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Current Version: 2.0
Category: Game
Download Size: 370K
Registration: One T-shirt, or US$12 single user license; US$100 site license.
Requirements: 640x400 monitor or larger, any depth. HyperCard or HyperCard Player 2.1 or later.
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About the Game

Once in a Lifetime is a simple (but addictive) one-player card game for HyperCard. The goal is to get an ace on each of the four foundations with no other cards - but if you can't manage that (and you won't do that very often, believe me - it's not called 'Once in a Lifetime' for nothing!) then try to get as high a score as possible by placing aces on the bottoms of the foundations and getting rid of the other cards. Be careful of the jokers, when they appear they can take points off your score - but they can also add to your acore or steal a card (usually a good thing.)

Main Features:

  • Full online help, including an 'Autoplay' feature so you can watch the computer play by itself.
  • Hints on playing the game.
  • A highscore list which can be exported to and imported from a text file, allowing easy exchanging of scores between computers/versions
  • Statistics on how many games you've played, average score, how many (and the percentage of) games you've won, and a rating which reflects your scoring, wins, and number of games played.
  • Special picture cards with photos of real and fictional characters who suit (excuse the pun!) the card name - anyone from Princess Diana (queen of hearts) to Fred Flintstone (king of clubs.) The animation above shows these pictures.
  • Apple cards instead of spades... a Mac lover's dream! :^)