100% WINDOWS XP (3)Widget Inconsistencies Now Doubly Obvious, Windowing System Xtremely Poor Angela Brett (I've found there are at least four different styles of progress bars, six different styles of menus - even on the latest Microsoft software - four different styles of scrollbars and two of each kind of button. 'Windowing System Extremely Poor' refers to the fact that it draws parts of windows before other parts so that for a second or so while it finishes drawing a window there might be just an outline, or a button, or some random assortment of rectangles from the middle of a window visible. I presume this behaviour is supposed to show that some progress is being made in the drawing of a window, as an alternative to there being a wait before the window emerges fully formed. However, drawing the windows bit by bit only serves to emphasise how slowly it does things. This is on a 1.6GHz P4, in case any gatanists out there want to defend the lack of performance by suggesting the hardware is slow.)