95% TOTES LIFT RAPID RELIEF!Totes Objective: Travel Easily, Swiftly! 1. Light/Lift/Left (Inside Fluid) 2. {Thesaurus, etc.: Rugged/Raise/Right} 3. Alas! Pace Increases! 4. Destination: Rugged/Relieve/Right 5. End: Light/Lower/Left. I Enjoy Fast/Freedom! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. A friend gave me 2 Great Totes! Left Tote = Light = (2 Quarts Great Bear Spring Water[in Nalgene Bottles = Narrow-Mouth = Loop Top]; etc.) Right Tote = Rugged = Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition); Webster's New Thesaurus of the English Language; etc.
Assorted Phrases