95% TUESDAY FASTS & VERY DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD ==> NEW JUNE TREND: SOUND SLEEPER NITES!Tuesday: Usual (Eating = Suspended) / Day Advances Youthfulness! Fasts (Astral Started/Sixth-month Two-thousand-and-three/Tuesday/Third) Strengthen! & Very Expensive Really Yummy! Delicious = Exquisite = Luscious ==> I Consume/Claimed (?) Invariably Organic = Uncontaminated Staples! Organic: Resourcefully Grown And Not Involving Chemicals! Vegan: Eating Great ; Animalproducts Never! Food: Obsessive/Organic Organises Delightful/Days! ==> New Ecstatic/Energetic Wholesome/Wonder! June Ushers New Era! Trend: {Rest Entire Nite} = Deep/Delightful! Sound/Sleep Ongoing = Usual = Nice = Deep/Delightful! Sleeper: Lessens Energy/Expenditure ; Establishes/Encouraging Peace = Energising = Rejuvenation! Nites Involving Tossing/Turning/Thoroughly Eliminated / Soundly! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. (see FAST FOOD RESTAURANT) "VERY DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD" I did not know: A. The ORGANIC farmers say that ORGANIC farming is more economical! B. The only reason they sell "Very Expensive Really Yummy! DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGAN FOOD" is that ORGANIC VEGANs are a minority! C. ORGANIC cucumbers do not need vinegar or anything. Try one. D. I like mangoes. Eventually (fool that I be) tried an ORGANIC mango. There is a difference. E. Tropicana orange juice: Whole Foods Market fresh-squeezed organic orange juice makes "Tropicana" taste like bitter water. Bottom line. If your national government legislated: a. all produce must be grown organically b. all animals (sold for food) must be fed organic grain c. ban on production of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, what ever killer-chemicals d. any chemicals {covered in (c)} that were made before law must be shipped to a new government agency created on enactment of law e. penalty for violation of (c), (d): charge is treason. all concerned are traitors. possibly, family members. suppliers. shippers. any company that deals in any way (however insignificant or blameless) with a violator, is a violator. f. sentence if found guilty: merciful death only result. Certain Swift Result of National Law: 1. Organic food (especially vegan) is much healthier than the poisoned stuff (PS). Even the healthiest consumer of PS will discover {in short order} that they did not realise how good they could {feel, think, work, rest} until they ate all organic. And they will declare, with mixed emotions, that were not healthy until organic. 2. Cessation of poisoning environment: air, earth, water. And any matter that was involved with historical poisons, including our bodies. 3. Even the smallest one-of-a-kind store could sell organic at far less than PS. 4. Organic tastes worlds better. Try an organic gala apple. This was my favorite apple. Until the organic honeycrisp apple smote me. Tastes spicy. Chew it & get a refreshing loud crunch. Surprise! Try an organic Asian pear {shape: apple. skin: pear. texture: delightful = mild gritty. taste: you find out. I know.} My favorite food is organic millet [the only grain I know of, that is not acid-forming. which means you can eat it liberally.]
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