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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BHANGBums Harvest Addictive, Narcotic Greenery Angela Brett
100% CANNABISCommon Around Netherlands, Not Accepted By International Society Angela Brett
100% CANNABIS (2)Class A Narcotic? No... A Barely Illegal Substance. Angela Brett
100% GRASSGet Real - A Super Smoke Eric Bridgstock
100% HASHISHHigh As Sugar Heaven, It's Still Hemp Rico Leffanta
100% HIGH SCHOOLHere I Got High (Smoking Canabis, Hiding Out On Lavatory.) Angela Brett, who didn't.
100% MARIJUANAMind-Altering Recreational Inhalant - Joints Usually Are Not Approved Steve Keate and Angela Brett
100% MARIJUANA (2)Medicinally Applied... Really, It's Just Used As Numbing Agent. Angela Brett
100% MARIJUANA (3)My A*se! Regular Inhalers Joyously Unailing, Aren't Needing Anaesthesia Angela Brett, as a response to MARIJUANA (2)
100% MARIJUANA (4)Medicinally Applied? Really?! I Judge Users Are Not Ailing. Angela Brett
100% POTPolice Often Take Angela Brett and Steve Keate
100% POT (2)Please Offer Toke Steve Keate
100% POT (3)Preferred Over Tobacco Angela Brett
100% POT (4)Parliament Outlawed This Steve Keate
100% POT (5)Particularly Overpriced Tickler Angela Brett
100% POT (6)Peers Often Tempt Angela Brett
100% STONERSmoking 'Tokes', One Never Experiences Reality Patricia Rix
100% WEEDWe Enjoy Expanding Dope Angela Brett, after she and Steve acronymised many different names for cannabis