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About this board
« on: May 31, 2016, 01:19:11 pm »
Welcome to the Apronyms forums! An apronym is a special kind of acronym where the initials spell out a word or phrase relevant to the expanded version; you can see many examples on the main Apronyms site.

In this board you can post apronyms you've created or ask for help creating apronyms on a particular topic. If you need some help getting started, try these tips for creating apronyms. Be nice to people, and have fun!

The apronyms site had an old forum system from 2000 to 2006; threads imported from this forum have the icon. You can still reply to them if you have something relevant to say, but be aware that the people you're replying to might not be around. Unless you're actually responding to something in an existing thread, it's best to start a new topic.
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