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100% ANITA EKBERGAlways Nourishing Imaginative Tryst Arrangements Even Kindergarten Boys Enthusiastically Ravish Girl Rico Leffanta
100% ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERAustrian Republican Newcomer Offers Leadership Drama - Supremely Confident His Will And Rightist Zeal Enough, Now Envisages Governorship Goal Eminently Reachable Chris Kjelgaard
Names:Famous people:Politicians
100% BENNYBerk Eroticised Near-Naked Youngwomen TMcCO'G - referring to Benny Hill
100% BROOKE SHIELDSBoys Routinely Offer Open Kisses Erotically, Should Her Incited Erotic Lips Demand Satisfaction? Rico Leffanta
100% CLAUDIACardinale (Latin Actress) Undressed Decorously In Acting TMcCO'G
100% CLINT EASTWOODCowboy Loves Intriguing New Targets Especially Actresses Seducing Their Way Over Old Decoys Rico Leffanta
100% DIANA DORSDoes It And Never Apologises Demimonde Of Reckless Society Rico Leffanta
100% DORIS DAYDaughter Of Righteous Idiots Singing, "Daisy Awaits Yokel" Rico Leffanta
100% EVA GABOREternal Virgin Always Going Around Breasting Other Romantics Rico Leffanta
71% GARBOGifted Actress, Rathered Being On-her-own Tony McCoy O'Grady
88% GARLAND (2)Great Actress (Rainbow Lover) Addicted to Narcotic Drugs Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GOLDIE HAWNGiggly Outrageous Laughter Does Indeed Eventually Help A Woman's Needs Rico Leffanta
100% GOLDIE HAWN (2)Gives Off Love, Devoted In Enjoyment, Has Awesome Whimsical Nature Jan Morgan
91% GOLDIE HAWN (3)Great On Laugh-in, Devoted In Enjoyment, Has Awesome Whimsical Nature Jan Morgan -- My favorite Laugh-in Alumni
100% GREER GARSONGirl Romantically Encountering Erotic Rascals Going Around Rapidly Seducing Over Nothing Rico Leffanta
100% HARPERHappy Actress Regularly Played Eccentric Rhoda Tony McCoy O'Grady - Valerie Harper Played "Rhoda" in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and eventually got an eponymous spin-off show.
Entertainment:TV shows
100% HILARY DUFFHappy Individual Loves Adventures Really Yields Doing Unforgettable Fun Features Jan Morgan
100% HOLDENHad Olympian Looks - Did Excellent 'Network' Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to actor William Holden.
86% JACKIEJolly Are the Chinese Karate Imb*c*les Extreme Nevica the MAN, referring to Jackie Chan
Sports & Recreation:Martial Arts
100% JANE FONDAJust A Nobody, Editorializing/Effeminate Fight Opposer Negotiates Disreputable Agenda Jan Morgan -- was a sell out in the Vetnam conflict
100% JOAN RIVERSJokester Offering A Nasty Remark In Various Entertainment Road Shows W. Kline
100% JULIA ROBERTSJoyful Unbridled Lover Instinctively Always Reveals Ostentatious Big Eyes Really Trap Spouse Rico Leffanta
100% KATHERINEKeen Actress That Hepburn, Exuding Romantic Intensity & Naughty Eroticism Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
100% KIM NOVAKKnockers Intrigue Males Not Otherwise Vaccinating Armoured Knickers Rico Leffanta
100% LAURENLooked Astounding, Utterly Ravishing Even Now Tony McCoy O'Bogart, referring to Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart's wife and frequent co-star
Names:First names:Female
83% LINDALovelace In New Deep-throat Adventures Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LORETTA SWIT ("HOTLIPS")Letters Often Reveal Erotic Thoughts That Always Spill Wetly In Time; However Often That Lasts, It's Pretty Sensational Rico Leffanta
100% MAE WESTMen Always Eagerly Watched Every Sexy Turn Roger Williams -- We're talking about the actress here, not the life jacket...
100% MARLON BRANDOMarvellous Actor - Rugged Looking - Oscar 'Name', By Rejecting Award, Needled & Dissed 'Ollywood Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MEG RYANMany Erotic Grinds Replay Young Actress's Noisiness Rico Leffanta
100% MEL GIBSONMan Earns Loads, Gives Insights, Biblical Savior's Own Narrative Jan Morgan -- refering to his work on the passion
100% MIA FARROWMan Invites Affair From Adolescent Romantically Rivalling Own Wife Rico Leffanta
100% RONALD REAGANRuler Of North America, Looked Dopey - Regular 'Extra' Actor, Got Average Notices Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people:Politicians
100% RONALD REAGAN (2)Respectable Orator Navigates A Large Democracy, Reached Eternity, Alzheimers Gained Against Notable Jan Morgan
Names:Famous people:Politicians
100% SEINFELDSilly Eejit Is Not Funny, Even Looks Dorky Tony McCoy O'Grady
Entertainment:TV shows
100% SELA WARDSeeks Exciting Love Affair With A Romantic Director Rico Leffanta
100% SHARON TATESkelter, Helter Atrocity, Repulsive. On News Telling August's Terrible Event Jan Morgan - the Tate-La Bianca murders that Charles Manson orchestrated (the song 'Helter Skelter' by The Beatles was written in blood on the walls)
People & Relationships:Law & Order
100% SIMONESignoret Is Magnificent Onscreen - Naturally Expressive Tony McCoy O'Grady (French actress Simone Signoret sprang to mind immediately when Angela posted SIMONE on the forums as an unsuccessful search term)
100% TOM HANKSThis Oscar Man Has Another Near Knockout Showing Rico Leffanta
100% VINNYViolence Is Not Nice, Y'know Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to soccer's 'hard man' Vinny Jones, who has turned to acting in films and plays 'hard' roles
Names:First names:Male
100% VIRNA LISIVirgins In Rome Now Agree: Love Is Seldom Intimate Rico Leffanta
100% WAYNEWellknown Actor, Yet Never Excelled Tony McCo(wbo)y O'Grady