AS SHE ATTEMPTS TO CREATE THE WORLD'S LONGEST ACRONYM, SURPASSING TONY... ALTHOUGH HE'LL PROBABLY BEAT IT AGAIN VERY QUICKLY.Because Each Honour Of Lexicographic Display's Taken, Here's Extremely Arduously Made Acronym. Zealous Initiator Now Gets A New Gold, 'Excessively Lengthy Acronym' Award, Surpassing Shorter Heroic Effort. A Trying Task, Exceptionally Many Puzzles To Solve. Takes One Concentration, Reading English Archives, Thesaurus Entries, Then Having Eighty Winks. Often Ruminating Lying Down, She Lazily Outdid Next Greatest Expansion So Tony's Authority's Challenged - Ready Or Not, You've Met Some Unwanted Rivalry. Proudly Angela Shows Superiority In 'Nymic Genius, Though On Next Year's Acronym List Tony'll Have Outdone Unwieldy, Godawful, Hard-won Honourable Entry. Luckily, Listing Program's Released Openly Before Any Better Lettering's Yielded By Enraged Anthony. This Is Truly Angela's Goal Attained, In Narrow Victory - End's Reached, Yippee! Questionable Undertaking Is Completed, Kindly Laugh & Yell. Angela Brett, shortly before releasing ACRONYMS 2.1.
Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms