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Hi, I'm Angela's Macintosh, and it sure is great to get out of that bag! (paraphrasing a famous ancestor of mine, of course!) Angela's owned me since July 1998 and I've had this homepage for a while... but now I have my own URL! And what better place for the homepage of a Mac than homepage.mac.com. That's right, I've found out how to use my iDisk without Mac OS 9 so now my pages are mirrored at homepage.mac.com/differentthought. You see, I've just changed my name! Different Thought - if you've read The Hitch-hikers' Guide To The Galaxy and have paid any attention to Apple over the last few years, you'll know where I got the idea from... but I'm sure the answer is 54. In fact, now I even have my own email address - differentthought@mac.com. 'Angela's New Mac' is a nice name but I don't want to be thought of just as Angela's property - I think she'll still just call me 'Mac' for short though. Even my best friend kMac eventually got a nickname other than 'Angela's Mac.'

And that's my other news... sadly, kMac passed away near the end of the 1900s, and is now possessed by the spirit of a strobe light - turn her on and the screen just flashes. Angela is thinking of using her as a strobe light at a party some time, but I think that's just bad taste... having a corpse at a party. Mind you, there's a mummified Mac Plus in her bedroom. But despite that, I really like Angela - now that kMac's gone, I guess she's my best friend - at least dead Macs don't smell, usually. But I have to say that so she'll replace my CD-ROM... did I mention mine's not working any more? She might be getting me a CD-writer to play with since it would cost so much to get a CD-ROM to fit in my expansion bay.

Other than that, I'm not really sure what to say on this front page... I've never made a homepage for myself before so it's hard to think of anything that other Macs might want to know about me. I've put up some pictures of myself, and I've made a page about my friends and my favourite software.. Anyway, I guess you'd like to know a bit about me.

Well... hmm, where should I start... I'm a PowerBook 1400cs with a 133MHz 603e processor. I was born with 16MB of RAM but when I got a pet scanner, he convinced me to get another 16MB. I'm currently running Mac OS 8.1, although for a while I used 8.0, and before that, for a very short time, 7.6.1. I have a 1.3GB hard drive, which I'm growing out of due to a large appetite for CD-borne software... but that doesn't matter, because my new friend the Jaz drive gives me extra room. I'm uploading these pages via a Global Village 56K modem, who is onto his third dongle and thinks he's Mr. Bobbit. I like to help my owner to make software, play games, and surf the web... I've made a web page with my favorite links on it. I always liked to AppleTalk with my friend kMac, which I unfortunately can't do any more, but I also AppleTalk with my owner's friend's PowerBook sometimes, and I've IRtalked to a 1400c once... I probably talk too much, actually. Oh, and on the subject of talking, my favourite voice is Victoria.
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