100% WHAT PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FORWill Hermann Attempt To Program Exploration Of Posts? Listing Every Acronym Reveals, Eventually, Location Of Our Konversations. It's Not Good For Other Reconnaissance. Angela Brett, when someone searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website. If Edwin made the forums searchable, I could integrate a search of the Acronyms Forums into the normal acronym search form, and then someone searching for that phrase would find the 'What people are looking for' threads on the forums. The current such thread is at http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/list.cgi?id=acronyms&user=&session=&root=1015278415, but I start a new thread of what people are looking for whenever one gets too long, so I would recommend going to http://www.co.nz/cgi/forums/start.cgi?id=acronyms and looking near the top of the thread list for a thread with 'What people are looking for' in the title.
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