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100% AIMEEAffectionate Is Meaning, Entreating European Jan Morgan
100% ALEXANDRAAble Lass Enjoys Xylophone, And Needs Direction, Rhythm's Aim Jan Morgan
100% ALEXANDRIAAble Lass Enjoys Xylophone, And Needs Direction, Rhythm Is Aim Jan Morgan
100% ALEXISAble Lass Engages Xylophone, Is Successful Jan Morgan
100% ALYSSAA Loud Yell Shouts Shrilly, Actually Jan Morgan
100% AMANDAAmatory Maiden, And Nicely Desirable Also Tony McCoy O'Grady... Amanda means 'worthy to be loved' apparently.
100% AMANDA (2)A Much Adored, Nearly Divine Amigo Rob Rix
100% AMANDA (3)Appropriate Moniker Assigned Nicely Demure Artist Rob Rix, describing an incredibly artistic Amanda he knows.
100% AMANDA (4)A Maiden At Nice Distance Away Patricia Rix, saying: WINDSOR (2) is where Rob's girlfriend lives, about a 5-hour drive from here
100% AMYAffectionate Miss Yearns Jan Morgan
100% ANDREAAnnoyingly Neat Diva Reveals Every Atom Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (2)Absolutely Nefariously Delightful Relishes Exciting Arguments Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (3)Alluringly Now Delivering Real Energy About Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (4)Absolutely Naughty Dancer Ravishing Everyone Always Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (5)Abounding New Delights Reveals Energy's Angel Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (6)Angel Now Dances Round Evoking Amazement Yru Redhead
100% ANDREA (7)Absolutely Never Displayed Resistance Eating Apples Yru Redhead
86% ANDREA (8)Atomically Near Diamond Resisted Everyone (else's) Approach Yru Redhead
86% ANGELAAngelical Nosy Girl Enquiring of Literary Affairs Mary Carr
100% ANGELA (2)Acronymious Nerdish Girl Eliciting Little Amazement John Brett. (Angela's father)
100% ANGELA (3)Articulate NorthShorer Generates Exciting Literary Action Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANGELA (4)Amazing Newzealand Girl Eliciting Lasting Adulation! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANGELA (5)Amazing Near-Genius Eliciting Lasting Admiration! Tony McCoy O'Grady
86% ANGELA (6)A Nice Girl Entering Lots of Arguments. Angela Brett
100% ANGELA (7)Academically Neat Goof Equally Loves Acronyms Mary Carr, in a last-minute effort to increase her number of contributions, just before Angela uploaded the acronymist hall of fame. (
100% ANGELA (8)Am Not Gunna Expand Lame Acronyms PiMaster, after he typed 'ANGELA!' and Angela said he should acronymise anything in capitals.
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
100% ANGELA (9)A Naked Girl Excites Lovers Amorously Rico Leffanta
100% ANGELA (10)A Nice Greek (Eros's Language) Angel. Jeff Anonymous
100% ANGELICAA Near Genius Engaged Loyally In Computer Activities Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Angelica MacCoy, MacGirl's secret identity. (Shhh, don't tell anyone!)
MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes
100% ANGIEA Nickname Given Is Endearing Angela Brett
100% ANGIE (2)A Nice Girl Is Endearing Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ANNAAbsolutely Needed, Noble Acquaintance Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% ASHLEYAs She Has Learned Education Yearly Jan Morgan
100% ASTRIDAcronymising Strange Things Really Isn't Done! Angela Brett, when challenged to make up a quick expansion for ASTRID.
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
100% BARBARABeachBoys Anthem Recording 'Bout A Romantic Adolescence Tony McCoy O'Grady (who knows that the Beach Boys song was Barbara Ann)
100% BARBARA (2)Bully At Recess, Barbaric Antagonistic Reprobate Attacks Jan Morgan
100% BARBIEBasically A Rich Bimbo In Effigy Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% BERTHABrilliance Everyone Related To Her Admires Angela Brett (the name Bertha comes from berht, an Ancient Germanic word meaning "Brilliant.")
100% BONNIEBusy One Never Needs Imagination Enthusiasm Jan Morgan
100% BONNIE (2)Brain Obviously Not Navigating In Ethics Jan Morgan - someone I knew
100% BRENDABritish Royals Epithet Newsmagazine Designated Apparently Tony McCoy O'Grady (HRH Queen Elizabeth II is scurrillously referred to as "Brenda" in Private Eye magazine.)
100% BRIANNEBegins Reading In A Nice Narrative Essentially Jan Morgan
86% BROOKEBaby Really Observes Occurances Keeping Eye-openers Jan Morgan - child I know
100% CAITLINCan Actually Involve Taking Life's Inconveniences Naturally Jan Morgan
100% CANDY (2)Caring Adult Needs Details, Yet Jan Morgan
100% CARLEYCan Anyone Respond Logically, Except You? Angela Brett, when somebody posted on the Apronyms forums asking for an expansion of her name. We can't come up with a name expansion which has any relevance to a particular person without knowing anything about that person... we could only make up some random description of nobody in particular, and if there happens to be somebody with that name who fits the description it's just a fluke. It takes the 'apro' out of 'apronym'.
100% CARLEY (2)Carefree After Repaying Loan, Exclaims 'Yippee!' Angela Brett -- the name Carley comes from ceorl, an Ancient Germanic word meaning 'Freeholder'
100% CARLEY (3)Continues Accumulating Rental Lucre Every Year Angela Brett -- the name Carley comes from ceorl, an Ancient Germanic word meaning 'Freeholder'
100% CARLEY (4)Could Anyone Remotely Located Encapsulate You? Tony -- see CARLEY
100% CASSANDRACancer's Always Stressful. Stamina And Nerve Develop, Reducing Anxiety Patricia Rix, referring to George's great niece, who celebrated her 13th birthday by beginning chemotherapy.
100% CATHCommon Abbreviation. Though Horrid Tony McCoy O'Grady, who prefers Cathy, or Kate.
100% CATHERINECunning And Thoroughly Horrid & Evil - Russia's Infamous Nightmare Empress Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people:Politicians
100% CATHERINE (2)Can Adult Test Her Endurance, Reaching In Noble Efforts Jan Morgan
100% CATHYCrafty Anagram To Her Yacht Tony McCoy O'Grady
Words & Wordplay
100% CATHY (2)Caring Adventurous Tactful Hippie, Yin Jan Morgan
100% CHANELLECan't Have Advantages, Naturally Exists, Lives Life Effectively Jan Morgan
100% CHARMAINECarefully Handles Abilities, Responsible Musical Adult In Nurturing Environment Jan Morgan
100% CHRISTICaring Heart Realist Is Secure Tactful Individual Jan Morgan
100% CINDYCaring Individual, Nice Dependable Yin Jan Morgan -- a person I know
100% CINDY (2)Comrades In Need, Domain Yonder Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% COLETTECan One Learn Education To Teach Everyone Jan Morgan
100% CONNIECaring One Negotiates Noteworthy Ideas, Effectively Jan Morgan
100% CYNTHIACousin, Young Nice Trustworthy Helpful Individual, Affable Jan Morgan -- a person I know
100% DAISYDo Anything Intimate; She's Yours! Rico Leffanta
100% DANIELADrop 'A' - Name Is Exactly Like Another. Angela Brett
100% DANIELLEDoes Activities Naturally Is Effortlessly Loving Life Energetically Jan Morgan
100% DAWNDoes Absolute Worthwhile Nurturing Jan Morgan - a good person I know
100% DAWN (2)Deceiving Antagonistic Warmonger Nature Jan Morgan - a not so nice person I know
100% DEBBIEDoesn't Every Boy Become Instantly Enamoured Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DEBBIE (2)Duties Entail Being Brave In Endeavors Jan Morgan
100% DEBRADivine Emissary Beeing Resisted Aggressions Angela Brett -- according to, Debra comes from Hebrew 'Dvorah' meaning Bee, and According to the Jewish scriptures, Deborah was one of the earliest judges, or leaders, of her people. Considered a divinely inspired prophetess, she mobilized the Jewish nation (which was only beginning to regard itself as such) to affirm its relationship to God and to resist the aggressions of the neighboring Canaanites.
100% DEDEDoes Every Duty Eloquently Jan Morgan - Trudy's sweet daughter
100% DENISEDiverse Energetic Nice Individual Seeks Eternity Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% DOLORESDinner Often Leads Onto Romantic Evening Siesta Rico Leffanta
100% DOMINIQUEDoes One's Memory Involve Nice Images, Questioned Until Explained Jan Morgan
100% DONNADelivers Obnoxious Nuisance, Navigating Attacks Jan Morgan
100% EILEENEngaged Individual Listens, Even Exhorts Nervously Jan Morgan
100% ELIZABETHEvidently Linux Is Zenithal - All Boxes Exhibit Technical Homeostasis. Angela Brett, referring to her sister, who likes Linux.
100% ELIZABETH (2)Eloquent, Live, Intelligent, Zesty... A Bit Excitable Though, Hehehe. :) wishes and Angela Brett
100% ELIZABETH (3)Eager Lass Ignites Zeal Activating Best Efforts To Heaven Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% ELLIEExciting Lass Loves Impressive Efforts Jan Morgan
100% EMILYExceptional Maid Is Lusciously Youthful Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ENIDEncourages Novice In Direction Jan Morgan - someone I knew
100% ERICAExpects Romance Is Coming Afterward Rico Leffanta
100% FAITHFeeling As If There's Heaven Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FANNYFortune Always Needs Nudging Yourself Rico Leffanta
100% FIONAFake In Own Narcissistic Appearance Jan Morgan - refering to a character in Cinderella Story (the movie)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% FIONA (2)Friendly In One's Necessary Achievement Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% GABBYGirl Always Babbling By You Rico Leffanta
100% GAILGirl Always In Love Rico Leffanta
100% GINGERGiving Individual Negotiates Great Encouragement Really Jan Morgan
100% GLADYSGorgeous Lady Adores Doing You Soon! Rico Leffanta
100% GRACEGod Regularly Advances Considerable Encouragement Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GWENGood Welsh Effeminate Name Angela Brett (Gwendolyn is a Welsh name meaning fair haired)
100% HANNAHHere's A Nice Name - And How! Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HAZELHers Are Zany Eye-Lashes TMcCO'G
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
100% HILARYHappy Individual Lives A Rich Youth Jan Morgan
100% INGRIDI Need Guys Really Into Dancing! Rico Leffanta
100% IRENEI Rarely Expand Names <- Exception Angela Brett
100% JACKIE (2)Judgmental Adult, Conniving Knave Is Egocentric Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% JANJohn Adaptive Name Jan Morgan - If I would have been a boy I would have been John (after my daddy's brother) - John means Jan in Dutch.
100% JAN (2)Just A Name Jan Morgan
100% JAN (3)Jotter Absorbs Notes Jan Morgan
100% JANEJust A Nymph Emerging Rico Leffanta
100% JANETJust Another Name... Expand This! Angela Brett, expanding another name which means nothing to me from the unsuccessful searches list. I tried leaving it to somebody who knows a Janet but none appeared.
100% JANICEJust Act Nice; I'll Come Eventually! Rico Leffanta
100% JEANNEJah Endows... As Numerous Names Express! Angela Brett - Jeanne, like hundreds of other names, comes from 'John' which means 'God is gracious' or 'Gift of God'
100% JEANNIEJogs Even Along Narrowing Neighborhoods, It's Easy. Jan Morgan
100% JEFRILYNJewel, Enlightened Friend Responsible Impressive Lady, Yesterday's Neighbor Jan Morgan -- A person I know
100% JENNIFERJourneys Everywhere Never Needing Incentive, Finds Extra Roving Jan Morgan
100% JENNYJoins Enterprising Northern National Yachting Jan Morgan

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