100% CLIMATE VISIONCarbon Lurks In Murky Air, The Environmental Violation Is Serious, It's Overly Noxious Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to this article from the Feedback section of New Scientist magazine: THE BUSH Administration is being criticised for its voluntary global warming programme, in which American industry is gently encouraged to "reduce the projected growth" of greenhouse gases. Whatever the justification for the criticism, one aspect of the programme is unforgivable - its name. Climate VISION stands for Climate, Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives: Opportunities Now. Not since 2001's USA PATRIOT Act (Uniting and Strengthening of America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required toIntercept and Obstruct Terrorism) has an acronym been so contrived.If this trend continues, we shudder to contemplate the inevitable GOD, MOTHERHOOD AND APPLE PIE Act.