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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ANDREA BOCELLIArias Never Die Recent Etudes Arose Bringing On Crowds Exclaiming 'Lord Loves Italians' Rico Leffanta
90% BEACH BOYSBarbra & Excitations Are Chorally Harmonised By Ocean-loving Young Surfers. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BEATLESBrian Epstein's Awesomely Talented Liverpudlians. Epitomised Sixties. Eric Bridgstock
88% BEATLES (2)Best Ever All Time Lyricists, Entertainers and Singers Eric Bridgstock
100% BEATLES (3)Began Everything About The Liverpudlian Electronic Sound Tony McCoy O'Grady
70% BEE GEESBursting Everyone's Eardrums to Give an Enviable Element to Silence Angela Brett. (And I don't really think they're that bad!)
100% BEYONCEBring Every Young One Not Coming Everyday Tavia Bryant
100% BING CROSBYBing Is Noted, Great Crooner Relies On Singing. Bababoo? Yes! Sean Lamb (Bing Crosby was known for his crooning singing style that included refrains of "ba-ba-ba-boo" skat lyrics)
100% BLURBritpop Leaders, Unrivalled Rockers. Eric Bridgstock
100% BOB GELDOFBop On, Boys & Girls! (Expletive) Let's Defeat Obscene Famine Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BOYZONEBand Of Youths, Zero (Or Nil) Expertise Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BUDDY HOLLYBrilliant, Unfulfilled. Dead. Died Young. Had Outstanding Lyrics. Legendary Youthfulness Eric Bridgstock
100% CHERChest, Hips, & Eyebrows Remodelled! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CHER (2)Clothes Hardly Ever Replete Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% CHERYLChanteuse, Her Eurovision Revealed Youthful Legs. TMcCO'G - referring to Cheryl Baker, one fourth of "Bucks Fizz" who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. As part of the show the two males pulled the long skirts off the two females midway through the song, revealing beautiful legs clad in shorts.
100% CHOPINCherish How One Plays Immortal Nocturnes! Rico Leffanta
100% CHOPIN (2)Concerto Heard On Piano Is Nice Angela Brett
100% CRANBERRIESChanteuse Regularly Acts Nutty. Being Especially Renowned Results In Eccentric Spells Tony McCoy O'Grady, presumably referring to Angela's favourite band. (See
100% CZERNYCultural Zenith; Entertainment Really, Not Yodelling Sean Lamb (Karl Czerny was an Austiran composer who studied with Beethoven)
86% DJANGODance and Jump. A Natural Guitarist's Outstanding! Sean Lamb (who spent a day enjoying the gypsy swing guitar of Django Reinhardt)
94% DOLORES O'RIORDAN'Doos' Or 'Las' Often Recur... Every Song Offers Recordings In Oral Realm [that] Don't Articulate Nuttin'. Angela Brett
100% ELVIS PRESLEYEternally "Las Vegas" In Showmanship, Performed/ Recorded Enduring Songs - Lives Eternally, Yes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ELVIS PRESLEY (2)Entertainer's Lovely Voice Is Stilled, Perhaps Recalling Extra Sexy Legmovements Entertains You Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% EMINEMEmulates Macho Insubordination, Nearly Eradicating Music Kenny Roy
100% HILARY DUFFHappy Individual Loves Adventures Really Yields Doing Unforgettable Fun Features Jan Morgan
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100% JACKSONJamming Adult, Can Keep Success Of Name Jan Morgan
100% JOHNNY CASHJail's Often Happy & Nice Now Yankee Convicts All Singing Heartily Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JULESJules Uses Long Entertaining Stories David Brydon, referring to singer Jules Riding
100% JULES (2)Jules Utilises Lynne's Efficient Sensibility. David Brydon
100% JULES (3)Jesus Uses Lively Evangelical Singer Angela Brett
100% LED ZEPPELINLoudness = Extreme. Drug, Zoloft, Extremely Proficient Problem Eliminator. Laud Is Needed. Jeff Anonymous (see LZ)
100% LINKIN PARKLyrical Individuals Negotiate Kismet In Notes, Pleasing Adolescents, Reaching Kids Jan Morgan - musical group
100% LZLoudmouths... Zoloft? Jeff Anonymous, explaining that LED ZEPPELIN might lead someone to need an antidepressant.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
100% MADONNAMusically Adept Dancer. Often Nurtures Naughty Antics. Eric Bridgstock
100% MICHAEL JACKSONMan Is Careless, Haing An Eccentric Lifestyle. Jamming Adult Can Keep Success Of Name Jan Morgan
100% MOZARTMusic Often Zesty, Aurally Rich Treats Angela Brett
86% MOZART (2)Musical Order: Zenith -- Acomplished Renderer of Themes PiMaster
100% OASISOutstanding Albums. Sixties Inspired Singles. Eric Bridgstock
100% OSMONDSObtained Success Musically Of Novel Demand, Seventies Jan Morgan -- unusual musical talent enjoyed by those who loved them in the seventies and beyond
90% RADIOHEADRock Always Deserved International Oddities Having Established yet Abnormal 'Dos. All by myself, Taylor Rundell. I remember my last Apronym...
100% REMResoundingly Evocative Musicians Eric Bridgstock
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
87% ROLLING STONES (2)Rock's Old-timers. Luscious Lips. Inhaled Narcotics. Great Songwriters. Toured Overseas in Numerous Enormous Stadiums Eric Bridgstock
100% SCHUBERTSusan's Classical Hero Uniquely Begot Elegant & Remarkable Trios TMcCO'G - Professor Susan Tomes has recorded many (if not all) of Schubert's Piano Trios
100% SCHUMANNShall Choral Harmonies Unite Man And Nature? Never! Rico Leffanta
100% SIMON (3)Songwriter Is Magnificent, Often Nonpareil Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Paul Simon
100% TINA TURNERTrusted Ike, Now Alone. Totally Uninhibited, Rather Naughty, Emotional Rocker Eric Bridgstock
86% THE WHOTrashed Hotels. Eventually Walloped by Heroin Overdose. Eric Bridgstock
100% THE CORRS (2)The Have Excellently Crooned Outside Regular Recording Studios Angela Brett, who has a recording of The Corrs singing live and thinks it sounds just as good as their studio recordings.
100% THE CORRSThose Heavenly Earthlings - Champions Of Rock & Roll Siblings Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TENORSThey Emit Notes Of Rare Sweetness Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TCHAIKOVSKYThis Composer Has Achieved Intense Kudos, Overtures' (& Variations') Subtleties Kindle Yearnings TMcCO'G
100% TAMMYTrilled About Marital Mishaps, Yodelling TMcCO'G (referring to Tammy Wynette) who thinks almost all 'country' songs seem to be about unhappy marriages
100% VERDIVirgins Embrace Romantic Divine Intervention Rico Leffanta
100% VIVALDIVain Italian Violinists Always Like Dulcet Inventions Sean Lamb
88% WEIRD ALWacky, Eclectic, Insane, Ridiculous, Deranged and Amusing Lyrics Sean Lamb (who has been a Weird Al fan since "Another One Rides The Bus")
100% ZZ TOPSZippy Zithers Tangle Opus Players Singing Rico Leffanta